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All Touch BlackBerry 9850 & 9860 To Carry the Torch Name?


While RIM is showing off the BlackBerry Bold 9900 they have not said much about the BlackBerry Torch 9810 update or the even more interesting BlackBerry 9850 and 9860. The 9850 and 9860 are the all touch devices that kind of look like the previous Storm devices. We have been hearing rumors that they will be carrying the Torch name even though they don’t have slide out keyboards. Paul from UpdateYourBlackBerry emailed one of his contacts at RIM about the branding and they more or less confirmed that the devices will carry the Torch name even though they resemble the Storm line more. They just want to give it a fresh start.

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What do you think they should be called? I want RIM to take on mythology and call it the BlackBerry Zeus or Mars. 🙂 Who knows what RIM Marketing will do with the name but it looks like they will be called the Torch for now.

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  1. I like the “Volt” name that has been thrown around, but, it has all been officially confirmed internally at RIM that it will be the Torch 9850/60

    I suppose they are taking a page from Android phones by naming it a Torch.

    I was told by a friend that they choose not to name it something different, because, they are waiting for the first QNX full touch to create a new branding

    They wanted the first QNX full touch to be the first gen of a new line of named phones. So if they did want to go with the “Volt” they didn’t want the 9850/60 to use it as that would be make the QNX phone the Volt 2….

    I agree with this in theory as long as they apply it correctly.

    Have a Torch full touch that will be the low end full touch.. and have the QNX full touch be the highend full touch

  2. Ronen, the people I am talking to are still indicating the 9850/60 has NOT gone into full production yet.

    Given that the 9900 are already stacked in boxes at RIM…. I am still baffled that the 9850/60 is going to release potentially next month

    What have you heard regarding mass production of this unit?

  3. I think they should just add a keyboard to it.

  4. I’m not sure I like them calling it a Torch since it is a completely different form factor. I can see why they wanted to avoid the Storm branding since it has a negative stigma associated with it, but that might have been a better choice.

  5. Calling it a Torch would confuse the consumer. A Torch already brings to mind a slider with touchscreen & keyboard. This device is not a Torch.

  6. I’m cool with the current names it would be best they use all the kool names for the launching of the QNX BB’s.

  7. I don’t care what they call it. Just get it out so we can use it!

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