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BlackBerry OS 8 Vision By Bongs

e4CChEarlier this month Bongs posted screenshots of his vision for OS 8 in our forums, now he has a video on Youtube.  We were really impressed with his works and if you had not seen the screenshots yet check out the video below and you will see why.

On the concept video he shows off the a fluid looking UI, with gestures, with a notification drop down box similar to the one currently on OS 6 but much improved.

Another big reason why this has us really impressed is that he is only 16yr  old. Hopefully RIM is reading this and if they need some ideas get a hold of this kid. He has some talent.

Thanks to Ashley for the tip, you can discus on the forums at this link.

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  1. I love the passion that Bongs has demonstrated by creating a video like this. He must have enjoyed doing this. Nice work!

  2. What the actual f***. this kid has some serious talent!! Im amazed by this. Some of the idea is brilliant, a bit too Androidy for my liking but still great.

    • Agreed, OS 8 should have temperature, notifications in top of phone with drop down menu with settings, messages, social feeds, tasks, applications, tasks, calendar. Swiping should be on four corners/sides and swiping the right corner should open application menu (like Quicklaunch); swiping on the left corner should open social men with stocks, traffic, weather, rs feeds preview, upcoming events (birthdays etc). Swiping from lower left corner brings up keyboard and lower right corner brings up calculator. Both convienance keys should included with the ability to open several apps. All customizable to user.

      • All OS 8 devices should come with the following:

        1. Berry Buzz – the ultimate notification app.

        2. Shortcutme – the ultimate shortcut for apps.

        3. Leave it On – the ultimate backlight override/preview messages app.

  3. if android and bb os had a baby, this is the outcome.

  4. 16 you say?

  5. Looks nice but looks to much like android if I wanted this I could go get a thunderbolt or any other POS android device

  6. I really like the marketing strategies bongs as taken he with definitely get seen with his ideas.

  7. Bongs does it again! Nice work son!

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