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Breaking Down the Latest “Anonymous” Former RIM Executives Comments


The fun continues with more anonymous supposedly former RIM executives speaking out about RIM and its Co-CEO’s courtesy of the latest tech tabloid BoyGenius Report. It seems to be the same story again with and extra helping of hearsay and negative spin attached. The thing is some of it is totally believable while on the other hand it makes you wonder what the big deal is especially since most of the things that the BGR points out are things RIM has already fixed or is improving in the next 6-8 months. While they may be later to market than we would like they definitely have some serious fight left in them. RIM’s CEOs have admitted that they fell behind the curve but they are committed to fixing that. It could be they were a bit pigheaded but their latest QNX work and other signs point to drastically changed times. Harping about the past just seems to be crying over spilt milk. Hearing old executives talk about RIM before they entered this “Transitory period” over to QNX and new hardware doesn’t seem to add much to any conversation.

Let me give you a few examples and take a crack at boiling down this latest stupidity:

Harping about how Mike Lazaridis said that BlackBerrys will never have cameras, marketing names, MP3 Players. Cameras: Check, Marketing names: Check, MP3 Players: Check. So what’s the problem? It didn’t happen fast enough? Now their cameras rival the competition and they have features like Wireless Media Sync which no other competitor has.

Missing social collaborative scene in media circles. BlackBerry now dominates social media marketing. They were just named one of the top social brands.

Browser took so long to improve because RIM was always focused on low data usage.
This is something RIM has already addressed and addressed well.

RIM focused too much on security, battery life, and network performance.
And that is a problem? They just needed to throw more into the mix which they have started doing with upgraded hardware and features like Flash on the PlayBook and the browser starting with Torch.

RIM charges carriers network fees that carriers are always trying to lower.
So did Apple with taking a cut of monthly fees… Does that stop the iPhone from selling?

PlayBook didn’t ship with native email as carriers were expecting.
I agree on this one but once again something that is being addressed. First valid complaint but something you didn’t need a RIM executive to tell you. 🙂

The BlackBerry is not a cool device anymore.
While that might be true in the US just look at how many celebrities use them. RIM is also trying to up the cool factor with the sexy new 9900. Still I agree but RIM has admitted to working on fixing this.

Mike has bodyguards.
Why do we care? He didn’t have bodyguards last time I saw him in downtown Manhattan. Just look how much Amazons CEO pays for private security.

Jim wanted to buy an NHL team.
Why do we care?

Mike was really pissed when devices leak before launch.
Seriously? Did you see what Apple did when the iPhone prototype leaked?

Do you guys want me to go on? You have to love these insightful “anonymous former executives.”

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  1. Funny thing is all these former rim workers always run to bgr that’s when you know its bs these guys need to find a fulltime job fast ronen you hit all the areas correctly now just wait after next year when darwin reached his limit watch how apple be scattering like ants

  2. I posted my opinions in the forum

    This article was a fuc*ing joke.

    The “quotes” he chooses to use are clearly from people who lack any thought processes.

    Its hilarious.

    His post about the NHL situation is a great example of BGR having no clue what he is talking about. The other issues can be debatable, but, the NHL issue has been widely covered by the NHL media, especially in Canada.




  4. A dude is going to jail for leaking Apple stuff!!

    Luis this is an awesome article btw

    Modernize BerryReview’s logo/colors and you will rival soon

  5. Wow, BGR with another worthless story, who woulda thunk it?

  6. I don’t believe into any BGR stories about RIM.
    BGR blocked me from posting comments only because I wanted to discuss about my ‘letter from the outside’ as a reaction on their anonymous letters. So it seems they’re only interested into negative stories.

    • Wow, they actually blocked you?

      Believe it or not (and assuming your comments on their site weren’t too over the top) that actually surprises me. If nothing else, BGR has seemed to be fairly reasonable in allowing opinions to stand in the comments – even dissenting opinions.

  7. Same old stuff from BGR. Makes you wonder why he tweeted he has breaking news about RIM. If RIM no loner relevantan why write about them BGR

  8. wonder what bgr is gonna say once rim becomes the undisputed leader in the industry in 2yrs?

  9. Literally, just another day at BGR of the same ol’ crap. I honestly don’t read ANY of the articles that BGR posts on RIM or Apple because they’re so slanted in one direction that it’s pure crap.

    Whatever happened to un-biased journalism?

  10. BGR = Boring Garbage Reporting…

    All that build up on their tweets and they presented this… Fail!

    Thanks Ronen for a good succint rebuttal! 🙂

  11. What pisses me off more is that still has no rebuttal

    So much for the new face of crackberry

    • Agreed! Kevin should rebutt. And on the forum thread that is talking about this they have a forums moderator weighing in saying that the article isn’t bias and 110% correct…

      hellllllooooo… wtf??? seriously?

      You’re a moderator on a BB forum and you think that BGR is unbias and true?!

      Wow, the credibility of CB has just gone down another notch. I’m mad at myself for going on that website to see what they had to say which was deafening silence…

      • In fairness, they could be giving it the treatment it deserves: ignore it, and don’t give it any more publicity than it’s already generating for itself.

        I understand answering it, but I can also understand the choice not to bother. BGR becomes the whining mosquito flying around your head … eventually you just ignore it.

  12. PlayBook didn’t ship with native email as carriers were expecting.
    I agree on this one but once again something that is being addressed. First valid complaint but something you didn’t need a RIM executive to tell you. 🙂

    Sorry but most of use have go on the internet to get our emails anyway. I personally have 3 gmail accounts and the only time i would check my email is when im at a hotspot or at home, if I didn’t have my BB with me. In my opinion I dont need the Native apps what I want are some good apps in Appworld.

  13. the lack of features has slowly killed the bb. those features that mike thought were not important are whats driving the sales of apple and android.

    the whole focus of the article in general is that mike l has an idea of what a phoen is suppose to do and not do. this mindset and REFUSAL to change had left the bb behind the times.

    it seems mike l is the true cause of bb’s decline while jim b is trying to move forward – just look at his spin on leaked devices.

  14. I don’t think CrackBerry should post a rebuttal. Doing that would just put the story in limelight and draw even more attention to it.

    The best counter would be to “not feed the troll” (where troll = BGR) and pretend they don’t exist.

    • no way Gene, we are beyond that.

      RIM can’t get any more negative….. its already “going out of business” to many people.

      that approach got us to this point

      its time for the blackberry fan community to back up the false claims and sensationalism that BGR is doing.

      BGR is probably trying to drive down the stock price even more… buy some stock low… then when the good devices come… turn on the PRO RIM campaign, thus, making a ton of money

      that isn’t right

  15. To Truthful Noble:

    Currently the BBs all have cameras and all have mp3s. What Mike might have believe some 5+ years doesn’t have any bearing on the current situation. The 9800 has a 5 megapixel camera just like finally the iPhone 4. My bold had a flash and zoom that iPhone 3G didn’t have. The current PB has the ability to shoot 1080p videos which I think the iPad 2 still isn’t capable off.

    Yes Droid phones have cameras that go as high as 12 megapixel (Nokia) and the ability to shoot hi def videos in the current 4G models which the new 9900 will be able to do.

    I would hardly call these a lack of features!

    • 100% right PB. “Truthful Noble” is lacking knowledge… a classic BGR zombie

    • why is a droid the first to come to market with a 12MP camera? that should be bb. we should be leading the market not following.

      the problem with mike l’s thinking is that it is can still be seen in the way RIM operates. just look at the torch1 coming out with only a 624 GHz processor. thats just ridiclous. he believes in incremintal updates. take little baby steps. the only reason the new os7 devices have 1.2GHz processors is because investors lit a fire under Mike L….i mean RIM’s ass. he was looking to only increase the processor to 800GHz.

      just look at the original droid line…droid1 800GHz processor. droid2 1GHz and the new droid3 1.2 DUAL CORE GHz

      now you tell me that mike l has not dropped the ball and is continuing to do so.

      • Actually the first droid had a 3mp camera with android 1.6 (donut) with 192mb ram 256 mb ram with a qualcomm chipset which the storm 1 specs was similar do your research we don’t play droid on this site nokia had a 12mp on they phone first

      • Actually Nokia shouldn’t even be lumped in with Droid since they’re originally on Simbian and now with Microsoft.

        But Apple is not an innovator all the time neither is Droid. A manufacturer will have some unique item and then everyone else will jump on board. That’s the nature of competition. Case in point BBM now iMessenger.

      • Truthful Noble, i wish to correct you, droid wasnt the first to the market with a 12Mp phone, you`ll find sony ericsson made the Satio phone (symbian) back in late 2009.

  16. Usually there is no point in posting a rant in reply to what they write but there were some ovious points that have been or will be addressed another thing is, “former” employees ask yourself, how often do your have really nice things to say about your old employer? Most of the time people don’t have nice things to say. Internal problems happen all the time in companies.

    • LMAO Luis! That is so true about ex employees. I don’t have positive stuff to say about my previous bosses and if given the opportunity to rant anonymously I just might do it!

  17. I wouldn’t get all worked up if they didn’t post something. They have their reasons and that’s to be respected too. Each person has their own opinion and the opinion of one mod probably does not repesent their whole view on things.

    • True, but I see it opening the gates to more trolls and trolling. I find it very depressing and frustrating to read through some of these posts from people who haven’t done their research and are just spouting off. There are some really good posters on CB but they’re far and few between. Many posters just seem to want to vent all their life’s frustration and negativity on a company/phone like it’s their life mission.

      I outgrew my Motorola and the BB Pearl but I’m not busy shooting them down…

      Maybe it’s just me…

  18. Propaganda does work, it always serves it purposes?

  19. Correct but nokia name will still be in the tech world outside Microsoft nokia & rim paved the way for iphone & droids let the truth be told rim is dying leave it up to these analyst & bgr b*tch as*

  20. Are you serious? I mean really. I’m as loyal a BlackBerry users as anyone, but I’m not an apologist. I don’t refuse to see the truth.

    1) RIM’s cameras rival the competition? What world do you live on? the current RIM crop don’t approach that of the iPhone 4 or Thunderbolt. Need I mention no HD recording.

    2)Dominates social media marketing? Yet shareholders were all in agreement marketing was their worst quality.

    3) Browser? Still miles behind the competition.

    4) What average consumer really cares about network performance, the kind RIM is speaking of( compression) <– NONE. Neither are they truly worried about battery life. i.e. Thunderbolt sales

    5) who cares

    6) Of course we all know it didn't ship w/native email. What YOU didn't know was it was a last minute detail given to carrier partners

    7) Working on the same fix as for the 95xx series? An ongoing process now 2+ yrs in the making. Gives you lots of hope eh?

    8) Who cares

    9) Who cares

    10) Who cares

    The point is you missed the entire point of BG's story. You only focused on what you already knew in the article. You didn't address a single thing you that you didn't know. Then call them out as a tech tabloid for doing so. Shame.

    • crucial. you lack of real knowledge is a shame.

      1. the 5 mp cameras are as good as the iphones and many reviewers say are better. the current phones cant do hd recording because of cpu and chipset. the camera actually is able to shoot hd. get your facts right
      2. you dont get what it means
      3. the torch browser is actually better than the iphone and android browser. what limots it is the cpu. the os 7 browser on top end hardware blows away iphone and android. we will see how it stacks up with iphone 5. again get your facts right
      4. thunderbolt sales are shit and will have no longevity. there will be no retention down the road due to bad experience.
      5. i dont buy the last mintue shit. we knew here in the blogs it wasnt on months before launch. get your facts right

      stop putting yourself to shame

      just like bgr…. cant get your facts right….

      • last time i checked on technobuffalo john stated that blackberry first year webkit browser is faster than apples 4 year browser the only thing that killed the browser was the processor in the torch like @bb addict stop putting yourself to shame this isnt but heres the video sir

      • It seems you’re are already answering yourself. Torch has limited hardware for the features it should have so it’s no competition to the big contenders. You’re talking about a future phone. Let’s see in two months what other devices we see in the market and how they compare with RIM’s OS7.

        In any case RIM has other fundamental issues and also some advantages over the rest. The problem is that with time the first ones are increasing and the later ones decreasing.

        There are a lot of features that don’t work as expected in OS6 when they worked properly with 4.5.

        Anyway, whatever you like go use it. I won’t accept to be evangelized by anyone.

      • are you serious? maybe you should do a little research into who you just told they don’t have knowledge to, lol @ you sir, wow, oh the irony.

      • Are you kidding me? Wow. Most consumers don’t care if the bb browser is better than say the iphone’s unless it can PERFORM better than the other one. They couldn’t care less that its the CPU that is limiting the browser. Your taking a very simplistic view of the term. When speaking of a phone’s browser, not many people refer to that term as the “browser” in and of itself. They take that to mean the EXPERIENCE they get from it. No one cares how much better the bb browser might be “technically” be than other if it can perform better. Specs don’t mean shit if it can’t be backed up by real world performance. Same with the camera bit. The bb camera might have the best optics in the business but the fact of the matter is it can’t deliver the quality shots like other phones can. Its not a shot at you, just a fact. Will this all change with the new crop of bb set to be released in the coming months? Who knows. I for one hope so as I would like to continue being a bb user. But I don’t know if I can sign up for another two years with a device that has a hard time rendering web pages that I desperately need for work. We shall see.

        • Mike R, I agree 100% with what you say, that consumers don’t care, but thats not what this debate was about with respect to the browser and camera.

          We were debating the facts of the specific hardware of the camera unit and the software of the browser.

          May I ask which websites are you finding the Torch Browser is having a hard time rendering??

          I have never heard anyone complain about the rendering of the Torch browser.. only the speed, which is result of the chipset and CPU. In fact the Torch browser is what is on the Playbook and scores the highest on the Acid test……….

    • Hmmm… not riling people enough on the CB site esp. as the Forum mod now we need to come to BR and preach Droid gospel?

      1. Current BBs have 5 mp cameras just like iPhone 4. Just as BB Addict said, get your facts straight. Thunderbolt only has 8 mp, hardly that much more significant.

      2. Social Media integration = FB to BBM; Flickr, social feeds, twitter etc. Again I’m with BB Addict on this.

      3. Nuff said by BB

      4. I care about performance. Who wants a phone that’ll die after 4 hours of use??

      As posted on:

      3 months after release and still no updates… and people thought PB was bad… seriously.

      Also note the comment about the useless front facing camera that doesn’t have any support.

      Oh and also the lack of apps… weird… PB is bashed for the same reason, no Hulu, no NetFlix… oh yeah… that Thunderbolt is pretty advance – not!

      Battery life sucks.

      As of July 6 Verizon removed the unlimited hot spot feature so now that feature is pointless…

      I guess you just drank the BGR kool aid without looking into your facts.

      • One more thing CX I do care about security which Droid can never match BBs for. I care about compression ratios because I’m constantly opening emails (more then 50 a day) and attachments.

        The consumer who doesn’t care about that most likely gets less then 10 emails a day with no attachment. And that would put them most likely under 15… isn’t that the age group for Droid users?

        • i don’t care for data compression but that’s cuz i have unltd data. last month i used over 12gb on my storm (no wifi obviously) and this month i’m currently at over 4gb of data usage. i don’t get 50 emails a day but i definitely don’t care about data compression. to most consumers, data compression is not a selling point.

          maybe it was a selling point about 7yrs ago, when carriers (canadian ones anyway) were offering 4mb for $25/mth. times have changed now….

          • Exactly. When you have unlimited data who the hell cares about data compression. Maybe if tiered data plans come back in fashion, like verizon is doing, the that could be a good selling point. But right now it is nothing. Maybe in the corporate world it might be a different story, I don’t know. But they have to remember that what works in the corp world might not work in the consumer realm.

          • That’s going to change with the new Verizon plans and I’m sure the rest of the carriers will be changing cuz for the longest time it didn’t matter. 5 years ago only 19% of the population but now 40% of the population uses a smart phone which will clog up the lines and give the carriers additional incentives to remove unltd plans and do tier billing… tell me then compression doesn’t matter. And if you used only 12 GB on your Storm you can bet you would have exceed 15 GB on iPhone or Droid…

            And as you said you don’t received 50 emails a day plus attachments, respond to 90% of those and then send an addition 10-15 out over and above that. This would be a typical day whether in office or on the road. Not including hopping onto social media sights etc.

            If you’re only surfing the net then you may not think compression is that important, but 5GB on your Storm = 50000 web pages and on iPhone or Droid 20,000 web pages.

            This all becomes significant again when the carriers start doing their teiring plans and taking away unltd plans.

            • Oops meant to say: 5 years ago only 19% of the population had a smart phone.

              • Sounds like rim & there data compression might be a big seller watch when these android & iphone users get these bills then apple gone come with some bs creating another “magical copycat” #teamblackberry

            • O it will when tiering come back into play. Why I am saying that as of the last 5 years up to the present, harping on how great data compression is on a BB was/is a moot point. They should have focused on other more relevant strenghts to sell the platform other than data compression.

              • True but let me put another spin on this:

                Which device would you want if the data costs is $30.00/month for 3 GB:

                Smartphone 1 can: give you 24+ hours of usage plus the ability to see 30000 web pages and send out 10,000 text/emails

                Smartphone 2 can give you 8 hours of usage plus the ability to see 12000 web pages and send only 5000 texts and email.

                What would you pick as a savy consumer? Tell me why data compression shouldn’t be relevant if marketed properly?

                You would pick Device #1 (Blackberry) but do you think the carrier company will actually tell you that? Have you seen it advertised anywhere by VZW or AT &T or any other carriers.

                No they’ll say ooo the specs on device 2 (apple or Droid) is dual core or some other shiny bells and whistle and upsell you to the $50.00 6GB data to accomodate the uncompressed data and the shiny new phone without the performance efficiency.

                It’s marketing that Rim should have advertised themselves and not let the carriers advertise.

                • What incentive is there for the carriers to market data compression among the devices straight forward so that the consumers is better informed? What a joke to think they would be that kind. If more smart phone customers are signing up for the 2gb plan because they think the 200mb isn’t enough….that’s nothing but more money for them. Great! Let every customer think they are going to be using a lot of data. Plus, I bet a lot of people don’t even check their bill to see just how much they are/n’t using. But when the AT&T nation complained about poor coverage, who did they blame it on? The iPhone and its heavy data usage. They look out for themselves and that’s about it.

                • Daniel you’re absolutely right and that’s why I said that it should have been Rim telling that data compression story to their customers. They’re finally doing it on FB, but its not enough.

                  I found this out through Rogers (my carrier) and they actually printed it out in their customer magazine and their BB tech customer support was sharing that info. I also lucked out with the original sale rep who really understood smart phones and pointed me to BBs based upon my usage/needs.

                  However it should be Rim putting that into their ads for their phones and not just rely on carriers to advertise their phones. It is just another Rim failure in not pushing that advantage in their own advertising.

                • Yes RIM should be highlighting their better data compression but there 2 things that have be brought out in the marketing and that is 1) blackberry is uses less data then iphone and android and 2) that can result in cost saving for the consumer. If you just say that BB compresses data better than iphone and android, the average consumer is not going to care (perhaps a bar graph to show just how much less data exactly) or make the connection that they could possibly be fine with a smaller data plan then they have, saving them money.

                • Bad argument by starting it with a tiered data statement 30 bucks for 3 gigs. What if I am on an unlimited data with company X? Again, irrelevant until my company goes to a tiered data setup. I am not arguing whether it will or won’t in the future because when it does, believe me, I will want to keep my BB more than ever now. But right now, at this very moment, data compression on my bb is not that big of a deal for me. Why would it be for any perspective buyer over say the browsing experience on another device?

                • So nomore as you said you would take the better browser experience over the idea of compression… hmm… so you’re willing to pay say $50.00 for 6 GB data when you only need to pay $30.00 for 3 GB of data that you won’t completely use up in one month and that’ll give you an extra $20.00 in your pocket for the month – $240.00 for the year… okay… I guess you don’t need to be concern about your budget and love handing money over to your carrier… 🙂

                  It’s about saving money through data efficiency in your smartphone. You don’t think consumers would want to save money???

                • Again you’re missing the point. If many consumers such as myself are paying 30 bucks a month for unlimited 3G data, it won’t matter if I consume just 3 GB’s on my bb or 6 GB on another device. Come the end of the month my bill bill will include 30 bucks for data. So for people in that situation, there is no cost benefit of data compression because it is just ONE flat rate for it. Again, I am with you if you are with a company THAT HAS TIERED data plans. That completely makes sense to look at data compression to save money. But if you are on a flat rate for data then its not important.

                • You’re right Nomore about those on unlimited plans but, haven’t those been going out the window. I know AT&T did away with it, I’m still grandfathered, but I thought even Sprint’s Unlimited Everything deal was still just a high cap, 10gb or whatever it is. Are most people going to be reaching that cap? Probably not but still…

                • Nomore for you it doesn’t matter but not everyone is grandfathered in to an unltd plan and that may even change for you depending on your carrier.

                  I’m talking about new people signing up or getting their first smart phone or changing from one Smart phone to another. Based upon that scenario my argument is good.

                  If you had to pick a new plan and a phone now based upon my criteria which one you would pick? The phone that would give you more bang for the buck with a $30.00 plan or the the phone that gives you less and you pay more at $50.00? No unlimited data available.

      • You may want to actually use the camera on an android or iPhone, mp’s aside, bb can’t compare, the bb camera software itself is dismal side by side to others. Also rims social media integration is a pretty big joke considering the don’t share apis, battery life? I’ve documented 24 hours out of my sensation, battery life can be just fine on android.

        • Try running gps, and social networks like you do on a BlackBerry. I have the HTC sensation running same apps same usage the device last me at best 4 hours 3.5 is the everage.

          • i would suggest returning the device then, i have facebook, twitter, foursquare, kik, whatsapp, google+, 4 gmails accounts,, kik, htc sense, and weather all syncing, i get 14 heavy usage, 24 light usage ours out of the device, my numbers seem to reflect exactly what most tech blogs have reported with the sensation also.

            • We have 5 HTC sensations within the fam. They usually get around 8 hours since they don’t use heavy e-mail like I do. GPS kills it. Also I keep wi-fi, gps, and bluetooth on at all times on my BlackBerry I get a fulls day worth. Not on the HTC.

              • GPS hits it pretty hard, however the only time I use it is when I’m in the car, and have it plugged in anyway. WiFi makes battery better, and I don’t use Bluetooth at all so can’t speak for that

        • My boss have the iPhone 4 and pics he sends from that phone is crap. Its grainy. Even his Storm took better pictures. Pics from my BB looks way better. I already made the comparison.

          I get notifications etc on FB I can post and do everything I would on the website from my phone just like I would on my computer.

          Battery life 24 hours and that’s good? I get 36+ unless I have wi-fi on, BT on to my PB and to my handsfree in the car at the same time, FB running in the background, weather etc. If I have all that running then 24 – 30 hours. Oh and about 2-3 hours of talk time throughout the day at the same time. Did I also mention average 50 emails a day just receiving plus attachments which I open pretty well all of them… yeah compression data matters.

          • Yes 24 is good battery life, if you get 36 hours you’re still charging every night, so is say who cares about your claimed extra 12 hours, seems wasted, as for a storm taking better pics than an iPhone 4, lol you can’t be serious? Compression data os irrelevant, if you’re going to actually make claims that bb in its current state is doing anything the best right now, prepare to he laughed at by reality

            • Not charging every nite. If my BB is not hooked up to everything I can go a full 48 hours off charger.

              Extra 12 matters, it’s another work day especially if you’re on the road and not always in your car or office by a charger.

              Compression matters when you receive over 50 emails a day with attachments.

              Unless you are not paying your phone bill then you won’t care if your data is compressed or not which to me sounds like it. Obviously you’re not worry about excess data usage charges your cell company will charge you.

              Data Compression comparison:

              1 GB on BB = 10,000 texts/email; 8000 web pages; 600 photo uploads; 150 minutes youtube

              1 GB on iPhone/Droid = 3000 texts/email; 4500 web pages; 200 photo upload and 100 min youTube.

              Data compression doesn’t matter??? Think again.

              And if you’re tethering that’ll use up more data.

  21. CX you stopped being able to call yourself “loyal” to BlackBerry the day you switched to iPhone 4. Obviously RIM has difficulties right now. Clearly these are in the process of being addressed. If you were truly sympathetic to RIM and their fan-base, you’d understand why articles such as this one offend many of us.

    And by the way, we’ve learned nothing from BGR’s article. Disaffected employees are never reliable witnesses. I work in a company of 100 employees and there is plenty of bitching and moaning going on. Some fair, some based on misunderstandings and gossip.

    I could understand the anti-RIM sentiment better if there were no signs of change. But, CX, there are signs of revolutionary change. Let’s at least give them a chance to show what they can do before condemning them. Heck, I can remember when Steve Jobs said no to video on iPods. And claimed people don’t read anymore. CEOs are wrong all the time. Joking about Mike not wanting cameras and mp3 players 5 years ago is, frankly, ridiculous given that he obviously relented.

    • Why would an article like this offend BB fans? Why should fans care about this type of publicity. It’s not like BGR is insulting you or your mom. Geez. People take things too personal. As long as your BB is working then just move along and who care what anyone has to say about RIM, good or bad.

      • Just because you don’t have the same passion or level of interest as us doesn’t mean we are wrong. It doesn’t even mean you are wrong. People have interests and hobbies, this is one of mine. Who are you to tell me I am wrong. If you don’t care then don’t post and don’t read the comments.

        If you don’t understand the passion then why not try to learn where we are coming from instead of sitting their pretending you are better because you don’t have the passion.

        • One thing it to be passionate about something and another is to just be ridiculous. To start getting so defensive about a freaking Co. that you per-say have no more of an interest in it than the next guy (or gal) with a bb in their hand is weird. Dude, again, its a co not your mom. Geez. As long as your happy with your bb then why the F*@# care. You blasting everyone who has a different view to what bgr published is in no way showing your “passion” about your hobby or such.

          • Whats worse? Someone who is passionate about something and posts about it…. or someone who takes the time to go online and tell people who have these passions they are “ridiculous.” Whats more a waste of time lol..

            I would go with the latter. Again, you judge… if thats the person you are then fine.

            People have a passion for politics, sports, movies and any number of things. This industry and particularly RIM is something I have a huge passion for. Again, the fact that you feel compelled to come online and bash me is more a negative reflection of you.

            I guess I am “weird” like you say.

            As for the “blasting,” thats what forums and chat rooms are for. Debate and discussion, which I guess you call “blasting”. I welcome anyone I “blast” to retort and rebut anything I say. I appreciate other peoples viewpoints, but, if I see flaws in their logic, I will point it out, just as I hope someone would to me.

            If you respond to me I will find that to be weird… again… someone who will take the same time and effort to post online about why someone shouldn’t be taking their time and effort to post online…. is weird

      • I care because there are real people involved who work at RIM and rely on the company for their livlihoods. There is clearly a campaign against RIM at the moment, likely paid for by entities that wish to short RIMM or clear the competitive landscape. I love RIM, I support the people who work for RIM. I also believe in fair play. Yes RIM has issues, no their phones are not perfect. No excuses for them. Just a willingness to be patient and sympathy for the underdog and the people who work there.

    • Wow, people are hilarious. FYI, the only reason I started using the i4 was for BES on iOS for a test case. Yet now I’m not loyal. Good one there.

      This is the problem. People making excuses for RIM. You all keep making excuses for RIM. Keep thinking that the newest BlackBerry on the market has as good a camera and takes as good pictures as the i4. Keep thinking that the browser on the 9800 is anywhere remotely close to that of the i4. Which uses nitrojavascript and JIT(only introduced in the yet to be released OS & devices).
      Yes RIM is going to come back, but there’s absolutely no need to be an apologist on why they got themselves here.

      • What excuses have people given in these forums recently?

        Please sight the excuses….

        Who is apologizing for how they got into this position?

        Please sight the comments that are apologies.

        Crucial… your continued comments on the camera and browser are concerning. The new browser on OS 7 KILLS all the other browsers. The Torch camera unit is on par with the Iphone.

        Go take some photos with both and show it to people.. guaranteed it comes out in favour of of the BB camera. I know this.. because people and websites have already done this!

        If you can’t understand that the limitations of the current cameras is the chipset and not the camera unit itself then you are pointless to debate with

        If you don’t have a solid understanding of the way things work, then don’t post

      • Where have RIM got themselves? Wish I worked for a failure of a company like RIM which continues to grow exponentially and make multi-million $ profits each quarter. They have lost competitive edge, are working on re-gaining it. But they’re not as far behind as you seem to believe.

  22. we need to vote CX just got “torched” lol

  23. @ Certified… LMAO… yeah careful when you come on this site flaming BBs. While we know their failings we are rabid fans… 🙂

    I know I’ve done my research on other phones and other platforms and always come back to BB.

  24. well this isnt crackberry we do fight back

  25. this article is possibly the saddest/funniest thing i’ve read in weeks. get over it, bgr is reporting news, if you don’t like it don’t read it, if it wasn’t true it wouldn’t be hard to swallow now would it. there are plenty of people that work at RIM that post their thoughts about BGR on crackberry’s site and they all seem to think it’s a pretty accurate representation of what is going on.

    • STFU
      Haven’t wasted enough time trolling over at CrackBerry?

    • Katie, please clarify why this is “news” its been repeated ad nauseam in all sorts of forum including here. Failings, issues… blah, blah, blah…

      Can you say that all employees working at all tech companies are happy working bees? Or for that matter any company in any industry. If you were an ex employee would you always have positive stuff to say about a company? If you did why would you be an “ex” employee.

      You aren’t a loyal BB user if you’ve already left the platform, how is that defined loyal?

      I assume you’re saying that we don’t know who CX is and that he does know what he’s talking about etc… seems weird way for him to display his knowlege by claiming the superiority of the Thunderbolt (based on what, just stats? That’s akin to saying a Hummer should be faster then a Porsche cuz it’s got a bigger engine).

      A recent news story:,news-11828.html#xtor=998 just mentioned the security weakness in safari about downloading PDFs onto the iOS system… since Apple can’t seem to fix it they just made apps to bypass this… hmmm… is that innovation or laziness?

      Not news if you’re a BB fan and have read forums and postings etc. Only news if you crawled out from under a rock or drank the Apple/Droid Kool Aid.

      • We all know who CX is, katiepea. I used to enjoy his posts over at Crackberry forums. That is until it became obvious that he had zero real inside knowledge. He was just very good at providing little snippets he picked up and writing them in a cryptic way so people thought he was leaking RIM info. His abysmal knowledge of, for example, the excellent camera on the Torch, or the meaning of “social marketing” is more proof that he really was never the expert he claimed to be. (Remember when he assured us the PB would be out end of March?)

        • I like how they both just vanished. I know I presented a lot of information, but, I expected at least a contrieved and inaccurate response!

    • Keep drinking the koolaid katie. You are clearly unshakeabe in your thoughts.

      When you actually ask to specify what bb do better than the competition you instantly show you are coming from a poor understanding of the complete blackberry platform.

      Just for fun ill go over what they do better so that you can come up with some non sensical rebuttal that doesn’t actually present any facts.

      1. Email push = better
      2. Browser SOFTWARE = better
      3. Battery life = better
      4. Keyboard quality = better
      5. Chat software (bbm) = better
      6. Multi-tasking = better… Even on a 640 mhz cpu!!

      Katie. You reference that the upcoming os 7 hardware will already be. Behind next gen stuff from the competition. That’s wrong.

      The 1.2 ghz cpu will be on par with all competition. Everyone else is putting out 1 or 1.2 ghz single core and 1 ghz dual core… I don’t think anyone is doing a 1.2 ghz dual core or 1.4 ghz single… Correct me if I am wrong.

      One can almost guarantee apple will put the ipad cpu in the iphone 5. That’s a 1 ghz dual core.

      If you are going to try to tell me a 1.0 ghz dual core is better than 1.2 ghz single core for use on smartphones… You are crazy. Most people don’t do real hardcore multitasking that will take advantage of a dual core. For example if you are on a browser and that’s all you are doing…. A 1.2 single will be faster than a 1 ghz dual core.

      Katie get your facts straight and try to learn how things actually work

      • Your a soldier you put up a 14 hour fight lol Jp but everybody think a dual core is everything and beyond prime example the attrix 4g dual core is trash compared to the 1.2 ghz snapdragon processor when android really don’t have multitasking from my recall (plays with this POS thunderbolt) nope nothing

        • Throwing a dual core, quad core, 8 core.. whatever…. doesn’t make a difference if the OS and the applications it runs isn’t optimized to use it

          iOS isn’t really yet, Andriod isn’t really yet, OS 7 isn’t…. the only one that is is is is is QNX

    • Katie are you reeeeaaallllllyyy trying to imply that fake news and bad reporting practices are also not “hard to swallow”.

      You clearly aren’t able to objectively look at the bgr article and actually examine the contents. The “quotes” are often clearly from times and periods that are not remotely current. His comments about the nhl situation show a clear lack of knowledge of the documented facts on situation.

      Maybe you lack the knowledge to see the errors and thus you believe its news and except it.

      I am sick of people saying that because their is a very small minority unhappy with their employer that it translates into evidence of a bad company. Its just not true, unless all companies are bad companies…

  26. Luis, awesome article.

  27. Thanks for a good article. And for what it’s worth, I am another one who switched over from BB to try the iPhone, and switched back to BlackBerry as soon as I was eligible for another upgrade. The BlackBerry is much more efficient for me.

  28. In comparing android and dualcore I find it funny we all hate that hour glass right. Yet iphone is slow for mutitasking is painful. Android has the carrusel just like BlackBerry does of all the open apps but is not as useful. Sometimes app close themselves (using htc sensation) you can’t run the same ammount of apps as you can on the BlackBerry and have decent battery life. I do have to give props to android for not making the device useless when installing apps. Maybe this will be fixed with the higher powered devices. Still you get the hour glass on android too. The best way I put it is leaving the nice cute smart girl to the super hot airhead when going from a BlackBerry to android. Yes is flashy and apps are nice. Games are not apps. The best twitter apps are on BlackBerry. The facebook app on BlackBerry wins, SS is way better than most android twitter apps. Am talking about functionality not the looks. Each platform has their strong points but to each its own. I am a GTD type of person and that’s why I choose BlackBerry.

  29. So correct me if I’m wrong it took the iphone four years to get multitasking then it really aint true multitasking then it took them two years to get copy & paste so what’s the arguement with iphone & there browser when it took them 2years to get that fully functional the same thing for the first android phone that had the same specs as the storm 1 now blackberry first year browser renders pages faster than android & ios If I’m not mistaken android looked like blackberry in the beginning

  30. For one, I don’t have much respect for the “messenger” who furthers an anonymous person’s message (BGR). Second, I have even less respect for the “anonymous”…unless you’re the navy seal who killed Osama and your life could actually be at risk if you’re identity was reveal (or something on that level)…stand up for what you have to say and stop hiding behind “anonymous”…unless of course you DON’T EXIST. Zero accountability.

  31. This is a really great article Luis it touch all the point that is needed to be touched i love it haha and what better place to get a clear insight than Berryreview!! 🙂

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