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Last Few Hours to Win a BlackBerry Bold 9900!


Just in case you were snoozing our July BerryReview Rewards contest only has a few hours left. That means you this is your last chance to enter into the contest for a free BlackBerry Bold 9900 (when available) or a $500 Amazon/PayPal gift certificate. Check out all the rules here.

As a reminder: All you have to do to enter the BerryReview Rewards Contest for July is simply leave a comment, forum post, and/or tip submission during the month of July 2011. We are also including all “Retweets” of BerryReview articles on Twitter as extra entries to win! The selection process involves us choosing a finalist from each of the categories (comments, forum posts, tips, Retweets) and then having our judge select the winner out of those four. Every comment, forum post, Retweet, and/or tip submission counts as another entry so get cracking!

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  1. I really want this phone!!

  2. Can’t wait until I can up grade from my iPhone to a blackberry My wife has one from work and it is great.

  3. I hope i win this! My bday is on the 3rd lol!

  4. i hope to win :)!

  5. Sign me up!

  6. I also want to win.

  7. I need a replacement for my beloved 9000. And wow, is this a replacement or what!

  8. would love to win this new touch bold!!!!would be a great replace for my 8900 curve!!
    thanks alot :)

  9. Sign me up….

  10. Good luck everybody!!!

  11. I hope I win! I just got a new job and they’re giving me a BB Curve. This would be soooo much better!

  12. I just look at this phone and my heart stops.

  13. Forgot to post! Thanks for the reminder.

  14. I need a blackberry bold 9900. Im going to be travelling alot and im going to have to be keeping contact with alot of people in the line of work that i would like to do in the future. My personal opinion is that if i had a blackberry as promising as the bold 9900 then i will be able to move forward with my career. It will make it alot easier for me with BBM. I hope i will get picked to be one of the 4 last people to get the BB 9900 but if im not then Congrats to the person who wins. But i really want/need this phone.

  15. I would absolutely love this Blackberry, I was so upset when I found out that OS7 would not be supported on the last release of Blackberries, this would be a dream come true!

    Good luck to everyone entering in this competition.

  16. As mentioned before, the 9900 was announced (or rumored) to be coming out on my birthday, AUG 19. So how cool would it be to win one for my birthday? (Well, cool for me, natch!) Never looked forward to a smartphone more than I’m looking forward to the Bold 9900.

  17. Checkmate!

  18. I would love this phone so I could pass my iPhone to my daughter

  19. i would like this phone also

  20. It looks like a great phone. I’d love to win one.

  21. Choose me. I’m still waiting for Sprint to release their official While some already got an update after the 600. I wana jump directly into BB7.

  22. Love BerryReview…..thanks for the opportunity……

  23. I have my fingers crossed.

  24. I saw this posted so many times but because I never win anything I didn’t bother to enter but I realllllllllllly love this phone and been waiting forever for it to finally come out…..actually winning one would be priceless so here goes………officially entered!! :)

  25. I would like to win, but if not, I will buy for sure

  26. I hope this be the beginning of BlackBerry new era of smartphones heading straight to gain more market.


  27. lets give it a try on this post. L’chaim


  28. What better way to tweet about #SharkWeek than with a brand new Bold?

  29. This win would make the rest of my year. Real blessing.

  30. I would like to win. Last min entry!

  31. Man I would love to win 9900!

  32. Technically, longer than that. cause the winner still has to wait for it to be released 😉 Pick Me!

  33. Winner winner chicken dinner

  34. Oops

  35. Good Luck everyone! I rarely enter any give aways but every once in a while something nice comes along and i must say this one is pretty sweet. Only thing more sweeter would be a QNX powered BB! And thanks guys for the reminder!

  36. Good luck to all who participate in this competition.
    Reason why it would be good to win this phone is not because its a blackberry but its one of the best blackberry to date and the upgrade would be good right now because I’m having some technical issues with my phone now. :(

  37. Javelin has been getting repaired for three weeks now and still no word. This would solve my problem perfectly!
    Crossing fingers and toes!

  38. I wish I would win one of these babies

  39. I don’t really need this phone. Still waiting for those superphones running QNX! But till then, to be honest, I wouldn’t mind one… 😉

  40. Alright I’m in and as much as I love my 9800, a 9900 would be sweet.

  41. Here’s hoping I win to replace my 9000.

    Thanks Berryreview for the contest.

  42. I wanna rock…..oops I mean win.

  43. Needing this 9900, like a rat does cheese.

  44. Yuppie!!!

  45. The bold 9900 is gonna be a great phone. Would love to win it! Can’t wait for the release! Keep up the good work berryreview

  46. chance Nr. 4
    ok, this should be the winner post!


  47. I wish to have 9900…… 😉

  48. I WANT THIS!

  49. I want this phone necessarily.

  50. Win this phone please

  51. Wow, i do hope posting here helps me stand a greater chance to win this phone :)

  52. As much as I love my 9800, 9900 would be better because I won’t need to slide it up and down to use the keyboard anymore!

  53. I’m hopeful.

  54. I’m hopeful.

  55. keep your screen scratch free by applying a thin coat of car wax. I use dodo juice supernat hybrid. Clean and shiny shiny.

  56. Being first time user of BB, I would like to go for the best. So can’t wait to put my hand on new BB 9900 & it’s worth to wait another 2 months in INDIA to get hands on it.

  57. Thx so much for the contest and the 9900 would be a great win.

  58. Well since today is my birthday i want a black berry as a gift since my parents don’t want to get one for me !!!! i really need one to help me out … in life

  59. Did this contest not end on July 31st as it says, so why does everyone keep entering and who is the winner ?????

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