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Leak Shows T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9900 Coming August 31st

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Launch date leak T-Mobile

I know many T-Mobile customers were hoping for a mid August launch for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 but it looks like it is happening at the end of August. Jim let us know that PhoneArena scored a leaked product page for the T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9900 showing a August 31st launch date. It also shows that it will have a $50 Mail In Rebate at launch with a $20/month data plan.

RIM is really pushing this “End of Summer” launch down to the last minute. I am hoping AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon manage to get these out the door quicker!

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  1. It surely can’t be much longer until these devices hit the market….can it?
    Lots of people are anxious for sure.

  2. I’m not sure when the 9700 hit ATT, but the 9000 took forever on ATT to launch with a very buggy OS .167. It launched in Canada at first followed by a slew of countries. It made land fall by November 4th that same year on ATT.
    I’m praying ATT won’t take that long to launch this one.

    • I’m fairly certain the 9700 came out in November ’09 on ATT. I was lucky enough to need an upgrade and was among the first to get it. It wasn’t even for sale to the general public until a week or so later. I’m thinking around the 10th-15th that November. That was a loooong time ago in my mind. Still love my 9700. Even better since I re-loaded a new OS. I just couldn’t get it to run good on OS6 tho.

  3. Well, this is nice to see. Even if it is 2 weeks later than I would have hoped. Perhaps other carriers may get this Bold sooner.

    Thing is, this is some kind of publication (product page) or perhaps even a store display, so it does add more certainty that we’ll see it in TMo’s stores at the end of the month.

    Still no word on the other devices. Maybe, perhaps, tonite?

    Thanks for sharing this, Ronen!

  4. Soooooo long tho… 🙁 my 9780 has reached the end of it’s life cycle.. Over a year I’ve beat her and worked her tiny processor… Now her keys paint have worn thru and she has issues from to time involving a wipe repair… I love my beloved 9780, but she needs a rest… And is ready for retirement… The 9900 is about to be born… -hears the angels (mike and jim) sing-

  5. The Bold 9900 is the Blackberry I’ve always wanted….but I’ll wait for the AT&T version. Really don’t feel like switching carriers.

  6. @Ronen – you mentioned AT&T in your post.. but I’ve heard rumors (yes, I know they are just rumors) that AT&T won’t be launching the 9900 until Oct/Nov. I heard it was due to the iPhone 5 release…and that they haven’t even started field testing it yet. Do you know if ANY of these rumors are true? I would love it if AT&T released this bad boy by August 31st.. my Bold 9000 is ready for retirement as well.

  7. It amazes me RIM constantly misses device launch windows that would help them pickup big gains in consumer users. Hot new BlackBerry 7 devices launched in july would have cemented them big numbers in the “back to school” crowd where everyone will be wanting the newest thing. BlackBerry 7 would be the new hot thing versus “old” iPhone 4’s and no major “new” android os touching down. Its true RIM has no clue about the consumer market.

  8. Well i guess its safe to say 29 more days to go…….

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