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New High Level Apps & Games Categories in PlayBook App World


When I first saw this earlier today I thought it was a bug since I had some shoddy reception. I then had Mac ask me about it while Luis confirmed it for him. It seems like RIM is creating two high level categories in App World for the BlackBerry PlayBook separating Apps from Games. I know Android does that but RIM has only previously separated Themes from all other apps in the smartphone App World app.

Right now the icon for Apps is still not showing up so it seems like a work in progress. Either way I kind of like the idea of hierarchical categories since a huge portion of the apps in App World and many other app stores are games.

What do you think?

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  1. I don’ t know how I missed that… cool!

  2. RIM will probably provide an explanation within a couple of days. There is an update due out soon

  3. I guess RIM is expecting a lot of games for the playbook and QNX phones 🙂

  4. I am hoping to see separate top 25 lists as well.

  5. Uhhhh, does anybody feel kinda crappy knowing that windows phone 7 just passed the 25,000 app mark and we’re over her dicking around with barely over 10,000 (blackberry has been around 3 times as long as WP7) I’m just saying, this is really annoying. Besides that, I’m supposed to buy a new BB (9900, etc.) Is the app enviorment for BB7 os supposed to have all these amazing new apps??? Is os7 so amazing that we get the holy grail of apps ANGRY BIRDS??? No I don’t want angry farm! I WANT ANGRY BIRDS!!!! Don’t tell me I’m going to have to wait for QNX super phones to play a game all my friends have been enjoying for 2 yrs already. Hey guys look I finally got angry birds to play on my blackberry super smart phone. What’s that you say? Your now playing a different game. Lemme guess my new blackberry doesn’t play that yet because I have to wait for the new blackberry super duper phone. I never thought about it this way before. It seriously just hit me as I was reading this article. We defend, defend, defend our BB because they’re what we’re used to and what we’re used to they do super well. But sometimes I want the ornaments and tinsel to go with the x-mas tree. And everybody elses x-mas tree is getting shiner and shiner every year

  6. Last time I checked, App World had over 20,000+ apps for BlackBerry. I hope they don’t clutter the PlayBook’s App World with eBooks like BlackBerry. I love the look of the PlayBooks App World interface. Clean and smooth just like the QNX OS. I would hope they add a top 25 apps for each app category/games.

  7. Dude yur seriously defending BB app world w/ its “20,000+ apps”. This is exactly what I’m talking about.

    • It’s not the quantity, but the quality of the apps that matters. Despite what the media would have you believe, not having Angry Birds on a BlackBerry is not the end of the world. There are many useful apps that I use on my BlackBerry every day. Those to me are more valuable than the thousands of 1-2 times and then never used again apps of the Android or Iphone anyday.

    • ” Sure I might not have 13,755 options for a to-do list app like I do in Apple’s App Store, but most of my bases are covered and covered well. Netflix Queue Manager is easy to use and lets me quickly add movies and shows to my queue. News360 sports a wonderful UI — as it does on all platforms — and lets me browse and read top news stories from numerous sources. Pipeline is an absolutely gorgeous RSS reader for the PlayBook that offers full support for Google Reader accounts, and GeeReader is a good free alternative that gets the job done quite well. ScoreMobile lets me check Yankees scores quickly in a great-looking UI, and the Facebook app for RIM’s PlayBook is fairly comprehensive and easy to use.”

  8. Can anyone boast of using 50Apps a day? either on Iphone or any Android phone?
    If anyone does i guess he or she is out of job!

  9. I suppose they are expecting a massive invasion of computer programmers and game designers…
    Numbers aint everything, it’s the quality control that matters.
    Not too long ago, I recall android having spam apps that spy on you…would you claim that as software or malware??!!! 😮

  10. I have to check this out, I haven’t been to app world in a week.

  11. I’m hoping this is the precursor to seeing another top-tier category titled “android apps” in the next update… here’s hoping.

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