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Sprint Cancels WiMax 4G PlayBook? Isn’t WiMax Cancelled?

BlackBerry PlayBook 4G

So the latest rumor coming from the Wall Street Journal is that Sprint is cancelling their WiMax variant of the 4G BlackBerry PlayBook. That really is no surprise since even Sprint is more or less giving up on WiMax. Nobody else really seems to be using WiMax and even the carriers that bought into the push of WiMax have given up on it along with Intel which practically made the standard.

The only downside is that Sprint was the only carrier confirmed to be getting a 4G PlayBook. Verizon and AT&T have not made commitments either way so RIM is going to need to get a new partner on board ASAP. What do you think? I guess that simply answers why the 4G WiMax PlayBook did not come this summer though the LTE and 4G GSM versions were supposed to come by the end of the year.

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  1. Ronen sprint posted that on they website back in January, months before the playbook was released. Now they have excuses why its not here, I guess Verizon will get it first “LTE version”.

  2. I can’t help but feel the Playbook is dead in the water as far as the carriers are concerned. I’ll be amazed if any of the US carriers are going to bother with it now.

  3. @ Snowx2k5, no PB with any kind of 3G or 4G capabilities have been released to carriers, thus you can’t say the PB is dead to carriers when there was no real products to begin with.

    If there was a “real” 3G/4G version of PB you can bet the Canadian carriers would be all over it like white on rice, just like they’re all over the new OS7 phones.

    Ronen, I always believed that 4G is LTE and I think Rim is holding off on that until 4G is really a reality. In Canada only Ottawa has 4G available. Toronto is supposed to come on board in September or October.

    I think the 4G will happen on LTE which would open it up to more carriers NA and internationally.

  4. Ronen,

    If I remember correctly RIM stated on their last Quarter Conference call that they were working with Verizon on a 4G Playbook. That right there tells me Verizon will be getting one. What’s your thoughts?

  5. Perhaps this will encourage RIMM to accelerate the release the native PIM apps and the Android simulator. Truth is Sprint is almost completely focused all things Android, so this is not really suprising.

  6. Darn! I just posted a similar comment on CB on this very issue.

    I wholeheartedly agree with your comment, Ronen. We may see this news as a failure on RIM’s part, but it could just be a switch in focus by RIM, moving from the fading WiMAX standard (which only Sprint supports now) to LTE where everyone else will be.

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