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OtterBox BlackBerry PlayBook Defender Series Case. Revisited.


OtterBox has been more than kind to the BerryReview team as they have provided multiple PlayBook Defender cases for review. I thought I would add my 2 cents about these ultra-protective cases and possibly answer any follow up questions the BR faithful may have been having.

First of all, this is obviously not a case for the minimalist. It adds quite a bit of bulk and nearly doubles the thickness of the PlayBook. The added thickness is a small price to pay for the amount of protection this case provides. The Defender truly does defend. As usual, OtterBox has all the bases covered with everything sealed up in forcefield-like fashion…including the screen of course.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the touchscreen functionality is not affected much at all with the Defender’s screen cover in place. It does cover some of the bezel, but I have not had any difficulty using the gestures. It shows fingerprints, but only as much as the actual screen does. Easily wiped away with your snazzy BlackBerry microfiber cloth.

The only parts that are always exposed to outside air are the 2 front speakers and the 2 microphone holes on the top of the PlayBook. The headphone jack and connection ports are accessible after opening the silicone plugs, which are conveniently labeled in case you forget. Smile

otterbox defender headphone jackotterbox defender ports access

As I was looking over previous reviews I noticed some readers asking about charging dock functionality. Due to the added bulk, you will unfortunately not be able to use the standard charging dock for PlayBook while it is encased in the Defender. When I asked the OtterBox rep if they have any plans to develop a dock that is compatible with the Defender I got another unfortunate no.

This got me thinking if OtterBox has any plans to develop a more minimal (maybe Commuter or Impact?) style case for the PlayBook. I sadly report that there is nothing in the works for this right now either.

The best part about this case is the peace of mind it brings. A PlayBook is an investment and I think its best to protect it as much as possible. The Defender does this extremely well. I think of this as pretty much preserving your tablet…for future generations.

Anything else you would like to know about the OtterBox Defender case for PlayBook? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. I have one of these cases, and am super impressed with it, especially since my 3 year old has all but adopted my playbook as her own. Some of the other benefits (beyond the obvious protection from drops and spills), is the rubberized case is easy to handle, and stays put on almost any surface, and the great screen cover/stand that allows her to put it on a table to watch movies. I would not let my kid anywhere near my playbook without the otterbox on it!

  2. Had a BBQ event at the park. PlayBook was my main camera. Dust, sand, wind, food and everything from the natural element came at the PlayBook.

    Got home after 10 hours, case was dusty, dirty, sandy, greasy. Took the PlayBook out, Not Even A Single Piece of Dust was on It!!!

    Wipe down Otterbox case with damp paper towel. Let dry and its like new again!

  3. i also have the otterbox defender case for the playbook, and i love it. but can anyone share how in the world to remove the case? i can’t seem to get the darn case to pop open.

  4. A bit over a month ago, we did another 4WD photographic expedition to Moreton Island in Queensland. I live in Sydney. As I was leaving Sydney for Brisbane, I stopped at the BlackBerry store and picked up one of these cases… fitted it along the way, halfway up the coast somewhere. We spent five days on Moreton, which is a sand island. During that time the PlayBook was used for taking notes, taking casual photos and videos (when I couldn’t be bothered breaking out the real cameras), viewing HD video shot with the bull-bar video camera, and, whenever we were within radio range of the mainland, sending messages onto Facebook and keeping track of work emails. Oh yeah, as well as sometimes administering a rack server back in Sydney via aVNC.

    The PlayBook spent all its time either in the tent, on the beach, on the centre console of the Patrol, or tossed in the Patrol’s back seat. Conditions that it was exposed to were wind, sand (oh baby was there EVER sand!), salt water (driving the truck through the surf because the tide was coming in was our best effort yet at emulating a submarine with wheels), and a little bit of mangrove mud.

    Throughout all of this, the PlayBook ended up with ONE small speck of sand trapped underneath the screen protector. Apart from that, you’d think it came out of the store yesterday.

    Defender case? Recommended.

  5. Don’t forget to talk about the case that covers the screen and backside/camera and also serves as a stand..didn’t see that anywhere in the article.

  6. I love Black berry for my business.. It’s great for daily work activities.. I hope you will improve more advance in it..

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