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My First 24hrs With My BlackBerry Bold 9900

I first off want to say, even though I am a huge RIM fan, I was having my doubts.  I now own an iPhone 4 and have had 2 Android devices in my possession within the last 5 months.  All of them competing for my dedication, and each wanting to become my primary device, replacing my tried and true 9700.  Then I got the call from my local Bell World (I have become friends with one of the sales guys) that the 9900s are now in the store, and locked in his managers office.2 days later, they were able to sell them, a very sneaky and stealth release, as a Bell CSR told me on the phone that the official launch is August 16th.  I went down yesterday and picked one up, and immediately I was impressed.  It feels slick , well engineered, the keyboard is very big and spacious. It beats my old favorite keyboard of the 8900.  The screen is very bright, and detailed, and the over all aesthetics of the device are best to date on any BlackBerry I have held or seen.

One thing I was worried about, was the integration of the touch screen in to the normal navigation and use of the device,  and let me say it is very intuitive and comes natural.  I find myself using it more and more, and my trackpad being ignored.  I am still not accustomed to using it for pictures or viewing web pages, but I am sure it will come.  I will say it is very nice to be able to flick scroll through the navigation panes on the homescreen; and it is very fluid, with no lag.

The device is solid, and very fast.  I barely see the hourglass (I have only seen it while service books were rolling in, and while I was installing/uninstalling apps), the big keyboard is superb, a little clickity, but it will break in.  And over all I would say one of the only downsides would be the lack of auto focus on the camera, but its a phone, I carry a camera for pictures.

I am still awaiting for app support for applications such as SocialScope, and other apps that work, show up as unsupported in AppWorld so it a s hunting game right now looking for latest updated OTAs and finding out if they work correctly.

Overall I am impressed, I wont say it is a home-run that will save RIM, but it is a huge step in the right direction, using the 1.2Ghz processor makes the device so fast, and I honestly had to get used to scrolling because there was no lag what so ever.  One thing I will say though, is that this device will remain my primary, and the others will get dusty on my shelf.

Note: Please note that I did not include more screenshots because it is very very similar to OS6, but upon request will show more.

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  1. The 9900 will stop the bleeding thats for sure. It might not repair the wound, but, the bleeding will stop.

    Fubaz how do you find the battery life?

    I have to be honest and say I wanted a little more, I posted in the forums just now about what I am finding after 3 solid days of use.

  2. The camera has autofocus; RIM put out a statement about it on crackberry.

    • No it doesn’t….. not in the same way the 9800/9780/9810/9850 has

      They are different camera units…

      It is “always in focus”

      basically when compared to the above cameras

      – long distance shots = better
      – medium distance = same
      – shot distance = slightly worse
      – close up = worse

      • Pics look awesome either way; video quality is sweet too when I don’t have my Nikon with me.

        • The photos on Crackberry don’t look awesome by any stretch of the imagination. In fact they are a step down from the 9780.

          Video on the other hand looks great….really sharp, really clean.

  3. Must be nice to have a 9900. I’m waiting for T-Mobile to release theirs. Hopefully SS and all the other apps I use more commonly are all updated by the time I have mine.

  4. Still wondering how it compares to a 9810 which has AF and a larger screen, but a bad||average||ok keyboard 🙂

    • The thing about the 9900 compared to the 9810/9850… is the quality of parts with the form factor

      The 9810/9850 is more of the same design/materials. Especially the 9810. The 9900 is a step up with the real metal band and carbon fibre back door.

      The whole feel of the 9900 is like no other previous BB.

      I wouldn’t get hung up on the camera, seriously, I think everyone is blowing it out proportion.

      For me I almost only view my photos and show my photos via my phone. I almost only send pictures via BBM to other people, thus, they only see my pictures on their respective phones. For me, I actually prefer the 9900 camera because it takes very very fast shots and the transition to the next shot is very fast.

      I would prefer having the fastness in exchange for the autofocus.

      Thats my though. If you use your camera for real photo taking and you view them and show them on a computer or tv screen then yes, the 9810/9850 cameras take better overall quality pictures.

      In the end though.. if you are worrying about the quality of your smartphone camera is good enough. You can go spend 200-300 and get a camera that kills every smartphone camera. If you go into the 300-500 range, wow.

      • I agree that the 9900 looks better built and more business like, but the camera can be a problem depending on what you take snaps of. I’ve looked at my library and I tend to take pictures of things that are still and between 300 and 20 cm away and for that an EDoF lens really doesn’t work.
        Snaps taken with a PB look as if they’ve been taken with a video camera. Look at the shots made by CBKevin, the 9780 wins hands down.
        Maybe the 10% than need this are being more vocals than the 90% that don’t care…, but I really don’t understand RIM’s decision. A business phone should be great at taking pictures and tablets and media phones can have the best video recorders, not the other way around.
        My only gripe with the 9780 is that I can’t tell the phone where I want to focus, but I never had any issues with the speed and the iPhone 4 has AF and takes snaps quickly, so it’s possible to have a good compromise.

        Maybe it’s time to upgrade my second phone and go for a 3D phone that I will always carry around with me along my business phone 🙂

        • You need to understand WHY they chose it then. As I wrote below. They chose it to reduce overall thickness of the phone.

          You need to define what “great” is. By no means does any smartphone take “great” shots.

          I also disagree that a good “business” phone needs a leading edge camera. Most real real business people I know hardly use the camera on their phone.

          3D phone? By making that statement you reveal what type of user you are. I feel that you are in the minority. I am not saying you are wrong or whatever, just saying you are in the minority in the way you must use your camera on your phone

          • An iPhone 4 is slimmer than the 9900, so that argument doesn’t work.

            By great, I mean letting the average user take decent pictures in a variety of lighting conditions. Those new lenses don’t work well in low lighting conditions per example.

            I will hardly take pictures at work, but I will once out of work, may it be in the streets, at a warehouse party, on a bike or under a tree in a park. It’s not always convenient to take a 2nd device.

            Maybe you’re right, maybe I’m in the minority. I’m always curious about the latest technology and I think 3D picture taking is exciting :).

            • ofutur!

              compare apples to apples brother!

              The 9900 has a physical keyboard!!!! that takes far more room than a piece of glass! Picture whats under your keys!

              In low light conditions doesn’t the flash come on lol?

              • I hate using the Flash, it flattens scenes ;).
                And the camera is not behind the keyboard, so they could have found a way :).
                Someone was saying, somewhere, as a joke, that RIM would release the 9980 in 6 months with AF and I’m sure it would be true if the new QNX phones were not due at the same time :).

                • Ofutur have you held the 9900 yet?

                  Its sloped all the way around thus if they had the auto focus that would have changed the whole design.

                  Plus if you increase the size of one part in the phone.. where do you fit the rest of the parts?

                  Its not like they leave extra room for run in these phones!

                  Its really a marvel what the cram into these small spaces

                  It may not seem like much,but, the size difference between the two cameras is enough to throw off the design.

                  Again, its my opinion that the feel and design of this device will sell the units alone.

                  For RIM’s sake, the trade off isn’t even close

                • I haven’t held one yet, I’m waiting for the shops to get them, so that I can make up my mind.

                  I never liked the 9000 and to be honest, I’m not a fan of the design of the 9900 on paper and don’t care if a phone is 10 or 12mm thick. I know that some objects look better in reality, so I’ll reserve my final judgement for until I can hold one in my hands :).

                  So to me, the 9780 is not fat. It just looks like a mini-phone, but that’s OK, I’m comfortable with my sexuality ;). The 9900 could have been a bit thicker and include 2 cameras, one for video and one for pictures :D. Seriously, I think RIM has just been lazy by recycling that old design and I’m really curious to hear the reaction of people on non-tech forums. I was surrounded by 97xxs in the tube today and couldn’t help wondering if they’d care or not.

                  You have to put yourself in our shoes. Some of us upgrading to a 9900 will feel RIM has taken something away and that’s disappointing.

            • Your iPhone 4 has a VERY large Sensor … we’re talking about SENSORS not lenses. Plus iP4 has Glass lens, not plastic like the 9900 and many other phones so quality will be better.

              Wait until liquid lens show up under glass for real optical zoom in thin smartphones. THEN we’ll ALL be impressed.

          • Then you have NO CLUE about great photos.

            Examples: SonyEricsson K750i/W800i both had the same cmos 2MP AF camera … without any firmware hacks/mods those phones 4yrs ago took better, if not the SAME quality photos – zoomed or not – as the 9700/9780. I know because I’ve used them all throughout the years. Taken roughly in the same location with the same time of year – I’m still impressed at the quality the K750i took during a heavy fog night; that was years ago.

            Today quality pictures can be done and they CAN look GREAT ~ great being subjective but we’re talking printing on a 8.5″x11″ page and being impressed thinking its coming from smartphone/phone.

            all in all EDOF was a good choice and with firmware will be drastically improved: Nokia got the same flack with the C7, E55, and a few others and those S60 users where quite impressed after actually using them.

            • Sony would always have great cameras because they also make cameras and they make great cameras. Just as they’re current Sony Xperia line does great pictures and have beautiful screens/graphics because their video is powered by their Bravia system.

            • I’m talking great as in sharp and not that grainy in low-level conditions.
              I know it’s not always linked to the MP count, but we can all look at comparative shots between a 9900 and the previous generation of BB and clearly see how bad those shots look.
              Unless RIM makes a clear statement explaining how they will make it better over time via OS updates, I wouldn’t hold my breath. The lens is the problem.

  5. The camera is a MAJOR issue and it’s kind of ridiculous how some people try to brush it off. “Well, for pictures just carry a real camera…” BS! Phones have gotten to the point where autofocus cameras take very decent shots, especially for viewing on computer screens, etc. These cameras have become replacements for dedicated cameras in many situations, and by suddenly removing that option from the latest “flagship” BB, RIM acted stupidly and shot themselves in the foot…AGAIN!

    • LOL….I think its ridiculous how people are over stating the issues with the camera on the 9900

      Its fine, it has its pros and cons.

      It is faster than the 9810 camera.. pro
      It is better at broader, wider shots… pro
      The lense takes better HD video than the 9810… pro

      I think the increase in performance with the HD recording, coupled with the faster camera… balances oout with the lack of sharpness on close-up shots

      Thats my personal opinion on this matter though and again is based on how I use a camera on a phone

      If you really break it down….. looking at all the angles… it was a smart move… let me explain:

      1. How do the majority of smartphone users use the camera on their phones? I feel that they mainly view photos on their phones and when they share their pictures its to people who will be viewing them on phones.
      2. There is a trend amongst the youth of the world to record video of an event rather than take a picture. Given that, putting a lense that takes better HD video capatilizes on this growing trend.
      3. This new lense allowed them to make the phone slim which appeals to a broad audience. The feel of the Bold 9900 alone will sell the device. I know personally that EVERYONE I have shown the device to

      If you look at the overall picture, I feel the decision will actually benefit the Bold 9900 rather than “shoot it in the foot”

      99% of consumers will just see 5.0 MP and have no idea what lense it has or not. These users will also marvel at how fast it is and won’t notice at all the slightly lower sharpness.

      This was the right move by RIM. The loss in HD video recording quality coupled with the increase in thickness is worse than the slightly lowered quality of the pictures.

      Boom goes the dynamite

      Rant over

      • As noted earlier iPhone 4 and several Android phones with AF are slimmer. How much faster is that 9900 compared to a 9780 or an iPhone4?

      • Lame response. The iPhone 4 (you know, the 15 month old phone) has an autofocus camera and a front facing camera, and is significantly THINNER than the 9900. The keyboard has nothing to do with it. The iPhone’s camera would easily fit where the 9900 camera is. Samsung, etc. also make thinner phones with autofocus cameras.

        The idea that it had to be “sacrificed” to make the phone thinner is nonsense. Either RIM was cutting costs or just doesn’t have the innovation and know-how (like every other major player out there) to do it.

        • Tyler.. when you make claims like “significantly thinner” I laugh.. its 1 mm!!! and “keyboard has nothing to do with it” you lose credibility….

          keep referencing full touch phones…..

          • Ok, how about AT&T’s new HTC Status or the Samsung Galaxy Pro – both thinner and both with keyboards. And you also are clueless with blackberry architecture. The camera module has a very small, specific footprint, which makes the space required for the keyboard irrelevant.

            I hate to break it to you, but I happen to know a lot more about this subject than you…

            • jesus.. get some of your facts straight please

              Galaxy Pro:

              – 10.7 mm to 10.3 mm of the 9900
              – 9900 has HSPA+ antenna
              – 512 mb flash to 768 mb of the 9900
              – 2 gb memory to 8 gb memory
              – 3 mp camera to 5 mp camera
              – 800 mhz cpu to 1.2 mhz cpu
              – low rez screen to high rez screen

              you say you know architecture so why are you trying to tell me all these things make no difference in size of parts?????????????

              • sorry 10.5 mm 9900

              • also HTC Status is 10.7 as well…

                • ok no more… I can see your passionate.. thats good!

                  we won’t convince each other of anything!

                  I do share your view that RIM should always push the envelope

                • Yes, debate over (it’s been a fun 20 minutes). I was just proving a point about 1mm or less not meaning anything as far as fitting components.

                  And I had to reply here because I couldn’t reply directly to your last message (I’m not registered)

              • Now you’re throwing less than 1mm back at me! (yes, I did that deliberately). And the HSPA+ antenna is no bigger than standard 3G (it’s not LTE), and the relatively minor jumps in flash memory, etc. Make no size difference. Look at a 4gb sd card compared to a 16gb – same size, dude. The bottom line here is RIM could’ve fit an autofocus camera and chose not to for cost cutting reasons (or something OTHER than making it thinner). It’s a BS excuse.

                • Someone should publish some fake statement from an alleged RIM employee saying the decision was taken to make the phone slimmer to force RIM to react by making an official statement about the real reasons 🙂

                • ????

                  You made a mistake on purpose??? I don’t get why one would do that at all right after saying

                  “hate to break it to you, but I happen to know a lot more about this subject than you…”



                  deeebate ova

            • Samsung Galaxy pro 3 mp camera, seriously you’re going to use this to compare to 9900?? It also has no flash, no zoom.

              HTC Sensation 5 mp camera, no flash, no zoom…

              Just cuz these phones have AF doesn’t mean they have better cameras. They’re not any better then the old curve series.

              HTC Sensation finally has flash, not sure if it even has zoom.

              Compare apples to apples. NOT just phone cameras with AFs.

              BB Curve has AF but it doesn’t take any nice pics then my PB with EDoF.

              • You’ve got your specs mixed up…

                HTC Sensation: 8MP, dual-LED flash, same zoom as on the 9900 = digital only

                So a better camera/flash combo

                • Meant to type HTC Status. Not sensation. Sensation has the 8 mp camera. Better, not so sure. Things can look great on paper but would have to use.

                  Two Level LED flash? Already on BB Torch 9800.

        • Where do you get this junk?!

          2 millimeters is NOT significant; ONLY when it comes to specific hardware like the camera.

          1. Are you an engineer?!
          – The sensor in iP4 is a LOT larger than what is averaged for a 5MP device. Take off your glass cover and see for yourself – compare it with the industry standard of smartphone cameras – find any SE phone (their reknowned for camera quality in phones for years).
          – Look at how LARGE the assembly is on the iP4’s camera … look at the squared off design at the top of the phone, try fitting it in there with the bold 9900’s curvature?! Apple used the metal band as the antenna – a smart ingenious move to create MORE internal space. Something other phones require for the antenna – 9900 has its antenna at the bottom meaning that chin under the keyboard is dedicated cannot house the MicroUSB connector – chipset and wiring to the main logic board. Also 9900 does use industry standard SIM card, not a micro so its logic board WILL be wider than IP4.

          This was made all obvious when Apple showed off the IP4 yet so easily we all forgot about these levels of engineering. BlackBerry’s also traditionally have radio-shielding around their logic board chipsets to better network communications in low level connectivity.

          Stop griping about the camera that should’ve been without thinking about the limitations that prevented its inception.

  6. Which is why, my 9780 is here to stay

    • Terrence your camera on your phone is that important to you?

      I guess I just don’t understand the oxymoron of people saying they care about camera quality while taking pictures with their phone.. if they really cared about camera quality they would get a camera….most medium end cameras destroy every smartphone camera on the market… even some low end cameras do

      I just don’t understand the outrage….

      • I still think the majority of users only see 5.0 MP and they will be happy.

        The 9900’s mission should be to recapture the mass market, not people who care so god damn much about the camera on their phone.

        The 9900 will accomplish that task

        Its like the most recent Star Trek movie… it needed to keep the geeks happy while also getting the mass market in the door…

        The 9900 is the Star Trek movie!!

        love that comparison!

        • Lame and naive statement. Top smartphones in 2011 have risen to certain standards, and their cameras have reached a level where they’ve replaced dedicated cameras in a lot of situations. By stepping back with a fixed focus, bad performing camera, RIM has just tainted their name once again.

          The camera quality is VERY important and it was extremely foolish for RIM to release their latest “flagship” with a camera very inferior to last year’s OS 6 phones. What a JOKE!

          • lame and naive eh… ok we will see who is right in the end…

            although if I am wrong I am lame and naive.. if you are wrong what are you?

  7. wow did this really turn in to a dumb flame war about a camera?

    take it to the forums.

    dont do it here.

    the phone is great, and i use the camera maybe once a week. so I am not worried.

    • no flaming.. this is a good debate!

      • I agree :). People use BlackBerrys for different thing and have different preferences when it comes to size, design and functionalities.

        • Show me the perfect phone out right now.

          Please write down the name of the phone that is perfect with no negatives

          • There is no perfect phone, but people expect every aspect of a sequel to be better than the previous version, simply because technology evolves pretty fast.

            • galaxy s 2 has a shittier screen than the first…. these things happen!

              • I made it. Read the whole debate about the camera on 9900. You BB Addict are really amazing. I never seen anybody so fanatic. You have no other interest?? You must work at RIM or……? Anyway it was a good show.
                Thank you.

                • lol

                  I am a fanatic yes… but… it also helps that I type at 95 word per minute

                • RIM was known as a producer of good longlasting devices for hard working people. The 9900 is a sexy slim device, but definitelly not a handheld which I would like to use on a daily base. To charge the battery twice a day – forget it. I make very often photos of documents, notices from meetings etc – forget it without AF. I will stay with my 9780 and will wait for the version 9910, I hope, RIM will learn from the stupid mistakes they made now.

                • I totally agree with Bob. Unless RIM announce an update that fixes the camera issue, I returning my 9900 and going back to the 9780.

          • No phones are “perfect”, but a bad camera is inexcusable in this case. The 9900 also doesn’t have a front facing camera (that can slide) and no dual core processor (that can also slide) and a lame app selection (even that can slide, to a degree). But the camera!?! I have the BB Style, and that camera actually rocks. They’ve already had decent cameras for awhile. No excuse here!

            • Fully agree with you!

            • And no keyboard on the iPhone is totally inexcusable and unacceptable!!!!!!!!!

            • Can some one post these supposed crappy photos. I bet one can hardly tell the difference.

              • They are on another well known blog. Be warned, you’ll be shocked 😉

                • Put up the link.

                • Official comment…. BFD … yawn

                • a) all the shots but one are up close which we know is not the strong point of the 9900
                  b) kevin is notorious for shaky hands… the long shot of the houses is probably his fault.

                  i have been very happy with me 9900 with medium to long distance shots…. it is better than 9780 withthose shots….i dont take zoom up close shots and most people dont either

                • Dude, even you have to admit that a great autofocus camera would’ve really rounded out this package. Why have to worry about close shots? Documents, etc. come out blurry. It’s not a huge deal, but absolutely shouldn’t even be an issue on a device like this!

                • yes… but not in the face of design changes… i god damn love the feel and shape of the 9900. i have held almost all other smart/super phones…and i think its the best phone i have ever held.

                  yes i drink rim kool aid.

                  yes i believe it was design concerns that led to lack of af.

                  i honestly have found the 9900 camera better with respect to overall experience.

                  i love the speed of it

                • I hear you! If I was dead set on the 9900, I’d probably be drinking the same kool aid. But it’s the 9850 for me (autofocus camera and all).

                • Speed… How much faster is it than an iPhone 4 or the super thin HTC Sensation? There is more to speed than the lens.

                • whoa whoa whoa….ofutur…. your question suggests you havent even used the 9900!!!! ahhhhhh

                  the 9900 is almost instant when you press click

                • No I haven’t but I never had an issue with the speed of my 9780. It usually takes more time to ‘compose’ the picture than to take it. I don’t just randomly shoot stuff around me as quickly as I can.

                  I fail to understand why 0.2 seconds is better than 0.4 when taking a snap of your mates or a meal, etc.
                  If it took my phone a couple of seconds, then yes, I would moan about it, but it’s almost instant on the 9780 unless I need it to focus on something else and it does a good job at picking up what I want it to focus on.

                  I think AF is much more important than speed or thinness. They could have achieved the same feel and still have an AF camera. once you go AF, you never go back 😀

                • Why are you taking shots of documents with your phone? My son’s 9780 or 9760 (can’t remember the number) Bold takes crappy document shots and it has AF.

                  My 9800 has AF and it takes crappy photo of documents.

                  Unless you have a camera taking a document photo when you’re less then 12″ from the document will always result with crappy pic from any phone camera.

                  Seriously!! eye rolling here.

                • Documents require close up AF shots, and it made me sound important to take pics of documents (which I unfortunately don’t).

                  I have a BB style and the AF camera takes very sharp pics, close up to wide outdoor shots. You’re not going to beat a good AF camera with a fixed focus…

                • I disagree my 9780 takes sharp pictures of documents or the screen. They’re legible.

                • Well the photos you posted of your PB showed “legible” photos as well, not “sharp”. Two different definition.

                  My son’s 9780 takes legible document photos, I know cuz I had to have him take a photo of an invoice I left at home and BBM it to me while I’m the store. Legible, not sharp. Not any different with my PB under similar lighting condition.

                • I take a lot of document and business card pictures in my 9780, no problem. I cannot buy the 9900 because of the missing AF. S*it.

                • Bob why are you avoiding answering the question?

                • Good debate … and I think you’ve hit something about the camera choice in the 9900 on the nail.

                  Depth of perception.
                  – 9900 requires a larger range of depth for the camera especially for Wikitude to work with BBM since its augmented reality. Business users will hold this up in a conference or when about to enter to find colleagues or other contacts and link-up so to speak. Sure the consumer market will eat this up like no tomorrow yet there in lies the rub.

                  Business users STILL do NOT take as many photos as the average consumer does: its just that simple. I’ve worked at 5 different corporations and even when a colleague owns a BB from work and no other phone they STILL do NOT use the built-in camera as often as if its one of my friends – consumers that don’t work for any business employer of any kind (fortune 500 typers/suits/etc).

                  It was ok for RIM to sacrifice in the 9900 as its aimed at the business suit user – NOT the consumer first and foremost. Consider this then you understand its a good choice by RIM. The Torchs make up for this decision.

                • Hi. I am a strong business user and I make a lot of document pictures with my current 9780 without aby bigger problems. I know a lot of other friends using the camera in their phones for the same reason. The 9900 is becauese of the missinf AF not a phone for us, thats very annoying and pitty.

                • Bob… still waiting on that example of a phone……

                • And suits will take shots of far-away buildings and landscapes with their phones more than people, documents, signs, whiteboards, etc. ?
                  If you’re in the office, you can use the PB or a real video camera to record 1080p videos, you don’t need to use a 9900.
                  That’s the reason I think RIM made the wrong decision on a business phone.

                • All the 9900 shots look like stills taken from a video. They lack detail and contrast.

                • mine dont…. again… cb kevin is bad for his shaky hands…..

                  look i am loving loving loving the 9900 and i honestly find the camera just the same…..

                • I guess you better get another phone. I don’t think RIM is going to recall the phones. Apple didn’t even do a recall when their phone didn’t work as a phone. Regardless of what you do stop crying on here.

                • on that note my friend was complaining to me the other day about dropped calls on her iphone4….i told her about the antenna issue and she had no idea…. she got a bumper and hasnt been having issues….

                  i love how apple got the free pass for making a phone that sucked at being a phone

                • Apple got no free pass! They were slammed in the media, and consumer reports recommended NOT getting it. Apple had an “emergency” press conference and paid millions to provide free bumpers to all owners. The iPhone continued to be a smash hit, but apple did NOT get a free pass!

                • meh ill agree to disagree….

                • Limited availability on bumpers, not millions of dollars… those bumper are only worth $0.05 at most if made by FoxConn in China… what bogus PR!

                • There were several articles at the time that showed Apple spending something like $50 million or more on the free bumpers. I’m no Apple fan, but these are just facts.

                • Google for that info and found none. Only info saying that Apple was offering free bumpers/cases from July through to September 2010. Hardly think that 50 mill.

                • You’re right, it wasn’t $50 million…it was $175 million! And it’s very easy to find on google.


                  Again, I’m no apple fan, but these are just facts!

                • Tyler tyler tyler …. You are kidding right? That’s what you call fact? A quote? Wow….
                  No point in continuing debating with tyler… He shows a tendency to pull crap out of his ass…

                  Lol that you feel that article is fact

                • It’s not the best example, point taken. But google it, it’s all over the web. And I remember CNN at the time reporting the same thing (and I do consider them credible).

                  As a side note, I’ve never put this kind of effort into the comments section of a blog post (all day on a Saturday, no less). We should see if this is some kind of Guiness World Record. Although I’ve been using my phone, so I haven’t been planted in one place.

                • Tyler its simple math…. How many iphone 4s…. Times that by about 10 cents… That’s the max they paid cost. They may try to say the bumpers cost 5 or 6 bucks but that’s retail… It cost them about 10 cents each… Or less..

          • I would like to have a perfect phone from RIM. The 9900 would have everything to be a perfect one, I really dont understand RIM, why they made such a stupid step with a cheap creaky camera…really, no excuse for RIM for this.

  8. And yet, in my experience, a lot of sports car come with less than stellar standard equipment ;).

  9. As I’ve said a few times before, the Bold 9900 is the device I’ve been dreaming of since I first used the Bold 9000 how many years ago. So for me to hear you saying you’re digging the device is great news.

    Looking forward to some info about battery life in say a week or two. 🙂

  10. The camera is a disappointment. Sure, they used the camera because of its thin design, but they ultimately chose it to save money. They could have easily made the camera area a little thicker or moved some stuff around to get in a better camera but it would require more time and money. They just brushed it off buy saying “but the phone is our thinnest ever, and records HD video!”

    I doubt anyone will not get the phone because of the camera though, so maybe RIM ultimately won.

  11. Bogus on the camera pics only being viewed on phones. Pics I take are sent to facebook constantly for viewing, and the same goes with everyone I know. This matters, and I plan to upgrade to a 9780 from my 9700 now instead to tide me over until the qnx’s arrive due to this. My wife is even more off put by this and is going to move to android now after I told her about the camera mistake they made.

  12. I send my PB photos taken with an EDoF camera to my FB page and the pictures are incredibly sharp and focus.

    I send photos taken from my PB to my clients that they view on their computers and iPhones and they’re impressed by the quality of the photos.

    Unless you use the 9900 cameras it’s wrong to judge it by it’s abilities on paper.

    I think the 9900 camera is exactly the same as the one on my PB.

    Yes I can get crappy shots on my PB but under low lighting and motion from subject. But I can still get brightly lit interior shots perfect.

  13. Guys, believe me, the camera is a BIG issue on the 9900! My god, why did RIM such a stupid thing and saved money on a camera??? Autofocus is an absolute standard on all better smartphones? RIM, when will you learn to do things 100%???

  14. i love how all the haters and nay sayers are not registered lol.

    i call bullshit on anyone saying they would upgrade to the 9780 instead of the 9900 because of the camera. as if.

    • Yeah that matters so much huh! I’m doing it today. Sorry. Your call of BS has been called. I’ll send you pics from my camera with AF if you need proof.

      • bullshit. send me a picture of your receipt. when you do this idiotic move send me a pic of recepit

        • Sounds good.

        • So I wound up getting two 9780’s on Saturday. My wife liked the option of having a white bold so she stayed with BB due to that and due to the AF camera that she is so adamant about. We jumped on T-Mobile’s new shared plan with unlimited talk-text-data(2gb) for each line that comes in at a nice $100.00 a month! We will be locked in at that price even if the merger goes through, that is of course until we make a plan change which we shouldn’t need to for a good long while.

    • As an unregistered commenter, but NOT a BB hater, I agree completely. I’m mad about the 9900 camera because RIM finally put out a world class phone, but then f’d up a major part – the camera. It just seems so unnecessary and really takes away from what should’ve been their perfect BB to date.

      But to say the 9780 is better and that’s the one to upgrade to…Give me a break

    • I use Blackberry for many years. But I am not a fanatic user, I just want a high quality product. The 9900 is not one because of the camera.

  15. I don’t think auto focus is a major sell off. I did bash it at first .but now to think about it… There’s no better blackberry that takes better pictures than the 9900 for now. If auto focus was that serious, I would grab a 12mp nikon.

  16. lol 50 million on bumpers lol!!!!!!

  17. I did bash the 9900 about the lack of AF. Then i thought about it the previous blackberries with AF wasn’t good at all. If AF was that serious i would grab a 12 mp Nikon.

    That’s my opinion on the lack of auto focus.

  18. Hey guys im new to this site. It looks easier to post on. other than crackberry.

  19. Tyler I appreciate that you did all this research to write on this forum… see this forum is addictive! LOL.

    However you really need to take some “discerning” reading lessons.

    Here is the quote:

    Revenue to be deferred
    Apple chief financial officer (CFO) Peter Oppenheimer confirmed that the Cupertino, California-based behemoth has set aside the said amount out of the iPhone 4 revenue in the September quarter to take care of the free bumpers or the bumper refunds, as the case may be.

    Note the very important words:
    “Revenue to be deferred” it doesn’t say that is what Apple will actually pay to fix the problem.

    Oppenheimer goes onto say two paragraphs down:
    “I expect the accrual we’ll need to make (a revenue accrual with no cost) will be about $175 million in September quarter and will be recorded as revenue in the December quarter,” Oppenheimer said.”

    So that same amount that you think is set aside for “fixing” the bumpers will now magically appear in the December (next quarter) financial statement as a true revenue.

    First thing to remember headlines are 50% sensationalized. If you read thru carefully it’s not what the headline actually states.

    You still don’t know the actual cost of fixing the bumpers because the Apple did not claim the revenues for that month (so technically it looks like a lost). But they never stopped selling the phones, they’re still making money. Then this amount will show up to boast their December quarter sales.

    As BB Addict said, think of how many iPhones were actually made that time span and how many people actually went and got their free cases. So if 1 Million phones were sold, but only 500,000 users came back to ask for the bumpers, then Apple’s cost would’ve only been $50,000 at the cost of $0.10/each. I think it’s probably less. More like $0.05 each made by FoxConn in China.

    But let say for argument sake all 1 million came back and ask for bumpers (would never happen, but we’ll be theorectical here) it would still only cost Apple $100,000 at $0.10 a piece!

  20. Everybody, who is able to make objective judgements and is not blind, must see here that the pictures made by the 9780 are much much better and sharper then the pictures from the 9900. A huge disapointment for me. I make a lot of pictures from text and business cards in my phone (currently the 9780) so the missing AF makes it impossible for me to buy the 9900 🙁 🙁 RIM, you will never learn to build a 100% phone…

    • Ok the clarity/image on the 9780 is sharper but if you really look at the photos especially the outdoor photos you’ll see where the EDoF is actually better for that “big” picture.

      While the house is sharp with the 9780, if you look at 9900 pic where it may lack that sharpness, it has a wider range. You see more sky, more at the side of the photo.

      If you look at the plant one, the 9780 gave it a slightly over exposed look in it’s clarity. The 9900 mellowed it, but again look at the extra plant and depth of background that the 9780 didn’t capture.

      Therein lies the difference.

      As I’ve said before if I want scope and depth of a picture I would whip my Playbook out to take the picture (it has EDoF) and I would get the whole thing.

      As other people of posted, you do need the EDoF to make better video camera and when I shoot videos on my PB it’s amazing. On my Torch 9800 I have those moments of lag time when the lens is trying to figure out how and where to focus, not good if shooting videos.

      • PB Forever, sorry, but its the same like if you would tell to somebody, who is driving a car with a 200 PS engine, that the new car with a 100 PS engine is better, because of he can see the nature around 🙂

        • I want clarity in my videos without the 2 seconds that my BB takes to refocus everytime something changes. My PB on video never has that lag time.

          I take photos of big displays inside stores for my clients that my BB can’t quite capture whereas my PB does. When these pics are sent there is no discernable difference in quality. In fact viewed on an iPhone and computer the pictures are incredibly clear.

          However I think until you’ve used a camera with EDoF in different situations then it’s hard to make that judgement call.

          I have the Torch 9800 and if I upgrade it’ll be either between the 9900 or 9810 and my decision is not based solely upon camera. It’s based solely upon form factor.

          Truth be told if I were to pick a phone only for incredible camera quality I would choose a Sony Ericcson phone. They take amazing photos.

          You may like the 9810 better. I wouldn’t get a 9780 that’s all.

          BTW the car anology, sorry you’re talking to a person who drives a hybrid highlander. A car that puts out almost the same amount of horse power as my old Durango 5.2L V8 and sips gas like my previous Jeep Compass 2.4 Litre.

          • I dont pick a phone only because of the camera. I really dont know, which Blackberry I will choose (9810, 9900 or the follower of the 9780, which will come sure sooner or later). I only say, its a huge pitty that RIM made ANY restriction on such a perfect phone like the 9900. The 9900 with autofocus would be a perfect decision for me. Now I am really very confused. And you see in this forum, its not only me, a lot of peole complains.

            • I am not sure how to post pics taken with my PB on this blog. But I have pics taken with my PB (same camara as the 9900) that is phenomenal and you won’t be able to tell if I took it with my phone or my playbook.

              In this particular picture it’s a picture of a pot of soup with a wooden spatula on top and receipe info and receipe picture cards in front as well you can see partial heating numbers on the infrared burner. It’s absolutely crisp with no flash used.

              I have another shot of sablefish on a bed of quinoa and edaname and if you zoom in on the computer you can pick out the individual quinoa kernals as well as the Edaname.

              That is why I’m a little astounded by some people who jump all over the fact that the 9900 doesn’t have an AF until they’ve used it.

              Does it take a little playing around to get the best picture, for sure… you are more cognizant of lighting. But at the same time it’s much easier because you get a more expanded view to centre your subject in.

              • Please, dont compare picturec from the PB with pictures from the 9900. The pictures are a product not only from the camera, but as well from the software. The QNX is a great OS and it makes sure better adjustments on the pictures as the 9900 with OS 7.

              • Put your pictures on something like Dropbox and post links on here.
                Also, it’s best to have something to compare them with, so it would help to have the same scene captured by another smartphone.

                And it’s funny that you mention that you have to play around, etc. to get the best pictures, because some people on here mentioned that they loved the speed of the camera, but by the time you’ve put all the workarounds in place on a 9900, you would have had time to take several pictures on a smartphone with AF.

                • tell me how to post link to my drop box and I will.

                • Yeah, playing around with the camera as in determining how to frame your shot at the beginning because of the scope of what you see on the PB.

                  Software different on PB the on the 9900 for the camera??? Never heard that before. QNX makes a difference? not likely. QNX is the OS, not the camera OS. It’s like saying the Canon Digital SLR will take different pics then the Canon Powershot… puhleeze…

      • Other phones manage to turn on autofocus for stills and continuous focus for videos, so RIM could have done the same thing.

  21. Without the Auto Focus I’m thinking, I might get the 9810. Seriously, a camera without an auto focus is limited to nothing in my own opinion.

  22. For all the a-holes griping on here, and you are a-holes, it seems that all of you don’t even have the phone… pathetic, you are pathetic. For all those saying you need a camera to take pics of documents, you are liars. I have a 9800 and it CANNOT take pics of documents. I used pdf scanner and it can, but the camera cannot.

    Finally this is Berry Review, don’t come on here and say how great the iPhone is or how good Droid phones are. Anyone that can get BB has enough money to get an iPhome etc. but we choose not to.

    know this, if you futher post here crying over the 9900, please know this: you are an a-hole.

    • “And no keyboard on the iPhone is totally inexcusable and unacceptable!!!!!!!!!”

      Best comment ever

    • You need to clean the lens on your 9800 then ;).

      Here is what a document looks like through the lens of a 9780:

      and through the lens of a PB:

      I know which one I’d rather send and look at on my phones or my screen.
      To be able to do a fair comparison, it would be best to see a pic of a document taken with a 9900, but for some reason ;), those pictures are very difficult to come by.

      And we don’t need to have the phone in our hands to be able to compare pictures.

      Also, we’re bringing other phones into the discussion because other manufacturers managed to deliver thinner phones with AF. Granted, most don’t have a keyboard, but they have larger batteries, etc. Every manufacturer makes design decisions and to my knowledge none of the other ones have removed AF from a high-end phone.

      We all prefer BlackBerrys for one reason or another, but we can also express our disappointment when RIM makes some silly move so that they can use a marketing buzz phrase like “thinnest blackberry ever”. Who cares!

    • Interesting meaning of democracy. Everybody with a different poitn of view is an a-hole. Maybe, you should move to Russia and start to work for Mr. Putin. He would definitelly like you 🙂

    • BTW: I normaly take document pictures with my 9780 daily. I very often take pictures from different flip chart pages during the meetings as well. Please, dont lie. I am a heavy business user. I am very afraid, the 9900 will make it impossible to help me in my business because of the creapy camera.

      • I am not sure how to post a picture I took of a menu card with my PB camera. But it’s absolutely clear. I don’t have a personal webpage so I can’t load up a link on it….

        • PB, thanks for your effort, but I dont think a Playbook picture will be the same one as from the 9900. Both devices have very different OS

  23. nonsense conversations on just a camera. Quality of the camera never been a major factor to benchmark a phone. If you are this freaking sensitive to a smartphone’s camera , just go grab a SLR and leave the tech community in peace. You guys gotta look at a new device from all aspects. iPhone is a very cool device but I never like to let an application (iTunes) takes over on my whole tech experience so I don’t want it. My point is that some stuff is so personal , you can’t push it; But I do really love to read a fair and real reviews, just like this one:

  24. What is this? a new camera review or smartphone review. You guys all forgot about the main concept. if you are a camera addict or a national geographic folk go grab a SLR, leave smartphone power users in peace. 9900 is offering some new cutting edge techs that is lost here coz of this nonsense arguments. I love to read fair and comprehensive reviews :

  25. What is this? a new camera review or smartphone review. You guys all forgot about the main concept. if you are a camera addict or a national geographic folk go grab a SLR, leave smartphone power users in peace. 9900 is offering some new cutting edge techs that is lost here coz of this nonsense arguments. I love to read fair and comprehensive reviews :

    • I dont know if you realized, that a good camera is a standard equipment of high end smartphones in the 21st century. Not only vecause of Facebook or similar things, but as well because some photos of customers documents, flip chart pages, meeting notices on a teble etc.

      • Bob if you are that picky about a “good” camera then you need to get the 9810 (Torch) it has your AF and 4X zoom. And if you want a phenomenal camera and so so phone then get the Sony Ericsson Xperia line.

        However if you want a superb camera get yourself a small camera like the Canon Powershot or whatever small digital camera and take document shots with it and load up onto your computer.

        • PB, I will probably choose the 9810, but I would like to have te 9900 form. Thats why I am complaining. I dont want another system than a Blackberry and I cannot carry with me a special camera everytime.

          • Hey Bob, I get what you’re saying. I like the form factor for the 9900 as well. I’ve had the Bold 9000 and I like having the immediacy of the keyboard.

            I’m currently on the Torch 9800 and it’s a decent phone. The 9810 will beat it hands down.

            I’m a bit anal so for work I carry both my phone, playbook and camera! LOL… 😀

            My stance tho is try the camera on the 9900. Go to the store, take some pictures and then make a judgement call. Don’t based it on what Kevin posted up on CB. You may be a better photo taker then he is! LOL… 😉

  26. Im still waiting on AT&T…I personally do believe RIM built this new lineup for different purposes. Bold is for the business people. those that need the keyboard, faster phone. they built the torch(es) to somewhat compete with the other bricks out there for games and for those who love to take pictures of themselves and put then on fb, twitter, google which ever tickles your pickle.

    I’m really waiting on this phone to come to att. i love that its thin and the keyboard is great.. although it just might be too big so i want to see that 9790??? no i dont need a big screen for that. im buying my butt a playbook 🙂 to browse and fb lol

  27. no matter what, I think this is the best Berry ever, after testing it for 2 days:
    1. Its incredibly fast
    2. Love the form factor
    3. Real near field communication chip integrated and its operational (I call this leading)
    4. Browser experience is fantastic, maybe , little slower than android device but its remarkably fast
    5. Love the fact that I can touch links while I have a physical keyboard also available
    6. Most important thing to me is having the new 1200mAh battery which is also another new tech from RIM
    7.Boot is faster
    8. Almost unlimited amount of memory
    9. Very neat and clean OS7, almost no glitches, no hour glasses
    10. Decent camera quality for daily usage
    11.287 ppi screen quality which is great for such small touch screen

  28. What’s the app used for the screen capture? Great resolution and size… Please.

  29. Seriously guys…. the 9900 camera is fine!!!! lol… I don’t think you are going to lose any business or be embarassed with the pictures taking on the 9900

    seriously…. i don’t understand the logic of some people….

    from a pure geek perspective I can appreciate the wanting of top of the line hardware in every area, but, in the end.. the main consumers ARE NOT geeks like us who know everything about these phones.

    There are probably multiple reasons why the 9900 came with the camera it did.

    Even if it was for pure cost reasons, I can understand it and frankly I would agree it was a good business move; however, I do believe RIM when they state they needed to put the eof camera in due to making the phone thin.

    The camera being what it is will NOT affect sales of the 9900.

    People will ONLY see that it has a 5.0 MP camera.

    Only a small percentage of new phones out there have a 8 MP camera right now.

    If the general public doesn’t care about the camera and is actually overall pleased with it, then wtf are we complaining about.

    Why don’t we start complaining it doesn’t have a dual core, or why there isn’t a ff camera, or why the screen resolution isn’t higher than the iphone, or why there isn’t more ram, or why it isn’t thinner….. why? because it doesn’t matter at this point.

    • 1. I will definitely not loose any business, but I will definitely loose the sharpenes of my pictures 🙂

      2. 5 Mpix is a standard camera in the smartphones of today, dont make a special equipment from this, please (BTW, I hate iPhone but be sure, the 5th generation will get 8 Mpix, so RIM will will be behind it)

      3. Be sure, bad stories, fast track and long life. Everybody will know about the creapy camera in the 9900 very quickly

      4. I understand, you are a RIM freak ( I am a big RIMs fan as well), but you should face the thruth – the 9900ths camera is not so good than the cameras from the older models (fe. 9780). And this should definitelly not happen in any product line of any product.

  30. Just learned how to use new WiFi music sync and also how to use the new App World beta. Loved them both. Document to go Premium is also awesome.

  31. RIM was known as a producer of good longlasting devices for hard working people. The 9900 is a sexy slim device, but definitelly not a handheld which I would like to use on a daily base. To charge the battery twice a day – forget it. I make very often photos of documents, notices from meetings etc – forget it without AF. I will stay with my 9780 and will wait for the version 9910, I hope, RIM will learn from the stupid mistakes they made now with the 9900.

  32. I would purchase this phone if it came with an AF lens. It is amazing a flagship RIM phone (for this time period) goes out the door with this feature missing.

    Something’s I would want to do, but now I can’t:
    -Pictures of checks to deposit into online banking.
    -Business cards
    -People close-ups
    -Pet close-ups.
    -Any close-ups

    The average customer isn’t dumb. That can read a review of this phone and realize this is a problem.

    They can buy this phone and recognize the problem right away and then return. Don’t think for one second sales associates won’t disclose this (VZW, AT&T, etc…). They are not going to have people walk out of their store only to come back and return a phone and possible return service within the grace period.

    • My 9800 doesn’t even take great pics of close ups on documents and its got AF.

      I’ve actually had document shots with my PB turn out better and the PB doesn’t have AF.

      Unless you want to see every pore in a person’s skin you can do sufficient close up with the phone.

      Perhaps you actually should use the phone before you dish it… y’know just saying.

      • I have a 9780 and it takes good pictures of documents. Please, dont compare photos done with the PB. A picture is a matter of software as well, the PB has QNX which is very different than the OS7 in the 9900.

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