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RIM Continues Developer Video Series with Damian Keeghan

BlackBerry Developer Series

Almost exactly a month ago RIM started a new series on YouTube highlighting developers experiences with the BlackBerry platform. I was not sure then if it was a one off or a full series but they have released the second installment in the series this week. The latest highlights Damian Keeghan but this time he is talking about PlayBook development and the web tools provided by RIM. Its interesting stuff but makes me wonder how RIM is selecting these developers. I would be curious to see some of the heavy hitter BlackBerry developers making into these videos. Maybe even throw in a RIM employee or two talking about developing apps for BlackBerry.

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  1. I’ll give you an honest opinion of developing for BlackBerry:

    – It is difficult to get started and you have to use RIM’s bundled IDE which they confusingly call ‘BlackBerry Plugin for Eclipse’, despite it not actually being a plugin for Eclipse.
    – The documentation is somewhat confusing and you often have to rely on undocumented or unsupported features in order to get an app to look or function correctly (e.g. Field.setPadding)
    – In order to deploy your app onto BlackBerry devices you have to have your app signed by the RIM code signing servers. These servers regularly fail. Once they’re failing, RIM don’t tell you how long they’re going to be down for. Last month they were down for 4 days, during which time it was impossible for any developer anywhere to deploy an app to a real device for testing. Such is the scale of the problem that there’s even a website to check the server status:
    – This again wouldn’t be such a problem if the simulators were an accurate representation of the phones themselves, but they’re not. For example, there is no way to reliably test the accelerometer on the Torch 9800 simulator.
    – The developer forums (hosted by RIM) have very little involvement from RIM employees. There are one or two people from RIM who do try to help out but the volume of development questions which go unanswered is quite staggering.
    – Possibly the most frustrating thing about BlackBerry development is the complete lack of communication from RIM. They give out the impression that they could not care less about their developers. As far as I can make out there is no engagement with developers from RIM at any level.

    All in all there are quite a few hurdles to overcome if you want to get an app onto BlackBerry devices.

  2. I cant watch the video 🙁

  3. Seems to be his only app? I’ll have to grab it tonight and see what it actually does, the description isn’t very helpful.

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