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Highlights of RIM’s Annual Meeting of Shareholders (Good Stuff!)


Usually the RIM annual meeting of shareholders is a relatively boring affair but this year it has been getting quite a bit more attention. There was enough hype to even convince Kevin from CrackBerry to over there and live blog the event. I got a chance to listen to the webcast while I was eating dinner and there are some great tidbits there. Here are the notes I took:

  • There are now 67 million BlackBerry subscribers
  • Of those there are 45 million BBM users
  • The 4G PlayBook is still on schedule for this fall
  • The BlackBerry Bold 9900 is Mike Lazaridis’s favorite device… 🙂
  • The PlayBook is being tested by over 1500 enterprises
  • It will be the first of seven new BlackBerry 7 smartphones this year
  • That will lead directly into the first QNX phones early 2012 (Thanks Don for pointing out that Mike said early 2012)
  • The BlackBerry PlayBook is a taste of what is coming for QNX phones
  • RIM had to skip a generation of phones to get their hardware up to par
  • 391 certifications in 191 carriers (Thanks RIM for pointing this one out!)

Let me know if I missed anything! Derek also pointed out that Bla1ze managed to record a great shareholder who blasted RIM on not marketing and selling correctly but then made fun of the analysts bashing RIM while typing out their comments on a BlackBerry. All in all RIM managed to deflect most criticism and come out ahead with this meeting. Kudos to them! Now just hurry up and get a 9900 in my hand!

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  1. You mentioned the 9900 is being tested by over 1500 enterprises… Did you mean to say the PlayBook is being tested….? I thought I read it was the PlayBook, but I… or the live blog I was reading… could easily be wrong.

  2. What a coinky-dink! The 9900 is MY fav device too! #soulmates!

    Ashley + Mike = True Love

  3. Another great appearance by the dynamic duo of Jim and Mike

    I want them together always and forever.

  4. Am very looking forward for the QNX phones for 2012, so will hold out and pass on the upcoming 9900 for now 🙂 Go RIM!

  5. EarLy 2012 for qnx phones, wow. Shoiuld I get bold 9900 or wait till then and I get one of those qnx super phone

  6. That’s my major problem with the release dates. These phones should have been released 6 months ago. There is no way people aren’t going to be screaming bloody murder when they pick up a 9900/9850 in sept only to have a QNX super phone released in feb. People throw out the whole android releases a phone every 5 mins argument, but at least you have a shot at getting an update to the newer os update. RIM is mum on these os 7 phones being upgradeable. (They most likely aren’t) If you do the math, people will be burning their upgrade now and stuck with a super polished os 6.1 that RIM is parading out like its the best thing since sliced bread. Only to come out with the next best thing since sliced bread 6 months later with QNX. I’m frustrated to say the least. As always their timing sucks and I’m left in the lerch waiting until mid 2012 for an awsome RIM device. If I make it that long because Iphone is coming to tmobile and I’m only human. Jesus christ what a cluster [email protected]#!*$

    • I think the first QNX phones will just be touch screen only. No physical keyboards.
      So the BB7 phones will live on well past the introduction of a QNX super phone.

  7. Well you can’t blame rim look at the FCC they had the 9900 for half a year I don’t think its feb for qnx more like April I really don’t care I just want a qnx blackberry hope the ui looks like the playbook with all the sweet features

  8. Someone caught Mike Larzidis saying 7 devices in the coming years at yesterday’s meeting:

  9. I can see all those numbers of users and subscribers increasing by 2012 🙂

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