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Rogers Makes BlackBerry Bold 9900 Torch 9860 & 9810 Prices Official


Rogers just posted up the official pricing for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and the BlackBerry Torch 9860 & 9810. The Torch 9860 will be going for $199.99 with a 3 year plan. The BlackBerry Bold 9900 will be going for $249.99 and the Torch 9810 will be going for $199.99. Not the worst of prices from Rogers but still I can’t get over the 3 year contracts in Canada.

Check out the details on Rogers Redboard site. Thanks JD for the tip!

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  1. Tell me about it…. We get killed in Canada..

  2. I think the Rogers prices are reasonable and i also think the 9900 is 50 bucks more because of the NFC.

  3. well im guessing this launch is gonna be a failure to… thanks rogers for the amazing prices -.-

  4. Well those prices might not include the $50.00 hardware upgrade rebate if you’re eligible. While the billing says 3 yr contract you can renew after 2 years with no penalty… I’ve done that. However I think it’s still better then the $299 price I’m seeing in the US…

    And I think all the other Cdn carriers will have similar pricing. Rogers will not be the most expensive of all the Cdn Carriers.

    • well i was planning on doing the early hardware upgrade so that is 10×20=200+290 (for the phone)=490 so about 500$ for one phone… that should be the off contract price i guess ill wait for after august ; ( maybe the price will go down (fingers crossed)

      • @whozdisguy, yeah that can be expensive if you’re not up to your 2nd year yet. If you’ve had your phone for 2 years I think they’ll waive the extra renewal monthly fee depending on the contract.

        My son was three months away from his 2 year upgrade option so we had to pay the $20.00/month x 3 months + activation fee etc, although they did give him the $50.00 hardware rebate.

        Might be cheaper for you to get it off Craigslist. I bought my last Bold of there.

        • it would be cheaper to get it from craigslist or kijiji but thats after a month or two but by that time the price for the bold will be down with rogers and id have to pay 20-40 less then i do right now

          • Too true. Usually I find with Rogers if you’re close to your contract it’s cheaper to go with them then to buy a phone outright.

            I had to buy my last Bold cuz I was just starting my contract and I lost it so it would’ve been uber expensive.

            I think I’m gonna wait until the white one comes out then I’ll think about getting it. My Torch is hanging in for the moment.

            • i have $550 but i was hoping to get the bold and then buy a otterbox defender case but rogers got my hopes and then crushed them 🙁 but as i read on another forum these prices are high because its the “back-to-school” student prices so they lure people in with amazing phone and expensive plans and expensive phones lol if you ask me thats the worst business pitch ever : P next thing you know their gonna want a brick of gold for a blackberry lol

  5. Wow, if my sons came up and ask me for a $250.00 phone I’m pretty sure they’re not going to get it… that’s crazy promotion for back to school… but I guess it makes sense in a backa$$ kind of way. The teens would want the latest and hottest phones and BBs are super popular with teens. My son and most of his friends are all using BBs cuz they love the BBM but still… I’m not paying that much for a phone especially if I have to pay for all the other stuff (fees, books, clothes, etc.).

    • i know but its kind of selfish of rogers to do that just for some extra cash *shakes head in disappointment* and i just checked with my friend whos in vacation in india and its confirmed price over there when it launches is going to be Rs.32,500 = $715 so i guess in this case rogers is not that bad : ) but then again RIM was developed and grew in Canada so they should force the carriers to make the prices better but i guess they have no say in that.. i guess rogers robbed them to lol

  6. RogersMiranda says: August 9, 2011 at 4:50 pm

    Hi everyone. For those wondering about launch dates, I have an update!

    We just updated this post to say: The BlackBerry Bold 9900 will be available at Rogers stores starting Wednesday, August 10 and the BlackBerry Torch 9810 will be available this Friday, August 12th. To ensure your local store has stock, we recommend calling ahead. No update on the launch date for the BlackBerry Torch 9860 but we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we can.

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