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BlackBerry Torch 2 9810 Compared to Torch 9800 On Video

 9810 to 9800 comparison

The next gen upcoming BlackBerry Torch 2 9810 looks almost exactly like the current generation BlackBerry Torch 9800. The thing is RIM has totally revamped the internal guts and specs. While we have seen pictures and video of the 9810 before they more or less look the same. Now TechnoBuffalo has put together a video comparing the two devices. The 9810 is definitely coming to AT&T but this device is still buggy so you cannot compare it easily. On the other hand it is scheduled for release soon yet RIM has not even confirmed its existence… Check out the video below:

We also have another non-scientific video comparison done by N4BB comparing the BlackBerry Bold 9900 browser to the iPhone 4 browser. Kind of interesting but not really a clean test.

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  1. Interesting.,…..

  2. These are incomplete builds againt seasoned builds and they still do well.


  3. why does the white torch have 2 holes by the earpiece above and to the right of the word blackberry? i know one is a message indicator and the other is a sensor? my torch only has the message indicator

  4. That other hole is the proximity sensor. The charcoal and red Torches have it also, you just can see it as easy as the white one.

  5. Although both are pre releases, the Torch 2 has the old OS not the .2xx one we heard of.
    Also, the 9900 still looks like a winner to me among all the phones posted here in the videos although it is in prerelease. It just works nicely.

    • Bang on Amir… the OS 7 Browser with the 1.2 ghz cpu…. kills the competition thats out now.

      The only upcoming contender is the Iphone 5…. will be interesting to see if there is added performance with a 1.0 ghz dual core compared to the 800 mhz A4. Since the browser couldn’t really take advantage of dual core.. we are really only talking about a 200 mhz increase in speed….

  6. I’m curious about the micro usb port. It appeared from the video that the ports are “close” but not exactly in the same spot. So the cases and accessories for the Torch 1 will not fit correctly on the Torch 2 like the charging pod? Of course it’s also pre-release hardware, so that could change.

  7. It’s a shame they didn’t also update the external hardware. The Torch needs a high res screen and a better keyboard…

    • It is getting a better screen

      Torch 1: 360×480
      Torch 2: 640/480

      Pretty decent bump…

      • Not when the competition has been having 800×480 for years… They should have matched that.
        It won’t make that much of a difference in portrait mode, but it would definitely have improved the landscape mode experience.

        • Ofutur… you are 100% wrong

          You say “years” implying 2 or more years…

          The Iphone 4 came out 1 year ago, before that, the Iphone’s resolution was……….

          480×320.. so you are off base there

          You can’t compare resolutions without taking into account screen size. You gotta look at ppi

          Iphone4 = 326 ppi
          Bold 9900 = 287 ppi
          Monaco = 253 ppi
          Torch 2 = 250 ppi
          Droid 2 = 264 ppi
          Droid X = 227 ppi
          Atrix = 264 ppi
          Galaxy S = 233 ppi
          Galaxy SII = 218 ppi
          HTC Inspire = 216 ppi

          Get your facts straight son!

          • The iPhone was late to the party.
            The original Droid is 2 years old and had a 480 x 854 screen res. Most high-end Android phones after that had the same screen resolution, so yes, it’s been going on for years…

            • I suppose you didn’t understand the rest of what I was saying as you didn’t comment.

              You still say”most” that would imply over 50% of phones.

              Please reference at least 6 more phones that were released over 2 years ago.

              I am actually curious…

            • Oh and the Droid 1 is not over 2 years old.. it was released November 6, 2009,

              That is just over 1.5 years ago….

              again.. check your facts…

    • better keyboard?

      The Torch keyboard is outstanding…..

      I don’t think they could make it as good as the Bold line given the space requirements

      • I find the 9780’s keyboard too small, but it can get away with it because of the shape of the keys. The Torch’s keys are just too flat…

        • The torch 2 keyboard is a different like John said in the video its easier to feel the buttons but they can’t make it no better than it is right now think about it its a slider for Christ sake

          • We’ll see what you’ll have to say when RIM releases a new slider with a better keyboard ;). You can always do better, even if I’ll admit that I have yet to see a great slide-out keyboard.

            • What you are complaining about is user preference…. sure you don’t like it.. but the majority do…

              a company has to make a model that fits the masses… not the minority with huge thumbs!! lol

  8. so basically torch 2 sucks compare torch 1?

    rim, when will you get your stuff together?

    ya, ya.. i know, its pre production unit

    • you must have a motorola droid the very first one & think you up to date to talk about a product thats not even complete that idiot post you just put up doesnt make any sense what you just said if you gone say something about a blackberry have your facts together or forever hold your piece lil one

  9. I like the torch but the torch 2 kinda suck on this video. Its kinda disappointing it doesnt have liquid graphics 🙁 the upgrades are good for the torch 2 but hope its just the build why it kinda lag

  10. Love how the bold 9900 kick ass against the iphone 4 🙂 Now i wanna see this in action again with the iOS 5 and the official Blackberry OS 7 release

    • That will be the true test. As the weeks go by I am more confident that android has stalled. Qnx and ios will be the dominant os’s.

      • Yes it will be but once QNX is fully out the door and has imbedded into tons more apps QNX will be the only dominant OS even tho it will take a lot of work to get there over iOS

  11. this is my sis bday present. an upgrade to her first 😀

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