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BlackBerry 7 Fan Event in Toronto August 3rd, 2011

RIM did their best to keep this event under wraps, and they did a fine job. A line wrapped from around the back of the exclusive building, to the side waiting are to get inside to see what OS 7 was all about.

The devices that were headlining this show were, Torch 9860 and 9810, as well as the Bold 9900 showing off it’s newest technology of NFC (Near Field Communications). It was quickly apparent that the fan favorites were easily the 9860 and the what seems like flagship 9900 as these demo units were always being handled. The not-so-surprising oddball of the three being the 9810 which is what the 9800 should have first been released as packing a capable processor.

The event wasn’t only packed with RIM’s product managers, and product experts but a few familiar faces were also in attendance. The crew from Degrassi showed up, as well as Blue Jays legend Joe Carter. World famous DJ Deadmau5 was also at the fan event, being shown what his next device should be to replace the white 9780 he is currently using.

All in all, the OS7 fan event in Toronto looked to be a success for all the Blackberry fans, but the next test is seeing if the new line up can attract consumers that have left their Blackberries behind and replaced them with Android and Apple.

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  1. RIM must have thought this out carefully. These three devices were designed to meet the needs of 99% of consumers:

    1. A large full touch-screen: 9850/9860.

    2. A typical BlackBerry with keyboard and smaller touch-screen: 9900.

    3. A combo full touch-screen with slide-out keyboard: 9810.

    RIM may also release a new Curve that is just less feature laden to make it less expensive for price conscious buyers and teens. It still needs a fast CPU!

    Okay, RIM may release a Style 2 for people wanting a flip BlackBerry — that is more compact!

    That should be it. Bye bye Pearl!

    Some may argue about choice (i.e., the other Bold 9790), but RIM should not try to support too many models of phones. It makes OS upgrade testing slow and painful. It also makes it difficult for developers to support a large number of different devices with different options, screen dimensions & resolution.

    Seriously, the 9790 is the same as the 9900 in a slightly smaller package. Let’s keep it simple to allow RIM and developers to get stuff to market more quickly.

    BTW, Apple has, essentially, one iPhone. It allows better and more thorough testing of OS and apps, quicker to-market schedule, AND a multitude of apps & accessories from third party companies (one size fits all concept == larger market for products).

  2. I personally think that even tho the wait is long RIM did a pretty good job with these devices.

    A lot may not notice but each OS 7 devices targets a different smartphone user! So if you had to choose you cant say NO!

    I really like the fact that they are launching these devices to 227 countries globally! That’s really huge!

    • Hi @crackm8701,

      Alex from RIM here. I couldn’t have said it better myself – our new smartphones offer something for every type of user. The new Bold 9900 and 9930 are the thinnest BlackBerry smartphones ever and the first to deliver NFC. As for the Torch, a QWERTY keyboard on the Torch 9810 is great for those who want a physical keyboard, while fans of an all-touch device should check out the Torch 9850 and 9860.

      No matter what, you get the new BlackBerry 7 OS with faster and smoother web browsing, multi-touch capability, voice activated universal search, as well as the ability to manage and keep your personal and business life separate with BlackBerry Balance.

      Our Inside BlackBerry Blog has more details on what each of our new smartphones has to offer:

      Alex, RIM Social Media Team

  3. One of the many things that Blackberry has offered that Apple has not is choice; you can choose a traditional qwerty keyboard smartphone Bold Touch 9900/9930 with a smaller touchscreen thrown in, go full touch screen with the Torch Touch 9850/9860, or combine them both in the Torch Slider 9810. The key factors to success, I Believe is in the hardware and marketing. The hour glass in the Blackberry needs to be minimal and functions need to seamless. Marketing should focus on the functional, social and the entertainment aspects of these new Blackberry devices. Most of all RIMM needs to contrast their muti layered platform with the more limited Iphone platform.

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