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Virgin Mobile Dropping $10 BlackBerry Fee While Raising Rate Plans

Virgin Mobile

Another leak coming from the smaller US carriers has Virgin Mobile switching up their plans shortly (as early as this month). According to MobileCrunch’s tipster Virgin is planning on adding $10 to their 300 minute plan bringing it to $35 and adding $5 to their 1200 minute plan which is now $45. They will be dropping their unlimited everything plan to $55 from $60 which is nice.

The best part is that they are no longer charging a $10 “Bolt on charge” for using a BlackBerry on Virgin Mobile. I know a few users who will be very happy about that… Let us know if you use a Virgin Mobile BlackBerry in the comments! Thanks Ashley for the tip!

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  1. I love virgin mobile for my lil JR BB lovers!!!!! I have many fam and cousins under the age of 15 and what better way to start ’em off than w/a Virgin Mobile account tied to their 1st BB!!!!!!! 🙂 Gotta start young ya know.. So many kids today growing up iPhones -smh- wasted youth… Lol this is how I mentor and raise awareness.

  2. I hope they let those of us already on the $25/month plan stay on it. I just jumped ship from AT&T to VM cause I love the $50 for two lines as opposed to the $150+ I was paying for AT&T.

  3. they are not charging the $10 fee but you are paying more for other services…what is the point?

  4. I actually use the 300 minute plan for my 8530. Even with the change, I’ll still be paying the same for my particular plan.

    • Same here. I figured with the introduction of the Motorola Triumph and possibly more data heavy phones on the way this would happen, but still this beats paying those outrageous prices over at the “other” carriers.

    • what do you mean u will still pay the same so if i like but the phone today nd get da $25 plan when they change it i will still be able to pay the same price???

  5. Wow why cant i start seeing some competition for carriers where it will be fun paying your phone because it is so cheap lol

  6. Raising the rate plan would really bother me. Straight Talk has unlimited everything for 45/month; and Boost starts you at around 50 then lowers to 35 after 1.5 yrs. I guess they’re banking on the fact that their phones will keep us from switching, but they need to keep in mind that a lot of their newer customers have had very bitter experiences with the contract carriers and may not tolerate too much tinkering around with the rates.

  7. what the heck this is the reason i got this plan and now there raising it to 35 thats not fair vm suks now!!! im out!

  8. It’s not much more and the unlimited dropped so I’m pretty happy about it and really people you had to of seen this coming with the news of having high end phones

  9. what the fck why are they doing this to me i finally convinced my parents to get this $25 dollar plan and now they are raising whyyyyyyyyyy mee???? i have this well ill see if i can convince them and get the blackberry its better then what i pay a month i pay $45 a month just to have unlimited texting and $1 per phone call i hate this aahhhh!!! ;(

  10. If your already a current customer then you are grandfathered in if you want to stick to your old plan. For me i have the $25.00 plan + blackberry.. So nothing changes for me because its still $35.00.

    • joe is correct. it’s aug 2nd. i’ve had the samsung mantra & the sweet $25 plan for the last three months after leaving t-mobile when my contract ended. i just topped up and it’s still $25. So if you had it before the change, then you are grandfathered in. if you change your $25 plan to say the paylo $30 plan (which is tempting b/c they give you 1500 texts now as opposed to 500 before) then you can’t go back to the $25 plan, but you can keep it as long as you never change your plan, which i don’t plan to do until i have a steady income. i use a free google voice number to talk free in the us and canada when i’m home. it rules. i don’t pay for a home phone. i just pay for my internet and i have a home phone and the 300 minutes on the $25 (now $35 plan for newbies or switchies) suck. i use them strictly as emergency minutes. like if i’m out and i NEED to use my mobile. but, you can’t beat a phone plan under $30/month when you are unemployed.

  11. I’ve been told recently that the Virgin Mobile Blackberry unlimited talk, text and web plan would cost me $70 a month; and after reading article ,I’m a little confused. Could someone please fill me in?

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