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When Will the BlackBerry 7 Device Advertising Blitz Start?

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With RIM being very coy about the BlackBerry 7 device launch dates and carriers already rolling out the devices I am left with one question. What sort of advertising campaign will accompany RIM’s largest device rollout ever? If you remember the Torch 9800 last year that was in your face for a few months and really helped sales. Now that RIM is launching 7 new devices in a month you think we should be hearing about it on every advertising medium out there. Customers should know that the new wave of BlackBerrys is finally here or almost here.

What do you think?

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  1. They really need to get on it. If they want any kind of success with these devices, they need to market them a lot. The BlackBerry experience has greatly improved with these new phones, and RIM needs to let the world know. I hope the advertising starts soon.

  2. Should have started the hype machine already. The devices are looking like a true step up from the previous devices, but right now I think only the hardcore Blackberry fans that read cell phone/tech blogs would really know that.

  3. I think RIM’s PR department and Marketing department still suck hard even after layoffs cause im sure they still didnt layoff the right people! Currently, most people are not even aware that new BB’s are coming out! But everybody is aware of a new iCrap5 when its still at least a month away from release and people still have no clue what its gonna look like! RIM, your marketing and PR are doing a very but VERY bad job and is REALLY not helping you get a better image!
    The advertising blitz should start like today or should of started yesterday to push people to buy those at the highest price on launch date! But since people are barely aware, well dont expect sells going through the roof in NA for the release date! Hopefully sells will eventually catch up since it will be spread over time.

  4. I may be remembering it wrong, but I seem to recall that it was AT&T that did all the advertising for the Torch last year. In my market at least, I never saw one strictly BlackBerry ad. All those RIM produced Pearl 3G ads that made it online in the early summer of last year never appeared on TV in my area. Even after AT&T finally started carrying the 9100 by Oct. of 2010, advertising was silent.

    The PlayBook is the only RIM product that gets regular TV ad time around here that is not tied to a carrier.

    • Forget the carriers. RIM needs to show these devices. Let the folks walk into stores and ask for them. They’ll check their carriers websites too to find these BBs amongst the plethora of Android phones. iPhones are also out there usually at the front of stores. Apple pays for the best storefront space!

      Unless folks see what these devices are capable of, they won’t go looking for them. RIM needs to show these devices for what they are: FAST, cool & rocking!

      It’s sad that there is no HYPE! Nothing on TV, nothing in newspapers, nothing on billboards. Magazines tend to take a few weeks. Now is the time to advertise to catch the back-to-school shoppers and to garner some market share before the iPhone 5 is announced! Take advantage folks!!!

  5. Nobody knows these devices are being released! Forget about “the next month” they’re here now! Rogers started selling yesterday!!! Where is the advertising???? Unless you frequent blogs like this and other BlackBerry blogs, you’d be clueless. Most folks don’t do that. They’re bombarded by Android phones in magazines, newspapers, billboards, and in stores.

  6. The Bold 9900 is all the buzz up here in Toronto….

    I have a feeling its going to surprise everyone with sales…

    • Oh yeah, I’m sure it will. And I hope the press and other websites don’t get too depressing about putting pressure on RIM like they did with the playbook.

  7. there’s nothing to market…the product’s barely meets today’s standards…i love BB back in ’07…wont touch one now even if its free

  8. I thought they were going to use the commercials they posted on there youtube page of all the os7 devices if you think a blackberry from 07 is better than the current os7 blackberries your lacking the inteligence department

  9. It’s sad that in the last 4 days, I have had to tell two different AT&T “reps” (one at two different authorized retailers) that there was a new Torch coming. One was not aware that there were ANY new Torches, the other didn’t know there were two.

    • Doesn’t sound surprising its AT&T I’m never surprised with them if its not about charging you mysterious fees on your bill they don’t know and don’t want to long as they can charge you extra

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