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RIM Confirms Wi-Fi PlayBook Rumors Are False – Not Discontinued

PlayBook discontinued false

Well we had our own issues with the circular logic of the rumor but now we have RIM confirming the rumor is false. JD let us know that RIM responded on Twitter to the BGR confirming that the BlackBerry PlayBook Wi-Fi model is not discontinued and their rumor was “Pure Fiction.” You can see their exact response above.

This makes me wonder if we will actually get a rumor saying that RIM’s co-CEO’s are aliens… Maybe even another anonymous letter from a former employee to confirm their extra terrestrial origins. 🙂

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  1. I knew them idiots are BGR were lying. Damn them!

  2. I’m glad that RIM responded directly to bgr, and didn’t give a formal statement. More and more, I dislike bgr.

    • Agreed, I only wish RIM had made a stronger statement and really called them out. BGR has been ripping them to no end, I seriously question the existence of the “anonymous employee” and now, BGR is wrong on another rumor, no matter who it came from.

  3. When BGR do stuff like this what do they hope to achieve i’m curious.

  4. Another top notch bgr article. Sigh….

  5. lol. Who didn’t this was coming? Do you notice that it is Zach again coming up with the truth…..hmmm..LEAVE BGR!!!

  6. BGR and their headlines just to grab more traffic!

  7. I really RIM should have added we’re sorry for investors who have lost money trading on BGR rumors!!!!

    Of course this is kind of hard for them to say with their stock in the basement but really someone has to call it laughable that people really believe the Sh*t put out by an obvious apple fanboy website.

    Its been a long hard year for RIM (calendar year) I really hope the 9900 has spectacular sales and allows RIM some really positive news.

  8. rim shouldbe brought some heat to them clowns there are a joke that wouldve had bgr burnt up

  9. Another stellar rumour report from B(ad)G(arbage)R(eporting).

    Seriously slow news day at Apple.

    As somebody posted on another thread BGR might be reporting that Jim and Mike are aliens after all…

    Glad Rim tweeted back that should hit a fit thousand followers…

  10. I love this app so I want it!

  11. So wonderful app!
    Nobody don’t want it!

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