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RIM Working on BlackBerry Cyclone TV Media Box for This Fall?

blackberry media box

I am not sure what to make of this rumor. We first heard about RIM working on some secretive TV media box at the end of June from N4BB (The mockup above is their imagining of the product). There weren’t many details then but the idea was intriguing. I thought of it as a souped up BlackBerry Presenter since we didn’t know much about features. It simply seemed like the PlayBook with its HDMI connection would do all a presenter could do and more for your TV.

Now we are hearing more rumors along that same vein from NerdBerry with sources telling them that RIM is working on this “BlackBerry Media Box.” According to that source the box is codenamed the BlackBerry Cyclone and has the following features:

  • Connect to your TV via HDMI
  • WiFI enabled
  • Netflix
  • YouTube
  • Access to media devices on the WiFI network
  • More…

It is supposedly scheduled for this fall but I would rather RIM be working on QNX superphones. Still the idea is intriguing especially considering some of what RIM was showing off at BlackBerry World concerning the PlayBook connected home concept.

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  1. Time will tell how this all plays out

  2. this would the a pretty nice thing from RIM

  3. I really don’t get RIM’s strategy…
    First they have phones that work well in a corporate environment and think by just adding a few consumer features they will be OK. It was fine until some people decided that smartphones could do a lot more than what Nokia and RIM were offering.
    RIM should have innovated by building consumer phones on a different hardware platform.

    Then they see that some touchscreen phones are making a killing. Instead of trying to figure out why and discover that it’s actually the UX that people enjoy. They just release the same OS on a different form factor with a twist to try and differentiate themselves.

    With the tablet, they tried something different and I think they can have a winner in their hand, but why name a tablet clearly designed for large corporations the PlayBook and advertise how well it can run games? And why not create a secure tablet for everybody?

    And now to this rumour… Why, oh, why???
    Apple wants to make tons of money through iTunes, Google through ads, but what will RIM gain by releasing a TV product? There are enough boxes out there that consumers and enterprises can use to stream content to a TV, an iPad or an Android tablet (RIM has yet to release a DLNA compliant media player for the PlayBook).
    The only reason I can see would be because Apple is trying to sell their boxes to the enterprise as part of a phone/tablet bundle and that got RIM scared.

  4. Gosh, I hope not. Last thing they need right now is to introduce another luke-warm product into a market that doesn’t actually exist – in case they hadn’t noticed, other products that do the same thing simply aren’t selling well right now. I rather suspect that their offering won’t be received any better than those from Apple and Google.

  5. Its always good to see RIM broadening their horizons but i hope this doesn’t delay the projects they have at hand.

  6. This is a hot rumor on the presses I take all rumors with a grain of salt if rim didn’t say it I wouldn’t even care about it now if they did I would be concerned

  7. Well, I don’t need such a device. Please BlackBerry does not build it.

  8. I hope they make a run @ Apple TV!

  9. lol, everyone loves tv

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