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RIM Hints to BlackBerry 7 Announcements Tomorrow

RIM Twitter BlackBerry 7 Tease2

We know that RIM has been holding back with BlackBerry 7 announcements but the dam is really starting to show signs of weakness. We even have RIM telling devs to release versions of their apps for devices RIM has not even announced yet. Now we have them on Twitter teasing that they have some BlackBerry 7 news coming tomorrow. I am not sure if this is simply a contest or something around the already announced BlackBerry Bold 9900 or about the other devices but I am hoping for the latter!

RIM Twitter BlackBerry 7 Tease

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  1. After axing 2,000 members of the RIM team they have to give investors some good news. The rumors may be flying around but only for those who frequent blogs.

    Now that the devices have sorta firm release dates, this is the perfect time to ask consumers to defer phone purchases till these new BlackBerrys get here. This is what RIM is doing. Hope they spill the beans in other nice-to-haves.

  2. 9900 coming? I’m ready!

  3. Bring on those new devices.

  4. I cant wait to hear the line ups of the NEW Blackberry 7 Devices 🙂 soo excited 🙂

  5. I just don’t get it. RIM makes cuts to streamline its business and please investors but cutting operational costs, but investors see the cuts as a sign of weakness. What gives?

    It appears the news was the contest. Still no real announcements. Everyone knows they exist so why don’t they just confirm it so buyers can make plans to line up with me?

    I’ll be the first to line up for my Torch 9860/9850. I guess I have to get used to the new name. Hmmm, maybe I’ll still call it a Storm 3 😉

    • Seriously, I am the biggest RIM supporter but if they don’t announce some new devices today… its an advertising FAIL… I hope it isn’t..but.. its getting late in the day…

      WTF RIM!!!

      • BB Addict, I feel your frustration! Although I’m a HUGE fan, I too get really frustrated with RIM’s lack of execution.

        Okay, tell me one good reason they won’t announce the other four devices that have been leaked so many times that they’re getting old! Seriously! I just want to know what is coming, and consumers need to know too so they plan their back-to-school purchases.

        RIM, what are you going to tell them? If the answer is “nothing — not yet”, that’s pretty lame. Why keep us in the dark?

        It’s not like we don’t know what’s coming soon. We’ve seen these phones in action and we know their capabilities. Here’s your chance to kick some serious butt and put millions of these shiny new BlackBerrys in the hands of teens and young adults who are just itching to get social with their friends. Those shiny new BlackBerrys on TV would generate a very high lust factor among teens. To look cool and be with the in crowd, they’ll want one and they’ll want it bad!

        What are you going to do about it? If you miss this window of opportunity, Android will gather an even larger market share away from you, and so will Apple.

        Don’t get me wrong. We’re huge fans who want RIM to succeed, and we want you release some really awesome products we can use and enjoy. The lack of shiny new BlackBerrys is hurting!

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