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BlackBerry 9790 Tutorial Video Leaked

BlackBerryBold9790_thumbA while back we brought you the first images of the BlackBerry 9790 thanks to our friend from Tonight CB spotted a video showing off the 9790 home screen on a tutorial. Not a lot is know about this device besides the model number and that it will run on OS 7. 

Some rumored specs include:

  • 8 GB internal memory OS 7
  • QWERTY / QWERTZ Keyboard
  • Touch Screen
  • NFC
  • So if you are not a fan of the upcoming 9900 here is the 97xx series upgrade that may hit carriers late this year after all the CO-CEO’s over at RIM said there were seven new devices heading our way this year. This makes me think this is possibly one of them.

      Check out the video below.


    Source: CB

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    1. These new devices are looking pretty amazing. 8GB internal memory? So does that mean no more worrying about space for apps, etc. Or is this simply storage?

    2. How do we know if it is? Becuz I don’t see the 9790 in the video….

    3. I think its one of the seven devices they talk about too this will bring it to a total of five known devices of the seven:

      1. bold 9900
      2. curve
      3. torch 2
      4. monaco
      5. bold 9790

      and if they are counting the cdma devices separate from the gsm it will be a total of seven now wouldnt it?

      • Any speculation as to the other two devices? Can we expect an updated Style? I think an OS 7 Style would be nice. I also think a larger 4-inch full-touch device has a place in their product line. Although I will be buying the new 9860/9850, I find it a little narrow still.

        I personally think the Pearl with the SureType keyboard has to go. People want and expect full sized keyboards now.

    4. I’m at a bit of sixes and sevens as to why this device would be built …..

      From what is known – it’s a 9900 in the 9700 size – does anyone know if it differs in any remarkable way otherwise?

    5. I’m tired of seeing all these leaks (they’re nice in the beginning but later becomes too much) and tutorials when in reality they’re all the same! I’m a huge BB fan but jeez,…release them already! Also, this video was a bit boring after having seen the OS8 vision from that 16 yr old. Step up your game RIM or hire that 16yr old, Lol.

    6. Choice is always good

    7. This looks a lot like a BB Curve with a ‘Bold keyboard’. The buttons are all one piece, and it you look at the bottom of the phone.. it is NOT like the 9780.

      I’d say this was a Curve all the way, but hey… could be wrong.

    8. noice

    9. Who wants this when they could have a 9900/9930? It should be called a Curve because it doesn’t deserve the Bold branding.

      This phone would have been cool in 2009. I doesn’t come close to competing with the upcoming devices. I don’t know why RIM is still pushing it unless they’re fighting hard to put an OS 7 in the hands of kids for $49 a pop.

      I seriously don’t know why anyone would want to leak this phone. It just stands so far out of line with the known OS 7 devices.

      Maybe one of the seven devices planned for this year will support SurePress 😉

      • Joe257…. you must be at least 6 months behind in the news.

        The only difference between the 9790 and the 9900 is the size of the phone.

        Same cpu, same memory, same screen rez, same touch screen, same camera.

        Its literally just in a smaller box and a little thicker…

        Please check your facts before posting again… please…

        Some people find the 9000/9900 form factor too big and prefer the 97xx form factor. Why the hell not give options for everyone.

        Choice is always good

    10. Apologies to everyone. I confused this device with the “older” non-touch Bold device that was originally planned for this year but has since disappeared. It was leaked sometime in May. I thought it was making a comeback as a OS 7 device. That would have been sad.

      I don’t recall seeing this 9790 device as the four OS 7 devices mentioned before was the Bold Touch, Torch 2, Curve Touch, and that Storm 3/Monza/BB Touch/Torch device. As it stands, if this 9790 is similar in specs to a Bold 9900, then it has merit.

      Seriously, I have a hard time remembering all those numeric model numbers. Even the same device has two different numbers for the GSM & CDMA versions. RIM has to come up with a less confusing way of naming their devices. Also naming the “Storm 2” replacement as a “Torch” is confusing to the average consumer.

      • I do not like 9900 as it is too bold and too large. I like 97xx series. If 9790 can has same hardware setting with 9900 and with large battery, then it will be good. Actually, many people like 9780 and 9700.

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