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Which Carrier Will Sell the BlackBerry Bold 9900 first?

BlackBerry 7 Lineup

There is rampant speculation going on about release dates for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930. Its a pretty sure thing that some carrier in North America or internationally will launch the Bold 9900 before the Torch 9810 or 9850/9860 launch. The whole situation sort of reminds me of the BlackBerry Bold 9000 launch which came out in Canada before the US though thankfully this time it is not an AT&T exclusive.

So I thought we could have some fun placing gentlemen’s bets on who gets the 9900 out first. My bet is sadly on Rogers though I wish it was AT&T or Verizon.

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  1. I am with Robbers so I hope they get it first!!

    I am still deciding whether to use my upgade or not…

  2. I agree about AT&T but that hope was squashed for me this morning in the response I received from AT&T business services about the release date of the 9900. I did, however, let them know of my displeasure with their not releasing the Bold at the same time that they release the Torch 2. …but I doubt it will go anywhere.

  3. Rogers for me as well. I just think of all the carriers that carry BBs, Rogers is the one that is always firmly behind Blackberries. When you talk to their reps (at least the ones I talk to) are all very very well trained on Blackberries. Second will be Telus then Bell.

  4. Sportsnet (think espn) and the toronto blue jays have blackberry as the prime sponsor this mlb season.

    Guess who owns sportsnet and the blue jays? Rogers!

    If anyone will get a jump on sales it will be Rogers

    • Nothing like a little corporate sponsorship to grease the wheels of support! 🙂 Smart move Rim.

    • If it’s Rogers first, when will they launch? I scanned older posts and I haven’t seen a date. As soon as they launch, you can bet the others will be doing so very soon afterwards.

      I just wanna know when we’ll see the first BlackBerry 7 phones in stores! This will be a very exciting launch. The sooner the better to get the back-to-school buyers. Someone suggested August 11th. That would be great!!!

  5. I bet some carrier in southeast asia that we have never heard of beats everyone to the punch…

  6. My wish? ATT. My guess? Not ATT. Based on the response above about Rogers and their sponsorship I’m gonna go with that one too.

  7. I heard Telus was getting it first over on crackberry August 11 if I’m not Mistaken don’t know if its a rumor or what “take it with a grain of salt”

  8. I like that, Ronen! We should challenge the carriers 😉 Nah, they won’t listen to us, nor do they care about being first.

    Look at Verizon, they haven’t yet certified the damn thing! We BB lovers should line up: put mannequins in tents outside Best Buy waiting for it to launch! They need to know we have a voice!

  9. Canada will get it first, as usual and ATT wants to sell the LESS than stellar Torch so they will release that for a month or two before the Bold 9900. That’s just my guess

  10. My bets are on BELL mobility!

  11. I don’t know who will get it first, but I know who wont….AT&T. *sigh*

  12. A quick check at Future Shop shows Bell, Telus and Rogers BB Torches and Bold literally on fire sale. You can get any of those models for $0 or $25.00. They were still $50.00 early this week before the launch party.

    I think it’ll come out very, very soon for the Canadian carriers. I’m still saying August 15th.

  13. Best Buy Canada is now posting on their website pre-order ad for the BB phones. Perhaps all the phones will be released on the same day in Canada.

    They also have a pretty cool deal – $100 Giftcard with a purchase of a PB and a 3 yr activation of a BB.

    It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas…. LOL 😀

  14. have a feeling we will get more info monday

  15. Should be in shops in London by the end of the week

  16. Ronen wins… People are buying from Rogers right now…

  17. Mnhockeycoach99, What did AT&T business services say the released date was?

    • the typical “we acknowledge the announcement of the coming BB7 devices but don’t have any additional information regarding release dates, etc.” The usual BS response you receive from customer service reps. How can the 9900 be announced in May but not released on the biggest US carrier until late November?

  18. Well the 9th came and went with no release of the 9900 from Rogers. I’m due an upgrade and this is the phone on my radar. Come on Rogers release the beast!

  19. yesterday on Red Board RogersMiranda wrote: August 9, 2011 at 4:50 pm

    Hi everyone. For those wondering about launch dates, I have an update!

    We just updated this post to say: The BlackBerry Bold 9900 will be available at Rogers stores starting Wednesday, August 10 and the BlackBerry Torch 9810 will be available this Friday, August 12th. To ensure your local store has stock, we recommend calling ahead. No update on the launch date for the BlackBerry Torch 9860 but we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we can.

    Wel it’s the 10th and still cricket city

    • BB Addict on the BR forum picked up his 9900 from Rogers yesterday. You might want to call around and see if any of the stores have any in.

      CB Kevin in MB did the same yesterday and got his phone. You can see the unboxing video on Crackberry.

  20. Does anyone know if Rogers will ship me a 9900 to the US and let me pay over the phone?

    • Sorry RyanC I don’t think that’s possible. You can try calling them and see.

      Their phones are locked to their network. You’d have to buy one outright and then unlock it yourself.

      If you’re not that far from the border a quick shopping trip over and you can pick up the phone yourself.

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