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Three Funny & Free Prank Apps for BlackBerrys (Hackathon Entries)

BerryReview Hackathon Mad Programmer

We announced the winner of our BerryReview Hackathon Wildcard Contest yesterday and promised we would follow up with some cool free apps. Thanks to the contestants we have the top three apps developed for our Hackathon now available for all of you to try out. The goal of these apps was to make our judges laugh and TJ from Mblware succeeded along with Marc Paradise ( and Eric Ebscer ( While all three of them did a nice job we had to choose only one winner but we are trying to convince RIM to send all three of them to NYC to compete in the BBM Hackathon.

Until then I thought you would all have fun playing with the three funny prank apps our contestants submitted for our Hackathon. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Pranked2 Prankd

Winning Entry – Prankd by Mblware – This app is actually three pranks in one. You set it to kick off when you press the end call, back, or menu button a customizable amount of times. It can then have:

  • A bug walk across the screen
  • An enlarged hour glass that freaks people out
  • Pretend to perform a security wipe of all of the phone contents

You can pick up Prankd OTA from your BlackBerry at

Runner Up – Optimizer by Marc Paradise – This app pretends to start optimizing your RAM, battery, and network and then continues to “Optimize” your whole device with a ton of Monty Python references thrown in for good measure. If you try to exit… well you will see. Lots of good fun to be had at:

Runner Up – DeadScreen by Eric Ebscer – This app is actually quite creative but it only works on 9800 devices for now though Eric is working on a Storm version and a version for future touchscreen devices. The app takes a screenshot of your screen when you launch it and then every time you touch the screen nothing happens. It just shows a dead pixel wherever you touch. Should be a good way to frustrate coworkers. You can pick up DeadScreen here OTA.

I wanted to thank all of the contestants for their great submissions. Hopefully RIM will make a regular thing out of this like other Hackathon contests. Maybe even having a follow up at DevCon. None of these apps actually do anything to harm your BlackBerry so no worries there. They are truly just meant to make you laugh or pull off a prank. We take NO RESPONSIBILITY for how these apps are used or if they harm your device so proceed at your own risk!!!

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  1. gonna check these out 🙂

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