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Updated: BlackBerry Bold 9900 Has Wireless Charging Built In?

Update: We just heard from another reliable source that the contacts on the back are not for inductive charging but rather just for the NFC antenna. We knew that it had an NFC antenna in the cover but we will be keeping an eye on this one. Check the picture above to see what the contacts look like.

9900Bold_blk_Back BlackBerry Bold Charging Wireless Back

We knew that RIM was looking into wireless charging but it seems like they were holding back when they announced the BlackBerry Bold 9900 in May. We have been hearing rumors about RIM adding wireless charging but now two sources have confirmed the story. They heard from RIM that the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is packing wireless charging inside. We know that RIM is part of the Qi Wireless Consortium which promotes magnetic inductive charging (unlike conductive which has metal exposed) but I have not been able to confirm that it is using inductive charging.

From what we are hearing the technology is built into the back cover which connects to the device. There are also two tiny prongs on the bottom of the device possibly for a cradle. I am really excited to see RIM getting in on the forefront of a new technology with wireless charging. This is the kind of engineering that will create buzz sort of like the Palm Touchstone wireless charger. It could also explain why this Bold 9900 is eschewing the faux leather back cover for this new meshed metal design. Originally we were told that the back cover was for NFC communication but it looks like it will be pulling double duty.

I am still trying to confirm this rumor but the signs seem to be pointing in this direction… RIM has also been really hush about the Wi-Fi mobile hotspot feature in BlackBerry 7 devices so this could just be another hush feature.

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  1. This is what cost me my beloved faux leather!!! It sounds great and innovative and all…. But….. My faux leather!!!!

    ***kicks ground***

  2. I hope this is true, but it isn’t like RIM to be able to keep something secret for so long…

  3. FINALLY SOMETHING TO GET EXCITED ABOUT! NFC, wireless charging, wifi mobile hotspot….. this phone looks to be BOSS! I was really worried that BB wouldn’t be able to drum up excitement about this device outside of the BB enthusiast, but these are some stats that we can really stick to the android/iphone community.

    • Wireless charging?
      How in the world does that work?
      If people don’t have to plug in their phones to charge it anymore, this will be truely amazing. I don’t think that it is possible. Is it?

  4. Oddly enough the Storm 2 had those same metal contacts. Read what you will into it.

  5. “magnetic conductive charging”? You seem really confused about inductive technologies. The very page you linked to (which you wrote) says that Qi IS inductive. And inductive charging doesn’t involve any exposed metal. WTF?

  6. would be cool if it had the function of wireless charging but I do not think it will be used by anyone.

  7. I would rather have my faux leather than wireless charging that I will never use!

  8. Ok – I plead ignorance – what does it mean to be able to ‘wirelessly charge’?

    Is it advantageous to an everyday user who only has to re-charge say every 3 or so days (on a 9700).

    • Advantageous because you can just lay your device(s) on the base whenever it/they need to be charged vs. messing around with a bunch of cables. As for the radiation factor, I could be wrong but I don’t think it will have any impact on radiation (good or bad)..

  9. I should have also added – is there an upgraded ‘radiation’ factor with the technology?

    If radiation is the wrong term, mea culpa, then is there increased exposure to harmful whatevers?

    (yeah, I’ve got no trouble admitting that this techo talk goes above my head – but – I do learn from the knowledgeable comments made.)

  10. :O that is goood

  11. I will take both please it can never be too much to have the best of both worlds 🙂

  12. That is great.

  13. I really cant wait to get my hands on this device!!

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