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Rumor: BlackBerry PlayBook OS 1.0.7 Coming This Friday?


The latest coming out of the rumor mill has the BlackBerry PlayBook getting a new OS update on July 15th. NerdBerryreceived confirmation from one of their sources that the PlayBook will be getting OS 1.0.7 on Friday July 15th. This is not the native email and PIM packing OS update some are hoping for but supposedly that has been pushed back until “Later this year” from a previous “late summer” release. Who knows what that means.

Either way the new v1.0.7 is supposed to be an incremental update adding:
•    Enhanced demo mode
•    Demo modes rebuilds the OS
•    More to come
I am all for OS updates but I am waiting for some serious new feature builds! Everybody ready to start mashing that “Check for Updates” button?

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  1. I did not hear the “late summer” time frame. Balsillie said 60 days in an interview more than 60 days ago.

  2. I love my PlayBook but would like to see the following available in the next month (or sooner):
    1. Native email, calendar, PIM
    2. Android app capability
    3. Added functionality that allows a handset to act as a Bluetooth keyboard/mouse. I can hammer out some serious emails on my Bold 9000 (hopefully soon to be Bold 9900) but would like to be still ne able to control all of the Apps and use the large screen of the PlayBook.

    C’mon RIM, I took a leap of faith and purchased the device for its potential. Don’t let me down by taking months and months to make it live up to that potential.

    • There is already is an app called Phone Remote for PlayBook at App World that allows you to use the PlayBook as a mouse to control your phone. You can link up to your phone through wifi to send emails, text, open apps, BBM, from the PlayBooks interface, which displays a picture of your phones interface with control arrows/trackpad to control movement. A separate free app for your phone must also be downloaded from App World.

      • I think you misunderstood me. I don’t want to control my phone with the PlayBook, I want my phone to act as a wireless keyboard/mouse for my PlayBook. I picture having the PlayBook propped up and using the phone keyboard to type emails or create/edit MS Word docs directly on the PlayBooks 7″ screen vs using the tiny display of the phone. Sound good?

  3. Ps. Who gives a flying fig about the demo mode?

  4. my guessing that the native email will be released when they are ready to release the PlayBook 4G! but let’s wait and see what happens!

  5. No native email that’s sad 🙁

  6. interesting…

  7. Kinda funny… I was starting to check the update button the last few dys even before this posting!! LOL.

  8. Updates to demo mode????Is this serious???? How about getting the spell check working! Demo mode updates, that is the best joke of the day, RIM – you have to do better!

  9. DEMO MODE? I already bought the device!

  10. They need to stop with these Friday releases.

    Seriously… any major software company or enterprise knows that releasing an update of any size before a weekend is a recipe for unhappy customers and long support hours in the case of even the slightest problem. Unless the update itself is critical, it’s just not something you do.

    It’s excellent that they’ve not had problems so far… but sooner or later an OS release will cause something to break, it’s the nature of the beast. Nobody wants a critical system to become unavailable before the weekend – least of all the people who are going to have to perform a rush job to fix it after having finished a long week.

  11. Native email pushed back and coming later this year…………they’re just indefensible sometimes. I don’t know what to say anymore.

    • There wasn’t native email when it was launched and if you bought it knowing that then imo you have limited sympathy for your complaints. It wasn’t a deep dark secret there was no native email, but people love to harp on it.

  12. FYI $499 on an incomplete tablet is comical.

  13. Waiting for spell check!!

  14. waiting for A2DP support for my bluetooth headphones. i mean come….on

  15. Yeah, I have to agree on the more notable features…its good to at least see new apps appearing in app world every 2 days or so but, really the OS updates have been closer to what?…once a month (not every 2 weeks), the native PIM apps have taken longer than 60 days, no android support, very few premium apps (still waiting on kindle for one), spell check would be nice….could go on and on.

  16. Hey everyone, lets just take a step back.
    Rumour about the OS upgrade and what it is.
    I have not seen anything “official” about the OS upgrade to resident email and PIM.
    Only thing official sort of is September release of 4G, and that is inline with prior comments about release.

  17. USB OTG?
    MKV support?
    A2DP as mentioned above (the built in speakers still smoke the ipad).

    I don’t care about an improved demo mode…

  18. Sweet!!!!
    I’ve grown tired of the current demo mode. This new upgrade is going to make life good again….(sarcasm)

    I hope this is just a rumour and that the next upgrade brings more.

  19. I’m just waiting for more keyboard functionality. “shift backspace” so I can delete backwards, navigation keys so I don’t have to keep stabbing my thumb on the screen to get the cursor where I want it to go. You know, basic word processing controls. oh and the select is so sloppy, I always grab the wrong arrow. oh and finally, my keyboard keeps disappearing when I’m typing in the Bridge email program????!!!

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