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QNX Gets Best Billboard Advertisement Yet! Two Naughty!


Seriously you would think that the stuffy retentive CYA loving RIM legal folks would never let something like this fly. Turns out that QNX has a sense of humor and is willing to show it publicly! Paul pointed out on their QNX blog that they are running a new cheeky billboard campaign in San Jose for the QNX operating system. It is highlighting how well the QNX OS handles multi-core processors but does it in a fun "tongue in cheek" way. Maybe RIM should be using QNX’s advertising department for the BlackBerry 7 launch?

More images below:

QNX-Advertisement QNX-Advertisement2

Let us know what you think of it!

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  1. not too much… RIM needs to drum up coverage……

    if it gets people talking… people might look into QNX more..

  2. Note that campaign isn’t current — happened a couple of years back. That said, I love your “tongue in cheek” reference. Good one! Wish I had thought of it.

    – Paul from On Q

  3. “QNX, the multi-core leader!” So why is it the first BlackBerry running QNX only a single-core device??? Qualcomm is releasing their quad-core Snapdragon S4s in early 2012.

    • @Joe257, you are basing your comment on a rumor. Once you know for a fact that new QNYX BB will be single-core then put such comment.
      If you like rumors to be base only then here is one – New BB QNYX is being named as Horizon and its going to be Quad core processor, the first in smartphones 😛

  4. Hmm, kinda funny…kinda.

  5. I love it RIM #winning

  6. Love it. Blackberry keeps getting better and better. Browsing, once a very weak a point now on Blackberry 7 seems about equal in speed (considering compressed data) and superior in scrolling an pinch to zoom to the competition. Once QNX arrives it will wipe the floor with Iphone and Android.

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