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BlackBerry Torch 2 9810 AT&T September & T-Mobile November Launch?

Lots of BlackBerrys

The rumors keep coming for the upcoming BlackBerry device lineup. The latest news coming from NerdBerry is that the BlackBerry Torch 2 9810 is coming to AT&T in September and T-Mobile in November. The full touch Torch 9850 and 9860 will be hitting CDMA carriers first with a Sprint and Verizon launch in November. The BlackBerry Bold 9900 is on a different schedule with Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile getting it in August and AT&T scheduled for November. Last but not least the BlackBerry Curve 9360 is scheduled for September with a rollout to all carriers in November.

All in all this is still in rumorville but anybody else as excited as I am?

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  1. Let slip the dogs of war!

  2. If these rumors are true, I’ll be absolutely pissed that all of the other carriers are getting the Bold 9900/9930 in August, but it won’t drop for crapT&T until November. What a load of horse crap!!

  3. I don’t get it

  4. Seems in Canada, everyone who wants to sell the 9900 will do so by the week of August 15

    • One would think that all carriers that sell BBs would want to offer the Rolls Royce of BlackBerrys to their customers as soon as possible…unfortunately, AT&T like to test everything to death (probably trying to find more ways to squeeze money out of its customers). It this holds true, I might be switching carriers as I have a loyal following of BlackBerry, but could care less about the money grubbers at AT&T.

  5. Ronen, I’m not convinced that the Torch 9810 is coming to T-Mobile. When the specs were leaked back in April by N4BB, neither of the 2 versions of the Torch2 9810 listed on the spec sheet supports band 4 (i.e. AWS band) which is required for T-Mobile 3G/4G. Here is a link to the leaked specs and the top of the document indicates the supported bands.

    Obviously things could have changed since April and it would be easy for RIM to create a version of the Torch2 that supports band 4 but the T-Mobile Blackberry roadmap from May didn’t include the Torch2.

    On the other hand this T-Mobile Blackberry roadmap from March showed that the Torch2 was under consideration.

  6. If RIM is releasing seven BB 7 devices this year, they had better accelerate the launch schedule a bit for the four devices we do know of.

  7. The long comment I posted earlier today with some links seems to have been deleted. I’m not convinced that the Torch2 9810 is going to launch on T-Mobile for 2 reasons even though I hope I’m wrong. First there were 2 versions of the Torch2 listed on the spec sheet leaked back in April and neither of them listed support for band 4 (i.e. the AWS band) that’s required for T-Mobile 3G/4G phones. Also the T-Mobile 2011 roadmap leaked in May didn’t list the Torch2.

    Obviously things could have changed since the specs were leaked and since the roadmap was leaked. Plus it would be really easy for RIM to make another version of the Torch2 that supports band 4 like they did with the Bold 9700 where they had one version that supports the AT&T 3G bands the other that supports the T-Mobile 3G bands.

  8. keep um comming

  9. Not if you’re on ATT and waiting on your upgrade for the 9900 since April…
    November for the 9900 is quite a stretch, since they advertised that phone in May this year.
    I’m praying this leak is incorrect. And then again, ATT did the same thing with the original bold 9000

  10. Ok this is becoming really confusing….

  11. Lets hope this isn’t so. I’ve been waiting sooooooo long. As has everyone else!

  12. A launch of the full screen touch BB in November, when the QNX handheld will be announced before then and launched a few months after? If it was me, and it is, my contract was up last November, I’d been waiting, thinking we may get an announcement in Jan/Feb and a release last March. At this point I can hold out for QNX. If I wasn’t on BES, BB would be a distant memory.

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