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Hot! RIM’s “Operation Disruptive Transformation” to Stomp the Competition?


A new tipster sent us a slide deck that we really had to post. From what we are hearing Mike and Jim and his senior team are pushing this Operation Disruptive Transformation at RIM which was designed by John J. Simpson. The tipster told us that upper management is totally committed to this strategy. This is just the overview deck and there are supposedly 2 others we are trying to get our hands on. Either way I am pumped and it seems like the teams at RIM are too. Even if the slides are not the real deal I am really hoping RIM’s execs have a similar plan.

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  1. Missing an apostrophe “consumers[`] fundamental desires” Those kind of little mistakes / errors really make it questionable to me, since it is a document of such a high caliber.

  2. This looks fake to me. I like the idea of “Operation Disruptive Transformation” and with the basic principles but the slides look fake and the link for John J. Simpson is a joke. Google search on this guy leads to nothing.

    • Well, a lack of results from Google does not mean that the domain does not exist. I checked. It does exist and also a mail server exists for that domain. So the domain and user name could be non-fake. Although this does not mean that the presentation is not fake …

  3. Yeah, does not look like what I’d expect from top management/CEO-level… I hope it is true thou, even if the slides aren’t.

  4. As I said I have no way of verifying if it is true or not but either way I love the ideas. The graphic on the first slide alone was worth putting up. 🙂

    • I am entirely sure it’s not true. The slides (with the possible exception of the The Bottom Line one) look like they were created by somebody in high school.

      They would never pass muster in a professional environment.

      • Having seen many RIM executive slides in the past I wouldn’t judge the slide deck on that alone. I have seen some that I would not have even used in college that were explaining their international expansion plans.

        • Agree with Ronen here … I’ve seen 10 years worth of exec slides from RIM and they are almost always ugly, and this includes the ones they use to present to Wall St.

    • Agreed, its a fun slideshow. RIM better have a chip on their shoulder. They should feel like they have something to prove.

      Gonna love it when RIM is back on top by the end of next year!!

      The haters are getting nervous…….you can tell!

  5. I don’t even know what to say about this. I’m left speechless.

  6. The message is good ….. real or not ….

  7. Probably the most pathetic post I’ve ever read, on any blog, ever.

    • Lol katiepea shows up again.

      Seriously? This is the most pathetic post?

      Are you seriously trying to say that a post that DOES indicate it might be fake, is more pathetic than the dozens of dozens of posts that BGR makes that state what he is posting is fact… and then turns out to NOT be fact…. and then there is no follow-up?

      More pathetic than the dozens and dozens of posts by BGR that reference NO sources… at least Ronen referenced a John Simpson..whoever that is…

      Seriously? Seriously???

  8. I find the first slide amusing, a little sass from Rim… go Rim! 🙂

    Whether the slides are real or not I think internally the message is probably similar.

    @ Katiepea, is it boring under the bridge at CB? I’m sure you probably think if this message came from iJobs that it’s tantamount to Moses getting his 10 commandments on Mt. Sinai and it wouldn’t be the most pathetic posting anywhere.

    Did it make you feel better to spread such hate out?

  9. Too little, too late. If BB was an ‘intellectially driven purchase’ people with any intellect would see that there is no USP with BB. There’s nothing a BB gives me that I can’t get elsewhere. Apple have the apps & ecosystem, Android has the same, Nokia has superior build quality and Sat Nav and Windows Phone is emerging with a unique UI.

    I don’t have the answer to RIM’s problems, and I’m not sure RIM have a clue either.

  10. You mean RIM just figured out the people want a slick, smooth, and fast OS with a great browser? Sounds like BS to me, just look at the playbook, Slick, smooth and fast OS, but missing apps. So RIM management should get there heads out of each other ass and see where the market is going and development some really good apps! Except for NFS and some of the native apps, the rest are really crappy. Even Microsoft knows it’s important to have apps as they only shipped 2 million phones but already have almost 20k apps. Most of them 10x better then my playbook apps.

    Go figure?
    MS 2million phones = 20k apps
    BB 68million phones = 25k apps

    WTF management… 2 years now your talking shit. Should be at lease to 100k by now.

    Where the hell is my netflix’s, skype, Amazon, Slingbox, really good games (EA), etc… etc… etc… app’s!

    Common… spend some money can get ALL the big boy that’s on the ipad on the playbook!

  11. Wow glad to see I shook things up by posting this. Personally I cannot confirm if it is real or not and you usually cant. I post what I would be interested in reading and I WANT this to be real. RIM needs the underdog mentality of taking over the world again. They got lazy with their success and now they need to fight again.

    • Agreed. RIMM needs to get that hungry eye of the berry attitude. This is the time to go all out on a media blitz, and show what they can do that the others can’t. Time for battle, release the Kraken!!

  12. The best news I’ve seen from RIM this year. BAR NONE! Better than the PlayBook release. Better than the new BB7 or BB7 devices! This reflects a significant change in philosophy by RIM. They get it. The finally get it!

    Consumers buy based and repeat-buy based on an emotional attachment to the brand. They’ve been missing that.

    Honestly, I’m so happy I could celebrate!

  13. Unless part of the plan is to replace most of the upper level management, it is doomed to fail.

  14. I am glat that RIM is starting to do this incentives. I am very optimistic with RIM future and new products and services offered by RIM.

    I would only change Cool to Sexy 🙂

  15. This is a glib plan indeed. Blackberry can sell the emotion sure. But why not make the important stuff important to consumers: How about they start with SECURE and work back.

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