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Blaq Twitter Client For PlayBook Update v1.1 Now Available

If you have a BlackBerry PlayBook you know that the Twitter client options are limited. One of the most popular apps just received a nice update. This new update v1.1 now allows you to manage multiple accounts and search Twitter.

The app costs $1.99 but the update is free for existing users at this LINK

New features and Fixes include:

FIXED: Mentions show as new on refresh

FIXED: “Remove Photo” stays after tweeting a picture

FIXED: Composed tweet runs behind avatar

FIXED: Cannot send a tweet with special characters

FIXED: Fix composed tweet with … turning into shortened URL

FIXED: Real-time streaming fails after upgrading to OS 1.0.6

FIXED: User can only retweet once then only old-style RTs afterwards

FIXED: Keyboard doesn’t show up on reply or compose

ADDED: Scroll to top by double tapping respective icon

ADDED: Show lock when account is protected

ADDED: Maximize Web view

ADDED: Delete tweet

ADDED: Pull-down Options Menu (non-functional)

ADDED: Search

ADDED: Trending topics

ADDED: Link hashtags to search

ADDED: Better support for non-english languages when displaying tweets

ADDED: Progress bar for image upload

ADDED: New reply icon

ADDED: In-app notification system

ADDED: Link @ mentions to profile card

ADDED: Lists

ADDED: Multi-account

ADDED: New search icon to toolbar

REMOVED: Compose icon from toolbar

ADDTL: Minor cosmetic changes and performance improvements

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  1. I love it.. Buh, bye blackbird… At least this paid app can actually send pix…

  2. Can’t believe you even owned BlackBird! Lol. RIM needs to let devs have access to bridge api. Grr

    • Owned it???? Lmao hell no… I was just saying buh-bye in the sales sense to them… Lol.. Any twitter agent that doesn’t allow pic sending is a no go… Lol

    • I heard RIM say they would open the api’s for devs but didn’t give a date in their usual bague fashion.

      I do own Blackbird I have to say they have issued quite a few updates but the usability is not there yet.

  3. With these changes… it may actually no longer be a useless consumer of space on my BB. Here’s to hoping! (So far, Blaq is the only app purchase I’ve made that I regret spending the money on.)

  4. So I’m guessing the blaq app is one of or the best twitter client for the playbook?

  5. I still dint tweet…

  6. I too own BlackBird. I believe in just about every developer no matter what. And hope they can all eventually achieve what it is they need in order to be successful. I am actively working with Carty on Blaq though, and he’s been very responsive. He’s fixed every bug I listed out as well as added the features I wanted and features users prefer, within reason.

    Having a great product can be as simple as having a key audience of beta testers. You can’t hope users will mail your support email with solutions, I think you have to encourage it.

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