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Rumor: BlackBerry Colt to be First QNX Powered BlackBerry in Q1 of 2012

BlackBerry Colt photoshop with QNX

We know that RIM is working on some QNX powered superphones for us starting with Q1 of 2012 but we have not heard much about them. The BGR is hearing a new rumor that the first QNX superphone is codenamed the BlackBerry Colt. This same source has the Colt running a single core processor in its current internal testing variant but that may change before release. The source says that RIM is also rewriting the BES code to work with the QNX operating system which they are already doing for the PlayBook. The rumor has RIM working on a QNX specific BES server and the QNX smartphone will not support the current BES versions at launch which makes total sense for a totally new platform. These devices will actually use Microsoft ActiveSync which will be supported out of the box.

This would be a very interesting move for RIM. I have been waiting for them to offer ActiveSync support for ages but it was killed off due to BES. I always wanted it at least for consumers to be able to get full PIM sync without BES. Either way this BlackBerry Colt is on schedule for Q1 of 2012 and the Software Verification team is already well into testing the device.

Things are really shaking up around RIM headquarters… There is even an improved OS 7 making the rounds which I am trying to dig up more on. Until then let the rumors go wild and take all of this with a huge grain of salt!

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  1. Let the next round of speculation begin!!!

  2. My prediction.

    1.8 ghz single core
    3.7 to 4 inch slab phone
    super high res screen
    Thin as heck

    • 4.3 inch screen playbook form dual led flash 1.8 single core “of course” with the ability to run any mobile OS in a virtual machine with there app store #kill

    • @ BB Do you really think they will bump up from 1.2ghz to 1.8ghz that quickly?

      • sure…

        there is a 1.4 ghz snapdragon to

        I think they could have done that already, but, it would be redundant for OS7

        why increase the cost if you don’t get increased performance

        OS7 is at its peak performance at 1.2 ghz…

        probably could have put a 1 ghz for os7

        • I agree with you if the cost is increase performance should too. I wish that RIM would buy qualcomm because the snapdragon is already a great plus for QNX. Cant wait for the OS 7 to hit stores!

  3. Q1 2012?
    More like Q3 2013… the iphone 7 will be in my pocket by then, lol
    Come on BGR, at least make the rumors believable!

    • LOL!

      It will be hilarious when RIM is back on top though… I know its low of me.. but.. I will take great satisfaction seeing the iSheep squirm

    • you probably dont even own a iphone you probably still have a nokia with the green light in the back still playing the snake game but if you do own a iphone the funny thing is it took 4 years to get copy and past another year to get multitasking and its not even true multitasking and to get a camera with flash lets not talk about the app store that apple even said they-self has more apps in there store with spyware than clean apps

      • you’re right certifiedrhce, i don’t own an iphone because i’m stuck with this stupid 9780 on cotract with my work.

        blackberry sucks so bad, your redhat cert makes you look like less of an a$$ because you blow because because your post makes no sense because you have never heard of punctuation and you obviously have the grammar intelligence of a 5 yr old. “what phone u have blah blah whatever” [email protected]

        Ha! I would never trust you in my data center…
        spell check is your friend, idiot.

        • slow clap…….gradually
          building……CLAP CLAP CLAP….SLAP!
          Moron! Go put
          God Jobs Balls back in your mouth

          • clap clap … slap = you can rhyme! yay for u!
            moron? me? ok, whatever you say, son
            God Job’s Balls = classic

            job’s balls > your brain
            you do know what a “>” means, right?
            it means job’s balls are bigger than your brain
            ok now go take a nap before you jiz on yourself

        • You cant make a comeback on a blackberry feature that makes you want to jump ship to ios or android so you go after my certification something you don’t have from the time it took for you to reply back looks like you had to go use Google for a second to understand what an RHCE is

          • LOL
            you’re an ass, you know that?
            btw i earned my ccnp which is worth more that your crappy rhce, can you even start a gui in your crappy ubuntu box?
            best thread ever

            • Crappy linux box? that’s the worst comeback i have ever heard you call yourself a ccnp really? probably still an intern that want to be a Engineer

              • dear mr rhce,
                your os and phone of choice are the best ever.
                i will load fedora on all macs we ship and BB os on all iphones.
                jobs and his balls

                OK that’s all i got. sorry mr rhce, gotta catch a flight. good flamewar tho 😀 have a good one

          • and i just passed ccie written, taking the lab next month, go google that

            • lol.. and you’re completely delirious.. Or you just don’t have the skills to call me out i am at everything Linux I’ll be waiting to make you look like a kid that you is “intern”

  4. Can someone explain to me how RIM is
    supposed to provide security, push email & other push services without supporting BES for enterprise and BIS for consumers??

  5. Sorry but I am a shareholder and if I don’t know these things my investment would be at risk.

    @ BB Addict Yes I know BIS isn’t same thing as BES.But I am worried since they are not supporting BES they may not support BIS.If you have concrete info that BIS is supported please say so.Thanks in advance.

  6. I don’t know how RIM let this news slip out (if it true that is). How many people are going to be willing to sign two or three year contracts for the Bold 9900 now when QNX devices are right around the corner?

  7. Wow the rumors are early!!

  8. Guys keep it cool. We don’t do flame wars here. If you don’t have something constructive to say just leave it be.

  9. peace and love, everybody..

  10. My Amir senses are telling me that these rumors are nothing but rumors at this point with no actual hard facts yet.
    Yes there is a QNX phone in the works and not too long ago, I read on Yahoo an article about the fastest dying new phones and the 9900 was on that list..high on the list too.
    Funny thing is, if RIM wants to stay alive in the competition it would better work on those QNX phones fast but, all of us OS 7 wanna owners will be left out in the cold in less than a year.
    OS 7 will be the most advanced short lived device to date for Blackberry users and abusers.

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