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Giveaway: Go Reader Review and a Chance to Win One of 50 Copies

Capture on 07-20-2011 11-47-30Are you a Google Reader user and can’t find the correct app to get your RSS fix? Go Reader does that and more. Go Reader an app from RoblesTech is an RSS reader that syncs your Google Reader with inbox notification integration.

App Description and Features:

Go Reader is a Google Reader™ client that allows you to read your Google Reader™ subscriptions on your BlackBerry® device everywhere you go.

Go Reader always stays fully synchronized to your Google Reader™ account.

Reading your Google Reader™ articles on the BlackBerry® has never been so easy.

  • Supports multiple accounts
  • Access your All Items, Starred Items, Shared Items, a Folder or a Feed for Reading
  • Manage subscription Subscribe/Unsubscribe
  • Share articles via Google Reader™
  • Send articles via Twitter, Facebook and Email
  • Mark articles as read Automatic/Manual
  • Show articles All Items/Unread Items
  • Sort articles Newer First/ Older First
  • Swipe Left or Right on a screen to go next or previous article (touch screen devices only)
  • Interactive toolbar (touch screen devices only)
  • Hover over an article to open a popup for easy changing Star/Like/Share/Read of an article (touch screen devices only W/OS 6)
  • Support for Youtube™ videos (display video image and stream video on BlackBerry® Native Browser)
  • Manage connection Automatic/Wifi
  • Manage connection for images Automatic/Wifi (for limited internet plans)
  • Get notified whenever new articles are available
  • Optimized for minimum memory and battery usage

The app design makes it simple to use and very similar to how Google arranges your feeds. Within the app you can mark all articles on a feed as read or within the feed it allows you to mark individual articles as read. I love sharing interesting news so the best features with this application is the ability to forward links to friends right from your BlackBerry with integration to the e-mail system. It does not allow you to send the body of the article just the subject and link to the article.  The application as you can see is packed with features. I am using ta torch on EDGE connection at the moment when you click to mark all items as read it may take sometime on a slow connection but when it is on Wi-Fi or 3G the action is a lot faster.

Compared to other applications I have tested the App fares right on spot with them if not better in some areas. This is definitely a good purchase at $2.99 on App world compare to others.  To purchase simply visit app world at this link or scan the QR code below.

Go Reader

It gets better RoblesTech was nice to reach out to us and  wants to share the app with you our readers.

Giveaway: By leaving a comment below you will  get a chance to win one of 50 copies. Only one comment is allowed per person, if not you simply increase your chances of NOT winning.   Smile Comments must be left before Saturday  23rd. Good luck let us know what is your favorite feature when it comes to RSS reader.

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  1. Thanks for the opportunity to win. You guys rock.

  2. Love google reader. Haven’t found a good bb client. Would be great to give Go Reader a spin!

  3. My favorite feature is the sharing of articles via FB. Thanks for the contest.

  4. you one copy win

  5. I’ve been looking for the right RSS reader to sync with my G-Reader feeds. This sounds like it! One, please. ~ecm

  6. Wow, I’d appreciate a copy

  7. me want one copy got 3RSS readers already loaded but you need more to qualified news 😀 and let friends 😉 know

  8. Already have berryreader, I would like to try GoReader. Please give me a chance to win one copy! Thanks br!

  9. Sweet! Hope I’m one of the lucky winners! Thanks BerryReview

  10. Me! Me! Me! Pay attention to me! 😀

  11. looks awesome

  12. Sign me up… thanks.

  13. i love the feature to share articles via twitter or facebook.most important!

  14. I’m a Google Reader. I would love to win a copy.

  15. Awesome giveaway. Love google, count me in for a change. Good luck everyone! :)

  16. Opening pages in the reader instead of BB browser and the speed in doing so would be nice. Sign me up..

  17. nice features. pls pick me

  18. thank you.

    i want it.

    pick me up please!

  19. Google reader is the best….now I can get it on my blackberry….sign me up!

    Thanks for doing the contest!

  20. Sign me up… thanks!!!

  21. Put my name in the hopper. I’m most interested in the sync feature.

  22. I’d love to compare this to News Feeds. Might even write a review!

  23. Wow this will make it so easy for me to follow all of my greader reads on my bb. I think bgreader would have been a better name, but ill take it.

  24. me pls? ! D: i want to read my pdf ebooks. D:

  25. Go Reader looks good and would surely enhance my Torch.

  26. More giveaways sign me up :) thanks

  27. Wow thanks for the chance. I’d love one.

  28. a new reader to try out..hopefully this one meets my needs

  29. Me me me!! I need this one :)

  30. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. I could use this. Don’t have a reader at all so this would be excellent. Thank you for the chance to win one. Woo Hoo. I love BerryReview

  31. Ohhh now this is one great app… I don’t mind a free copy!

    I will put it to good use!

  32. Thank you for the information on this highly useful app. Would like to get hold of it & start reading my feeds on it asap! :)

  33. Count me in on this giveaway!

  34. Hope to win

  35. it can synchronize with Google reader? I’m in =)

  36. A nice google reader app should be able caching for offline view and share via social network 😀

  37. I would love to get my hands on this app!

  38. I am really annoyed by BerryReader, which I use on regular basis. Would love to try out this one, too- the list with features is pretty impressive. Thank you, M.

  39. I need this so much:)

  40. Fantastic can’t wait to get a chance to win one of these. I’ve tried a few recently but this sounds great.

  41. Looks better than RIM’s News Feeds. I would love to win it!

  42. count me in!! please and thanks!

  43. A chance to win. Awesome. Love the fact you can share via twitter.

  44. Go Reader Go!

  45. Interesting to try

  46. A copy for me please!!!
    A thumbnail feature will definitely make this app better…

  47. Always looking for a good google reader client. Hope can have a chance to win. Thanks.

  48. I would love a copy of this app for my 9800 to use as a companion to GeeReader on my Playbook! Thanks!!

  49. Looks good. I think any good RSS Reader needs to support offline reading.

  50. I like the send articles feature. Thanks for the contest.

  51. Excellent application to stay informed


  52. this app could be very handy for my everyday use!!

  53. Wonderful app!
    I want it!

  54. Goreader!
    Go to my google reader!

  55. Perfect goreader!
    Thanks to berryreview!

  56. So amazing!
    Goreader is very good!

  57. This would be great. Pick me!

  58. How does this compare to BerryReader ?


  59. I like this app!
    Maybe different to berryreader!

  60. So wonderful!
    I want this app!

  61. Pick me, pick me!

  62. Would love to try this out. Thanks!

  63. I think I could really use this app! PICK ME! :)

  64. Pick me!

  65. wow

    amazing app and great giveaway

    love you guys

  66. I would love to win!!

  67. Favorite feature? Synchronization with google reader.

  68. would love to win a copy

  69. Excellent app, and the 23rd is my b’day :)

  70. Go Reader … simple and nice apps… thanks for the contest … good luck to all :)

  71. This would be a GREAT app. I look for RSS feeds all the time. Would love it.

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