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BlackBerry Bold 9900 Already Has a Chinese Knockoff KIRF

9900 Kirf6 

Now this is a first. It looks like a Chinese knockoff KIRF device is already pretending to be a BlackBerry Bold 9900 before the 9900 even launches. Lucas @N4BB noticed this great knockoff selling at DHGate for only $80. You would think it was a steal until you see the spec sheet which is all over the place with my favorite being the inclusion of a Spotwatch whatever that is… to Mobile TV.

9900 Kirf1 9900 Kirf2

Check out the features of the Bold 9900 knockoff from the DHGate product page:

  1. 2.4 inch touchscreen,
  2. T-Flash Card Support
  3. 12.1 Mega pixel camera
  4. Stereo Loud speaker,
  5. MP3/AAC/AAC  player
  6. WAP connectivity, MMS Transceive
  7. U disk support function to keep the information storage
  8. Memory Phonebook :Call records 20 dialed, 20 received, 20 missed calls
  9. Bluetooth
  10. calendar,To do list,Alarm,World Clock,Spotwatch
  11. caller picture,caller Ring Tone
  12. Telephone directories: 200 contact ,support incoming call with big sticker,group ring an Messages &Multimedia messaging: SMS, support MMS; can use downloaded MP3 as SMS rings
  13. Schedule power on/off: support to start/close under set time
  14. Alarm clock: 5 groups, support alarm clock when machine closed, can set from Monday to Sunday
  15. wifi , TV , java , facebook .
  16. More information: MP3, MP4, Handsfree, SMS group sending, Voice recorder,   Bluetooth,  MMS, Memory extended, alarm clock, calculator, notepad,sound recorder ,Currency converter…..
  17. language: English/French/Espanol/Danish/Polish/Dutch/Arab/Portugues/Italiano/ Deutsch/Bahasa Melayu/Bahasa Indonesia/Turkey/Russian/Persian/Greek .

9900 Kirf3 9900 Kirf4 9900 Kirf5

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  1. OMG is that a front facing camera on it!!!!

    Sorry I had to cause I just know someone was gonna do it. 😉

    But seriously, if that thing didn’t blow up on you when you first powered it on it would be worth the $80. I mean I just spent $150 on a no-contract android (granted it is CDMA and locked to virgin mobile but still). This $80 phone would be a decent backup for those still on a GSM carrier. It may last a day or three until you can get a real replacement phone.

  2. Lol I went for an ebay 9900 but Isaw this and think I’ma run w/it too 🙂 love it n 80 dollars won’t even get u a motorola Bleep bleep ol’ school anymore… Lol (yes they still make ’em, u should see my dad’s sprint phone 🙁 embarrassing) lol

  3. If China is so good at imitating, why isn’t it good at innovating???
    I don’t suppose they are afraid of any legal action what so ever….
    P.S.: I’ve seen the iPhone 3G knockoff before…hahaha 🙂 very interesting

  4. I’m so tired of waiting that I might end up dropping the $80 to at least get my hands on something new. My trusty Bold 9000 is on it’s last legs…

  5. lol that’s awesome! Someone get a review up 😀 haha

  6. Seeing this doesn’t really surprise me coz has long as I can remember china has a knockoff for every blackberry and iphones out there like their imitation of the blackberry storm was named ace haha. China is such a smart country too bad you can take there product too seriously lol buying that imitation could cost you a ear lol

  7. I want to get it for the Spotwatch so I can use that new mini camera I implanted in my dog :). Godda luv speeling airs.

  8. this is hilarious…i have a friend who has a Chinese torch haha

  9. hahaha if I had the extra money Id but it just because its pretty funny. If it really had a 12.1 MP camera though it would be worth it

  10. Thanks for posting! This actually pretty cool LOL.

  11. Wow the first BlackBerry that falls under $100 price. oh crap it’s from china…

  12. Sad.. no bbm..

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