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My Own Icons Shortcut Creator With Homescreen Hotkeys

moi9 moi1

I’m always on the lookout for new apps to test out. So when I saw a public beta for MyOwnIcons, I got a little excited. MyOwnIcons is a new app by Fonware Ltd, the maker of the popular app ShortcutMe. At first, I though MyOwnIcons was just another shortcut creator – there’s already a couple apps out there that will create shortcuts and put them on your homescreen. OS6 even has this as a native feature for contacts and web pages.

moi2 moi3

But as I started reading the description for MyOwnIcons I realized there was something that it did that other shortcut creators don’t do: it allows you to set your own homescreen hotkeys. It will also let you create launchers from the BlackBerry Menu!

moi4 moi5

My Own Icons can do the following:
Launch almost any application
Send a PIN message to someone
Call someone
Text someone
Email someone
Compose an Email
Compose a SMS
Compose a PIN
Create a new Task
Create a new memo
Create a new calendar appointment
Create a new Contact
Open Calendar in Agenda, Week, Month, Day view
Open a web page
Runs a shortcut in ShortcutMe

One of the reasons I love BlackBerry is because of the physical keyboard because, let’s face it, there’s no real competition to a BlackBerry keyboard among mobile phones (sorry Storm users ;)). And when I got my first BlackBerry, I was delighted to learn that RIM had assigned some of those glorious 35 keys to quickly and easily launch some of my most used apps; M for messages, N for BBM, O for Options, etc. But I felt it was a huge shortcoming that I couldn’t define my own custom shortcuts. At first I sought an app that would allow me to define my own homescreen hotkeys, but never could find one. Eventually, like many BlackBerry owners, I purchased QuickLaunch (and won ShortcutMe in a giveaway) and gave up on the idea of custom homescreen shortcuts.

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Thanks to MyOwnIcons, I can finally have custom homescreen hotkeys. MyOwnIcons lets you create ten custom shortcuts. The light version lets you create one. I personally already setup a weblauncher for BerryReview (homescreen hotkey R), a launcher to SMS my wife (hotkey C), a menu launcher for AP Mobile, and a launcher for calling my parents (hotkey P). Not sure what I’m gonna do with those other 6 launchers, but I’ll figure it out soon enough!

So here’s how MyOwnIcons works:

  • Choose an icon to configure (icons are names moi_0 to moi_9)
  • Select what you want the icon to do
  • Choose an icon. You can use the default icon, the address book picture, or any picture from your BlackBerry.
  • Choose a homescreen hotkey if you want one
  • Decide if you want your icon to show in the menu or not.
  • That’s it! You’re done.

For more information about MyOwnIcons, you can watch the Developer’s Youtube video here: Or read about and purchase the full version in the BerryReview App Store:

moi8 moi10

A light version is also available in BlackBerry App World:

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  1. I love this app!!!!!! Let’s me further increase my production and forum w/ god speed!!!! Lmao… Beautiful app.. And worth paying for the full version.. I don’t say that too often!!! Lol… 🙂

  2. I agree 100% Ronen, keyboard shortcuts, speed dialing, spell check, universal search and convienance keys are what makes Blackberry phones the most efficient smartphones today. They need to add some of this functionality to the playbook as well.

  3. Its bound to be a good app. If its have the program of ShortCutMe then its a super app. Vijik (Fonware) has turned SCM into something extremely special

  4. Its a really nice app but i wish RIM will look at these app and consider integrating this feature in the OS it would certainly make this guy really happy.

  5. NICE

  6. curse you all! I will go get my own copy too! Looks pretty slick. 😉

  7. Great find, Ronen. Thank you for bringing this awesome app to the fore. I’ve been waiting for something like that for years. 10 custom icons, along with 10 extra user-definable hotkeys. Simply brilliant!

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