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NFC Only Coming in BlackBerry Bold 9900 & 9930 OS 7 Devices?

NFC 9900 Tests

I am not sure how we all missed this before but previous spec leaks for the BlackBerry Torch 9810, 9850, and 9860 said that the device had NFC. I noticed in RIM’s announcement this morning that NFC was nowhere to be seen for these devices which had me wondering. So I checked back to the FCC filings for the 9900/9930, 9810, and 9850/9860 and noticed something interesting. When looking over the Test Report for all 3 only the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 had a logged Near Field Communications test performed. The product pages also only list the 9900 as having NFC for “accessory pairing and smart tag reading/writing.”

Check out the filings for yourself:

I am not sure why RIM would not want this feature to have parity across all next gen BlackBerry devices but it has me scratching my head wondering why. I know the NFC is built into the battery cover for the 9900 but I just assumed they managed to hide it better in the 9810 and 9850/9860. What do you think of this? I was planning on getting the 9900 (GodBerry) either way but now it makes it truly the flagship BlackBerry.

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  1. This won’t be a big issue. NFC won’t be a real usable technology until next year when QNX phones come out. Maybe not even until after that.

    I would put a very high bet I will never use the NFC on the 9900 when I get it

  2. Yep nfc isn’t a big hype yet maybe they wanna test it out and see how what its potential rim lost me there but I noticed a couple of videos had the nfc equipment on the battery door of all os 7 devices now its turning out to be something different long as the browser is faster and the blackberry is not slow like OS 5 blackberries I’m cool with it just bring QNX and stop making baby steps

  3. It’s a bit disappointing, but as others have said NFC isn’t really near becoming a must have feature… I guess its not too big a deal.

    Still its kind of odd they would only put it in the Bold 9900 right now.

  4. NFC should be at all new devices – that’s the only way to push a new technology and to say ‘RIM is ahead’.

    now it’s only half-baked.

  5. NFC isn’t a factor for me. I was planning to pick up a 9810. Knowing that it doesn’t have NFC doesn’t impact my decision at all.

  6. NFC isnt a big issue but it would be great to see them on all the new OS 7 devices that would certainly give them a edge over the competition.

    I hope the for the QNX devices its the sames specs all over and jus different form factors

  7. I personally could care less about NFC. I don’t think I’d ever want to use it.

  8. Trying to get an edge or not, I don’t find the use in it.

    • one of my customers wants to place the tags at containers and employees scan them using NFC. would be more flexible then barcodes in this case. (dirty, dusty environment)
      but employees have bolds and torch – so I’m not implementing it now into my apps –
      have thought that RIM would deliver NFC for all new OS 7 devices.

  9. I doubt I would ever use it but I am surprised it isn’t included. So far I’m torn between the 9810 and the 9860. The 9900 looks good and I do love the wider Bold keyboard, but coming from a 9800 I’ve gotten used to a larger screen.

  10. hoping NFC starts getting a bigger reception

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