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Verizon Confirms LTE Cross Carrier Roaming is a Nonstarter

verizon 4g LTE

Just when you thought that the news about mobile data could not get any worse… First we had AT&T lowering data caps to 2GB but at least had the decency to lower the price by $5. Then Verizon did the same lowering but kept the price the same. This all seems to be prompted by faster data networks including the rollout of LTE by Verizon and then by AT&T all in the name of better serving customers. The thing is AT&T has always been the main GSM carrier with sim cards along with T-Mobile allowing easy switching of unlocked phones between the two and other networks. Verizon and Sprint with CDMA did nothing of the sort.

Many were hoping that since Verizon was finally moving to SIM cards with LTE there would be a little more interoperability between them and other carriers. No such luck. Verizon confirmed to PCMag that even though both AT&T and Verizon run LTE in the 700Mhz spectrum they only overlap a little bit. They are also much farther from the 1700Mhz and 1500Mhz of MetroPCS and LightSquared so no luck there either. The thing is we will probably see tri or quad band LTE phones in the future but you can see that carriers are not all that interested about interoperability…

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  1. And this is surprising because?? Anybody that really thought the carriers were going to play nice on LTE was dreaming.

  2. Haha, yea carriers never play nice with each other nor do they play nice on our pockets.

  3. Too bad, I was kinda looking forward to true portability. I guess a world where the carriers truly compete on price and service is not meant for the USA.

  4. even if it was to be able verizon lte network would punish any at&t & sprint phone

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