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RIM Co-CEOs Have 6 Months To Prove Why They Need Chairman Role


According to BusinessWeek RIM’s Co-CEOs have 6 months to prove they need to hold both the Co-CEO and chairman positions. This came to a head a bit before the annual shareholder meeting where NEI brought the vote to the table but then withdrew it with a week to go to the vote. The interesting thing is it seems like RIM’s CEO’s are getting just the amount of time they need to turn things around. All 7 of their new generation smartphones are coming out by the end of the year and early 2012 will show off QNX phones and a much stronger PlayBook.

Check out the full details over at BusinessWeek

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  1. 6 Months is lots of time in this industry

    By the end of the 6 month timeline we should be inundated with QNX phone leaked pictures, specs and video!

    If no leaks by then… big trouble

  2. Six months is to long lol but they need to prove theyself I know in both of they minds they don’t want this company to go down the drain

  3. Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis do not want want to fail. As co-founders they have chosen to run the company this way. Unfortunately RIM is at a stage where they need different leadership. This is not meant to diminish their contribution. The new leadership has to be someone who can solve the current problems and develop a new corporate strategy that capitalizes on its strengths.

  4. They’ve built the company together. Mike was there from the beginning and Jim came in just before BB was launched (i.e., co-founders is inaccurate). They have a significant stake in the business and they both would have the business’ success at heart. What do they have to prove?

    I see no reason why we need a outside interests (outside company leading this) to pressure them to change their relationship. It’s brought them this far, and it’s continuing to work! Yes, there are problems, but I’m sure as much as we speculate, we don’t have the whole story.

    Yes, shareholders are being impacted, but Mike and Jim are heavily invested in RIM. They have the most to lose if they don’t manage this right. Mike realized that in the late 90s that he wasn’t able to manage this on his own, so he brought Jim in.

    BlackBerry has been a success since, and it continues to be a success today. Remember, the company isn’t losing money! Once these new devices are released all will be forgotten.

    The only issue at stake that remains unanswered is why there was such a delay in getting these new devices out the door. It’s not all about the PlayBook development. Something else went wrong. Perhaps some mistakes, some mis-judgement or oversight of market expectations.

    I only hope we get to see those new devices pronto before more investors, developers, and consumers start embracing other platforms.

    There is just too much uncertainty here, but I am confident that RIM will have a great second half of the year.

    • I am not proposing that Mike or Jim are removed. A realignment of their roles needs to be made. At this point in RIM’s stage of development it might be prudent to bring a senior executive (from the outside) who can help them build on their successes. They do need help for example in the consumer market.

  5. i dont think he’ll make that deadline

  6. Six months should be a enough time to turn things around coz they already working very aggressive.

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