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BlackBerry Messenger 6.0 Coming on July 27th as Part of OS 7?

BBM Talking

We know that BlackBerry Messenger 6.0 is coming soon but right now it is simply sitting in the Beta Zone. N4BB heard word from one of their sources that received an email from RIM about BBM 6. The email said:

Please be advised that BlackBerry® Messenger 6.0 for BlackBerry smartphones is scheduled to release as part of BlackBerry® 7 OS and will be available in BlackBerry App World™ storefront on July 27, 2011.”

The new features and enhancements for BBM 6.0 include the following items:

BBM connected apps: Users can connect supported apps to BBM and benefit from additional social features, including additional chat options, the ability to share app activity, and more.
Adding contacts: The Invite screen has been improved so that users can quickly type contact information in the field at the top of the screen.
BBM™ Groups: Users can share links to GPS locations, podcasts, and webpages with a group.
Chats: Users can send and receive appointments

Who knows if this means BBM 6 will launch by itself to prepare for OS 7 or it will be actually launching on July 27th alongside a BBM 7 device. Should be interesting to see how this plays out.

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  1. Why? is RIM trying to stay loyal to its customers by teasing them every now and then with something new?
    New as in we have no present use for. what makes me wonder is why RIM never made a front facing camera so phones and playbooks could video chat…

  2. Today’s developer BBM webcast implied a similar timeline…

  3. I’ll take “we have no present use for” over “we need to buy a new phone to use” anyday…

  4. I heard 9900 willbe available on storefront by 29july..

  5. I have many question to the responsable of RIM :
    + a secondary camera for blackberry phone?
    + can we look BBM on other platforms?
    + can we see a blackberry smartphone or playbook read an android application?
    + can we have the possibility to watch visio tchat on blackberry smartphone and playbook?
    + can i dream to have the possibility that when i speak, the email or sms is typed automaticly?
    + when the App World will be accessable in north africa?
    + when we can see a not expensive blackberry smartphone?

  6. July 29 for the 9900? Really? Man, I hope so but that seems doubtful with all the stuff I’ve read about it but that would be excellent

    • MidAugust is the your best bet as Mike from RIM said: “it will miss the back to school time frame”

      • RIM can’t afford to wait. It’s sink or swim. Back to school is too big an opportunity to miss.

        You gotta know your customer’s buying habits and plan for those most important shopping opportunities; e.g., December 1st (Christmas), August 1st (Back to school), May 1st (Graduation).

        It’s about knowing your customer and their habits. These are dates you simply cannot miss out on. New devices must be ready to be on store shelves with enough lead time so that buyers can be enticed to choose your shiny new device over the competition. If you have a newer and shinier device at that time, you get the sale. Of course, you will have sleek & sexy ads just at the right time that folks will be looking to spend so they think of you first!

        RIM needs to realize that they’re competing for the customer’s pocket book. When folks want to spend, they’ll pick out what’s available then and there. It doesn’t matter if a better device will be out in 2 months. Most people aren’t even aware of what’s coming down the pipe, and most don’t care — they want it for their daughter’s Christmas gift the first week of December, and they’re not waiting. They’ll get the best thing available on the shelf.

        Bottom line is, RIM has to think of what drives the customer to buy a BlackBerry. Repeat customers like myself will buy a BlackBerry because we know it and love it. We’ll probably wait a few months for the 9850/9860 (Storm 3/Torch). New buyers will not. When folks are ready to buy, manufacturers must be ready to sell.

  7. Awesome cant wait 🙂

  8. It is great to see RIM expand the capabilities of BBM especially since iMessage is coming in iOS 5. I like some of the features RIM has added such as social connectivity with third party apps, location based features, and integration with other core apps. It will be sweet!

    Too bad the new devices don’t have front facing cams. New OS 7 devices can’t do BBM Video 🙁 BIG miss by RIM! I don’t know why they didn’t think of that.

    Everyone knew video chat was coming the last two years, and Apple made it official with FaceTime with the iPhone 4 a year ago! Yes, Skype was available, but only via some carriers — what’s up with that?!?Indeed, this is why Microsoft bought Skype! They too recognize how big mobile video chat is, and they wanted a big foot in the door. Skype gives Microsoft a cross platform solution that will grow even more in popularity as devices get front facing cams.

    With the BBM Hackathon coming in mid-August, I suspect this will be the launch of the new devices. BBM 6.0 will be launched at the end of July, which is when RIM might announce BB OS 7 and its full suite of capabilities.

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