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Reminder: Win a BlackBerry Bold 9900 in Our July Rewards Contest!


Time just flies by when you are having fun. The month of July is in its final stretch and our BlackBerry Bold 9900 July Rewards Giveaway is soon coming to a close. If you were looking for a solid way to win a BlackBerry Bold 9900 when it comes out then there is still time to get your entries in! You can win either a BlackBerry Bold 9900 (when available) or a $500 Amazon/PayPal gift certificate as the prize so read on for the details!

All you have to do to enter the BerryReview Rewards Contest for July is simply leave a comment, forum post, and/or tip submission during the month of July 2011. We are also including all “Retweets” of BerryReview articles on Twitter as extra entries to win! The selection process involves us choosing a finalist from each of the categories (comments, forum posts, tips, Retweets) and then having our judge select the winner out of those four. Every comment, forum post, Retweet, and/or tip submission counts as another entry so get cracking!

You must be registered and logged in to BerryReview when leaving comments for them to be included in the contest and the winner will be chosen by the BerryReview staff in the beginning of August 2011. You can check out all the details and official rules in the announcement post. If you have any questions comments leave a comment on that post.

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So what are you waiting for? Get cracking!

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  1. Third try to win…

    • Yes me also… waiting to get my Blackberry 9900!

      i have unlocked 9780 blackberry and using it on T-Mobile… ant to get the 9900 from rogers (they will have it first) and then unlock it and use on T-Mobile.

      but a free one is the best option even if i will need to wait :)

  2. Whether I win or not, I’m getting this phone!!

  3. Thanks for the contest! I really want the 9900 😀

  4. The 9900 looks sweet! I’d love to win one.

  5. Pick me, pick me! I want to try developing for their mobiles also 😀

  6. The phone just looks soo slick…

  7. This is a worthwile upgrade to any current BB

  8. I don’t see the company replacing my 9780 so I guess this is the only way to get one.

  9. Free 9900? That sounds much better than a non-free 9900…

  10. help me win a 9990, thanks

  11. Please please please I want a Bold 9900 soo bad!!!

  12. I would love to win this bold 9900. It would give me a great start until the QNX devices are out and my torch is rebooting on it own now haha i have not idea whats wrong. But thanks for a chance to win this it would go great with my playbook.

  13. Hey I would love to win this new bb. Currently I’m using a Curve 3G….this would be my new toy.

  14. Yes please!

  15. What a wonderful contest! I need new phone to replace my BB 9530. Thank you!

  16. I love Blackberry so much I have two! Tell ur friends, tell ur wife….Once u go Blackberry, u never go Backberry!

  17. free = awesome! thanks for the chance at a free 9900!

  18. I want a new 9900 – please!

  19. Hey, if everyone else is going to throw it out there…..Pick me. I’ve beenlooked over ever since the first BlackBerry Playbook contests. How unfair! lol

  20. I HATE my iphone!!!! Can I please win!!

  21. I HATE my iphone. I want to WIN!!!

  22. I need a new Berry! Please help me with that.

  23. Woo Hoo. Another month almost done. Man, they click off fast anymore. Hoping to win this contest myself, but good luck to everyone. Lots of entries in this one. Good to see the site getting the attention its due!

  24. I would Literally be in a heavenly bliss if I won this. Blackberry’s are the best and to be honest no other type of phone can compare xx.

  25. please pick me!

  26. Still want this phone! Pick me please.

  27. I’d love to win a 9900 😀

  28. hopes to win very best BB ever I will hope to own.

  29. Just tryin’

  30. 9900 is just wonderfull

  31. The new bold will be mine

  32. I love Blackberry. I’d love to win one.

  33. I would love to win since os6 doesn’t work all that well on my 9700.

  34. The 9900 is sweeeeeeeet.

  35. I would love to win one….PLEASE!!!

  36. I would love to win one!!!

  37. Please pick me.

  38. I missed all of my chances for the PB so plz pick me this time.

  39. Sweet contest, BerryReview!

  40. I like contests – especially if i win!!

  41. I would love to win a new Blackberry! My poor old curve seems to struggle more and more with each passing day!

  42. I def need something better than my 9700, since everytime I pull up in my driveway my phone reboots by itself. BB ghost.

  43. Love the size of the 9000… can’t wait for 9900… best of both worlds 9700/9000 combine

  44. Love the size of the 9000… can’t wait for 9900… I’ts the best of both worlds 9700/9000 combine!

  45. What a wonderful birthday present this would make for myself. It would be a definite update to my Curve 8900. :)

  46. Id love me some BlackBerry 9900

  47. woot…. Blackberry bold 9900… best smartphone in the world… i love it so much… :)

  48. Great contest. Great website.

  49. becoz all of my friends are using blackberry… i have to win it :)

  50. I definitely want to win one.!! im diehard blackberry lol so pick mee

  51. I would love to get one. Pick me!

  52. Awesome features – the 9900 is Great phone and look forward to winning this one!

  53. Just so you know, I constantly fell in love with any kind of BlackBerry Bold/Curve when I first saw or heard about it ’cause I think that BB would give me a temperament feeling! I take feeling very seriously! :) Like seriously I need it real bad and I just so want it!!!!!! D: I truly hope I can win this contest!

  54. This will be my next BlackBerry! 😀

  55. i would liketo win one. I loveBlackberry i have two and a playbook. so and nowthat its comkng OS7 i ‘d like to have a 9900.
    ahhhhhco gratulations excelent webpage

  56. I would love to win this phone, i know everybody has been repeating themselves over through comments so i’m not sure how to sound different in all honesty. It would just be a great change of luck if I could become a winner. Thank you very much


  57. What the heck, I gueSs I’ll enter.. 😀
    Great giveaways alll the time, +2 for berryreview

  58. Please pick me. I’ve never won anything before. Also, this would make all my friends jealous…..please oh please pick me. I wanna rub it in their faces…..yeah wht lol.

  59. This is my entry. Fingers crossed!

  60. Second try, fingers crossed!

  61. i want this phone

  62. omg!! this phone is so cool!!

  63. wish i could win this early birthday gift 7 days to go

  64. Need to win can’t afford it :)

  65. need this new Bold. Tried the Storm and Torch series, but Bold is where its at.

    Thanks to BerryReview for offering one up.

  66. Thanks for this great site and the great prize. Keep it coming!

  67. i need this phone please this is my only chance to get it. My parents are suggesting an iphone but im insisting on a blackberry. Pick me!!

  68. Nothin’…except i just washed my Tour in the washing machine! Full cycle!

  69. Washed my Tour in the machine! FULL CYCLE, too!

  70. Pick me, pick me pleeeeeeeaaaaase I got to have me this 9900.

  71. PICK ME PLSSSSSSS!:) BLACKBERRY since my first phone:((

  72. Awesome phone!!

  73. I hope it’s not too late to enter this contest! Please pick me! I desperately need this phone!

  74. hahaha even i would like to win one bb :d

  75. My phone!!!!

  76. I hope it can be mine.

  77. I’d still like to enter the contest if I still can! Thanks!

  78. PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I”ll DIE if u will!

  79. I’m Ready!!

  80. wow , thank you I want the 9900

  81. Nice phone, i’ll take one please

  82. Winning this phone would simply be a dream come true!!

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