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PlayBook IM+ App Held “Under Review” By RIM for 2 Months

IMPlus under review

I am not sure what to make of this one. When Luis first told me about it earlier today I did a double take. I know that Amail was “under review” perpetually but that app was at least a clear violation of the SDK license that says you cannot create an email app. Sad but at least understandable. Things get a lot weirder when it comes to long time BlackBerry developer Shape Services. We found out back in mid April that IM+ multi network instant messaging client was coming to the PlayBook and even had an approximate price point at $19.95 along with a May scheduled release.

The thing is Shape submitted IM+ to RIM in App World back on May 19th. That is just shy of 2 months ago! I realize that it might take up to a week to get an app reviewed but 2 months without hearing back from RIM is ridiculous. When Luis pointed it out this morning I immediately reached out to RIM but I have not heard a word back. I was hoping they would simply say it was a mistake and the app would be available. No such luck.

This has prompted Shape to post about it on Google+ throwing their hands in the air. RIM literally cannot allow these key apps to fall through the cracks like this. Even if they are not going to approve it at least communicate with a long time BlackBerry dev. I have been hearing rumblings for awhile that RIM is working on streamlining the App World review house team but maybe they simply need to get off their lazy… I know I submitted two apps for other devs that took almost 2 weeks to get approved but at least that was back before the device launched. With IM+, an app that could really do well on the PlayBook, this is simply unacceptable.

This is why I am very against RIM’s new concept of keeping App World as the only way to get apps on the BlackBerry PlayBook without the user unfriendly sideloading process. THIS is one of many reasons why RIM should simply allow apps to install through the browser. Its one of the best features of BlackBerry phones that they have denied the PlayBook.

So RIM the ball is in your court. Even if we are only hearing one side of the story this shouldn’t even be an issue in the first place. RIM justifies using App World as the only platform for distributing PlayBook apps to help developers centralize. It wasn’t meant to hold developers hostage, stop them from beta testing, and make developing for the PlayBook a hassle…

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

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  1. RIM, take this man’s advice. Dont lose a loyal and popular developer over meaningless burocracy.

  2. Why can’t it be figured out to be side loaded? I agree with you, absolutely ridiculous to wait 2 months and put apps out. They are holding back on apps that can help the Playbook grow.

  3. Talk about a major bad move…

  4. Yea…been waiting for a communications app! 🙁

  5. I agree where RIM should have the courtesy to communicate with the devs on the matter to let them be aware of what’s up or what to do.
    But where using the browser to download on the playbook like how it on the phone I think RIM disable that option as a sense of added security for the playbook maybe I’m right or maybe I’m wrong but its just a taught.
    RIM is working and making tons of improvement so I would wait to see the reason for not allowing the browser download on the playbook I’m sure they have a valid reason. But thinking about it the playbook as a whole different platform so that could be the factor too who knows.

  6. It’s simply outrageous. There is no excuse for not talking to devs if RIM overruns their internal SLA.
    The APP is not even using RIM’s network, so there simply is no excuse here…

  7. Why do I hate AppWorld & RIM? 2 apps & 3 updates sent to AppWorld have a combined approval wait time of 108 days.

  8. While the approval process has been streamlined a bit. My last update to Black Out was approved in one day which is finally in line with the approval times on the smartphone side of things.

    Waiting two months for something to get approved is a real problem. Anytime that an approval takes more then 10 days, RIM should at the very least have the courtesy to explain why…

  9. PlayBook needs more Apps – so RIM should be as open as possible approving applications. would be great to have less barriers then Apple … this would motivate developers to work for PlayBook (and upcoming QNX SmartPhones and also current BB Phones)

  10. App approval considerations are really the #1 reason I currently loathe Apple’s iOS platforms and have stuck with BlackBerry as long as I have. Thankfully, its still not a problem on the phones. The whole process makes the notions of “public beta” and “release early, release often” almost impossible.

    It bothers me enough that RIM is trying this approach on the PlayBook. If they continue to do it on the new QNX-based phones, that may be the final straw that causes me to ditch BlackBerry for Android. (Peer pressure has been encouraging me to switch for a long time now, but I’ve held out thus far. I’m also a bit more committed than the average user.)

    For what its worth, letting an in-progress approval wander off into la-la land is an even bigger problem than a flat-out rejection. At least with a rejection there is a justification, and you can try (sometimes futilely) to refute that justification.

  11. Why is RIM still pulling this shit.

    Shakes my new found faith again!

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