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Will RIM Still Release Camera-Less BlackBerrys?

Cameraless BlackBerry Bold

One of our readers, Joe, pointed out an interesting question in our comments. He was curious if the BlackBerry Bold 9930/9900 will also have a camera-less version of the device. It is becoming harder every day to find a smartphone that is not packing a camera. On the other hand RIM has catered to the camera-less market quite a few times with BlackBerry models without cameras shortly after their camera packing variant launches.

So I thought I would throw the question out there. Have you read anything about BlackBerry 7 devices without a camera? I remember reading leaked documentation way back when these models were firmly in rumorville that included a camera-less version of the 9900 but nothing recent. Do you work at a job that does not allow cameras? Its also interesting to note that the BlackBerry PlayBook has yet to even have a rumor about a camera-less version of the tablet.

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  1. there still are places in the business world that won’t allow phones with cameras to enter but those rules seem to have loosened in the past few years. I’d say its not a top priority anymore to have camera-less phones so give my my 9900!

  2. they shouldnt aloud these types of cell anymore…at least not RIM

  3. In most cases I have experienced, it is a business decision to not have the camera. If it is a business and they are running a BES server (5.0 and up), then they can use a policy to disable the camera and video capability of the BB. I have also seen (mandatory) thin cases that cover the camera in conjunction with the BES policy. So does RIM still need to make BB’s without a camera? Maybe offer a different back cover to replace the case that covers the camera (save on the extra manufacturing costs)?

  4. A few years ago nuclear power plants wouldn’t let service techs enter the building with cameras on their phones whether or not BES disabled the function. If they saw a camera lense, the phone wasn’t allowed to enter with the technician. Now they don’t seem to care anymore so maybe just a different back cover for the phone would work and just sell it as an add-on.

  5. More government officials use blackberries without cameras cause of the info the touch but the government buys a ton of blackberries every month crackberry had the exact numbers on they website a while back the number was out this world they gone keep making them without a camera

  6. Certified you’re right. I have a friend who has a cameraless BB which he loves. But on the camera back it’s stamped with an approval for use in federal government buildings (I can’t remember the exact stamp on it). But he mentioned that there’s still a lot of government buildings that will not allow you in with a camera phone due to security. I don’t imagine that will change much given the increase sensitivity to terrorism threats.

    I don’t think the PB will ever be without a camera cuz it’s meant as a consumer device first whereas a BB phone has always had governments using it.

    • Go ahead…get caught on a US military facility with a camera. And yeah, a camera in your phone is still a camera.

      RIM would be foolish to not put out a NC version of the next Bold.

  7. Its a toss up with the playbook its so unpredictable its not even funny nomore

    • That very true but if market is there why not make it plus that increasing revenue on the company side.

  8. Discovered that RIM is indeed releasing a camera-less Bold, according to Sprint:

  9. I believe that this question is a no brainer because I would have to say: The new Bold will have a no camera version.
    But…since the Playbook is all government certified now (what ever the term was…I forgot) did they forget that it comes in one flavor only? with camera?

  10. If that is the case with governments and such with a huge contract like that RIM could in fact just create BlackBerry’s for that market alone! It doesn’t make sense to make a consumer device that has all the latest nicks and nacks for me, you, Joe, Dick, and Jane just to have the governments have someone else to zero out the unwanted aspects deemed a security threat. To have BlackBerry’s without cameras for the consumer market would really further a dent in their device sales in North America and having a 99XX device without a camera renders the majority of the significant updates useless. DHB

    • When have rim ever released a non camera phone that put a big dent in there sales? And its not a market when it comes to the government they contract states what blackberries they want etc its goes on & on I see they sales going back up again the bold series was a successful line up from the beginning right next to the curve series

  11. I think there will always be cameraless models. Governement, Area 51, etc. lol. The reason RIM makes them is because a company comes in and says, Hey, I need 2,000+ devices. Even at a discount, thats a chunk of change. Then add in data plan.

  12. Hey, I love having a camera on my phone! Lots of options including barcode scanning, and video. I wish BBM Video Chat was available on the new phones! Too bad. What a missed opportunity! People will have these phones for another two years!!

    Microsoft now owns Skype, and they’ll want to put it on every smartphone. Imagine there will be a common platform for video chat. Too bad BlackBerry smartphones won’t be in the mix — no capabilities there. You’ll need a PlayBook to do video chat.

    A few months from now, Apple will have iMessage (like BBM), Facetime, iCloud, and a great browser. People will see these features as deal breakers for other platforms.

  13. I can’t even imagine a phone, let alone a smartphone without a camera. Flash-less is acceptable. If RIM thinks that business phones do not require camera, they need to come off of their ivory tower and pay attention; we live in the age of social media, instant messaging and instant updates and as the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words” easiest way to cover the 140 character limit.

  14. I doubt the cameraless BBs will be available to general consumer.

    Except for when they first launched pretty well every RIM phone has a camera (for consumers).

    There are BBs without camera and those are hard to find. I think you have to special order them if you’re a regular consumer.

  15. I think there will definitely be camera-less blackberry.

    This only shows that blackberry is not just making smartphone for personal use but also for business and companies with heavy security. Which will also give them leverage over all other smartphone companies.

    Again at the end of the day its all about business so if the market is there for camera-less smartphones or tablets why not make?

  16. sprints road map had a blackberry bold 9930 with and without a camera

  17. They have camera less blackberries on tmobile website Verizon & sprint idk about AT&T but they see on sale in stores also to the public they’re not hard to get at all actually there cheaper than the ones with the camera

  18. Hard to imagine a time when Rim won’t make Blackberries that don’t have cameras. Those government contracts must be worth a mint. RIM isn’t likely to walk away from them any time soon.

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