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BlackBerry 9860 Monza Caught on Camera Again!

monza_9860vorn inhalt_monaz98601 

The BlackBerry 9860 Monza is pretty camera happy.It has been caught on camera again this week with both pictures and video from and more pictures from GeekBerry. Nothing crazy to see here but the device is looking good. For those of you looking for an all touch BlackBerry this may be your dreamphone until the QNX lineup comes out.

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  1. Not feeling those raised buttons at all

  2. I think these new devices gonna match up well with the competition and sell

  3. Well at this point… even without QNX…. with OS7 all blackberries are as good as everyone else in all areas except “apps”

    camera = average
    processor = average(dual core is useless for 99% of apple/android users)
    screen = above average
    size/weight = average
    browser = above average
    email = above average
    video = average
    music = average
    720p recording = average

    Other than a few fart apps…. its as good or better than the rest now….

    God…. imagine what QNX will bring….

    • current iphone is 800mhz single core. And I think theres only 3 or 4 android phones dual core.

      The Bold 9900 will probably be a bit better spec wise then the iPhone 5 if Apples upgrade is like the past. It crushes the new HTC Cha Cha and PS3 Android phones.

      The problem is…none of that matters except to people like us. What matters is what people are talking about and what the sales people are pushing. My brother is waiting for the 9900 and has been to Verizon store twice to see when it will be there and both times they tried to push him onto Android phones. If it wasn’t for me warning him about the differences that will effect him he’d already have a Droid.

  4. The Iphone will have a 1.0 ghz dual core… like ipad 2… and people will say its better… but.. its only better if you use it right… and the Iphone 5 will not use it right…

    Depending on what you are doing a 1.2 ghz single core is better than a 1.0 ghz dual core

    Devguy you are correct… most people have no idea about the capabilities of their phones.

    They do 3 things

    1. Phone
    2. Browsing
    3. Email/Chat

    Those top 3 things… the 9900 will be the best at

    • Another thing that I consider just as if not more important that CPU speed is RAM. It doesn’t matter how fast your CPU is if you’re just sitting there wasting cycles paging all day.

      How do you know the iPhone 5 is getting the iPad chip? Was there a spec leak of it somewhere? I must have missed it if there was.

  5. Kevin at CB has a great article called the “hierarchy of needs”

    They should have that in every store…. Blackberries would be flying off the shelves

  6. i can’t wait for this bb. its gonna be my backup bb even after the qnx bb’s get launched! my storm is begging for retirement. c’mon rim! send out the bb’s asap!

    ps. the raised buttons don’t bother me. i actually prefer them.

  7. Does this phone have the same width in terms of screen space as the Storm2, or does it look slimmer?

  8. But will it be up-gradable to ONX

    • all new bb’s being released this fall will NOT be upgradeable to qnx at all. apparently, the qnx os needs to have a multi core processor in order for it to work at its full potential. that is why the playbook has a dual core processor.

      • Actually all os 7 devices will be upgraded to os7 and qnx doesn’t need a dual core do your history on qnx before you speak on it

        • no one is saying that the new bb’s won’t be upgrading to os7. if u learn to read properly before u start talking like a jackass, u can see that i said all bb’s coming out this fall (os7) won’t be upgradeable to “os8” aka a qnx os. as far as me doing my “history” on qnx, from what i’ve been told and from what i’ve read on the internet, in order for qnx to run efficiently, it WILL need a multi core processor.

          an article from engadget quotes mike L. saying “At D:Dive Into Mobile this evening, Waterloo’s outspoken co-CEO went on record that they’ll be taking the PlayBook’s QNX platform to smartphones just “as soon as [he has] dual core baseband CPUs,”

          here’s the link to the article if u don’t believe me:

          if ur gonna try and prove that qnx can run on a single core, that’s fine. i’m sure qnx tried testing it out on a single core before realizing that they can have it run more efficiently on a multi core platform.

          please show me where u saw that qnx will be running a single core on a bb. i’d like to see how old that article was.

          • Now the jackass is you sir everybody know qnx doesn’t need andual core to run efficently he said it in that report like I said do your research on qnx & you will see it was built to run on all core processors thayw why they call qnx the most powerful os stop going of engaget bs you probably haven’t used qnx before on a pc

            • are we not talking about bb’s? no one asked if qnx can run a single core on a computer. we’re talking about bb’s and according to the info out there, the qnx generation of bb’s will come dual core to start and expand to more than that after.

  9. True, but still…. QNX! QNX!

  10. I need this phone ASAP

  11. I just want them in stores no more pics 🙁 the only pics i should be seeing is one of these fine devices in my hand 🙂

  12. Guys flame off, flame off.

    Both of you are right in a way. There has been conflicting reports on whther first gen qnx will be on single or dual core, but, there is no doubt that qnx can run fine on single core.

    Qnx is optimized to run on multiple cores yes, and that’s where its big strength is, but, it doesn’t mean running on a single core renders it useless.

    Doing email, browsing, watching a movie, playing music, these alll on theoir own will run the same on a single and dual core. Now of you wanted to do them all at the same time lol a multiple core system would run it more efficiently, but, hard to say you would notice

    The value of a dual core on a smartphone right now is overrated, but, as the software evolves it will become an asset

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