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Five Myths About AT&T-Mobile Merger by Consumer Advocate Free Press

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I am not a big fan of the AT&T T-Mobile merger but it seems to be almost inevitable. It will be a sad day when both AT&T and T-Mobile have a virtual strangle hold on the wireless market. They seem to be trying to argue that this will be good for customers but lack of competition is never good for customers. Tashanna pointed out some great points on why this is the case posted by TmoNews from the Consumer Advocate Free Press. I only have an image of the points but they are well worth reading. Let me know if you find a better copy!

Free Press AT&T T-Mobile Merger Myths

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  1. It’s a shame that this seems to be a done deal. Hopefully something will come along to derail it, but it doesn’t seem likely.

  2. It does not seem to me that these types of mergers are ever blocked. There is a lot of talk, a substantial waiting period and then approval with some stipulations and conditions that do not amount to a hill of beans. Than 5 – 10 years down the road evidence comes out that the gigantic company has been taking advantage of its market clout to bilk its customers out of billions illegally, the CEO resigns in shame with a golden parachute at a larger sum that most country’s GNP, the news and the government wag a disapproving finger, the company changes its logo and the cycle starts again.

    We may as well just bow to our corporate overlords.

  3. I think the whole at&t and t mobile merger should have been a myth! coz there will be ntn great in store for we the consumers and I’m sure the prices aint gonna get no better.

  4. It means they can take their time with projects and advancements. This is a death knell for the United States telecom infrastructure, in terms of global competition.

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