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Wireless Giant Device Roadmap Shows Unreleased & Unannounced Devices

Wireless Giant Leaked Roadmap

You have to love how these codenames are being bandied around. The latest leak comes from the CrackBerry crew showing the roadmap from Wireless Giant. This roadmap has the normal devices we have heard about including the BlackBerry Bold 9900 & 9930, Torch 9810, and Torch 9850 & 9860 together with some estimated launch dates. What gets really interesting is that it throws in a whole soup of other codenames including the hush hush BlackBerry Cyclone TV device and a Wi-Fi stereo accessory called the Beats and Calpyso. Feel free to speculate in the comments and complain about the estimated launch dates!

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  1. I just hope that the Black/Red is the same fade to Black that the pearl had last year. It looked pretty sweet.

  2. I sure hope late November for AT&T’s launch of the 9900 isn’t right.

  3. C’mon the torch will be the only OS 7 phone at&t gets in august no fair! I really hope there ia error somewhere and what happen to T-mobile?

  4. This map is showing some light not enough light

  5. If the Torch 9810 sells for under $50, I’m ditching the new Bold 9900…
    I don’t care how good it looks, feels or sounds, with a price tag of 4xTorch with the same specs and a smaller screen but better keyboard, the Torch 9810 looks like a winner.
    Btw, I was looking up some video reviews about the Torch 9810 vs Torch 9800, an old video by buffalo tech shows the 9810 with an OS build in the early 100s that was sub par compared to the original 9800 however, the recent Toronto event shows some hope since they improved the OS dramatically especially with the web browsing experience.

  6. This road map is riddled with errors. Definitely a FAKE! Prices are way off in some cases and Sprint already said they weren’t releasing until fall (like November), so August 21 isn’t even close. Someone just put a bunch of old rumors onto a “road map” and the tech sites blindy posted it, as always unfortunately.

    • That’s what makes them rumors Tyler. If nobody posted them unless they were 100% correct there wouldn’t be any. Its the nature of the beast but we try to only post ones that fit with what we are hearing from multiple sources. Sometimes the rumor can even be right at the time and then wrong when it finally happens

    • Yeah, remember those playbook rumors?
      I recall saying that I could make a paper copy like that and post it on the web from bits and pieces of information/data out there.
      And…you get more clicks and more posts, what can I say. 🙂

      • See thats the thing. If two rumors say similar things they could either be confirming or regurgitating. Very difficult to differentiate. Especially since most are wrong 🙂

        • This one is clearly wrong. A lot of red flags throughout. I understand where you’re coming from, but something this flimsy shouldn’t be posted. It’s obviously BS. These sites shouldn’t be so desperate for “news”.

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