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Rumor: Microsoft Office Suite Coming to the PlayBook?

BlackBerry PlayBook Microsoft Office

Now this is a rumor out of left field but I just felt it was interesting enough to mention to start a conversation. As far as I know the BlackBerry PlayBook is the only current tablet on the market that comes with a free office compatible program (Documents to Go). This latest rumor told to N4BB by one of their sources has RIM bringing the Microsoft Office Suite to the BlackBerry PlayBook. The rumor was not sure if it will be the Microsoft Office 365 online apps or simply real apps and everything else seems to be up in the air too.

The question is how this would benefit RIM. Considering how tightly RIM integrates with Microsoft Exchange it might make sense as a quick email solution upgrade for the BlackBerry PlayBook and future BlackBerry devices but then it would not be an exclusively “BlackBerry” email experience. Especially since Microsoft has clearly stated that they think the tablet experience is the full Windows experience unlike their Windows Phone product. Also worth considering is if Microsoft would create apps in their rival Adobe Flash, WebWorks, or the native SDK. On the other hand RIM announced a pretty tight partnership with Microsoft at BlackBerry World with RIM preloading their software and integrating Bing directly into the device.

What do you think?

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  1. they shouldve done this from the beginning.

  2. I saw this rumor on another BB site yesterday. If true, it would definitely take “professional grade” to a whole new level!

    I don’t want to get my hopes up too much, but it would definitely make the PB a must have tool in my firm.

  3. Great opportunity for Microsoft. Not that useful for RIM since they already purchased and they support D2G. I just hope Microsoft’s decision doesn’t stop RIM’s development or support for D2G.

    Perhaps someone can tell me what real benefits MS Office will bring to the table, except to solidify the PlayBook platform for business.

    Functionally, D2G will do the same thing, support all the file formats, and features. Compatibility with file encryption needs to be working, but otherwise, it is a decent office suite.

    • Except D2G on the playbook does not support all the features of Word or Excel. It will open the files, but the functionality is sorely lacking. If Blackberry were to release D2G Premium for the Playbook, that might obviate much of the need for Office, but as of now, Office would be a welcome tool indeed.

      Plus, another feature D2G does not have is OneNote. I would LOVE to have a OneNote client for the Playbook. That would definitely be a killer app for me.

  4. Didn’t aMail got kicked out because people are not ment to build email clients? What is Outlook again?

    But the idea of Office in th PlayBook is very nice.

  5. Office on the playbook would start a fire fight in the twnley market say what they want but there’s a lot of people that hate windows but love Microsoft office & vice versa

  6. My guess is that this is Office 365 related, as otherwise it is a bit unnecessary. Still more options is good.

  7. It would be great to see this on the playbook it those Microsoft office feature would be sweet….

  8. My guess its office 365 apps as well. I’m actually waiting anxiously on this to see how it’ll be able to integrate into my current PB. D2G is a nice start but it’s nothing like Word in terms of editing, funtionality etc. Sheets to Go is in the same situation. It doesn’t support formulas, graphing, sorting etc. on the PB. I love my MS Office suite and my BB phone syncs totally with my Outlook so I can see it working as an added bonus for Rim. And it won’t be available for iPad or any Droid Devices so I think it would be a win win situation for both companies.

    If I’m not mistaken there’s not a fully functional windows tablet out there but with PB running office programs it would give both companies huge exposure and lift and I think really cement “professsional grade”.

    This would make many companies want to have PBs in their reps hands.

  9. It seems very unnecessary considering the PB includes full Docs to Go. I’m assuming Office would not be free so who would bother with it? Heck, I’m not sure I would even it it was also free.

  10. D2G is good for phones but MS Office on the PB would be fantastic. It would definitely be a stamp.of approval on the PB for businesses and that would mean more sales. It actually makes sense for MS since if any tablet is going to make it in the business world it is PB. Android is just not trustworthy as far as security goes and as much as employees might want iPad I just don’t see businesses trusting it.

  11. This would be awesome to have the office suite on the PB!! The reason I say that is because my job involves a lot of excel sheets and power points that Docs2Go cant handle because of more advanced formulas and formats. As far as business application having the Office suite on a tablet would be a coffin nail in the hands of RIM.

    If it happens it’ll be SUITE!!!!!

  12. this would be fabulous!! I’m in : )

  13. Looks like RIM’s recent cosiness with Microsoft goes beyond having Bing as the default search engine.

  14. I would love Office on BlackBerry, especially Onenote.

  15. Agree w/the consensus, this would be great for RIM! Can’t wait!

  16. this is nice

  17. do you know why? because RIM can’t build his own Office software.

  18. Great news. I hope this will be available to all Playbook users as free of cost or at nominal pricing. If we say PlayBook is the best business tablet then access to world class office suite and native email client is a must.

    Happy going with PlayBook.

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