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Scientists Flip Coin as Evidence Now “Increasingly Against” Phone->Cancer Link


So far we know that cellphones are potentially carcinogenic like coffee, they do something to your brain, and even 10 year studies on the subject come up inconclusive. Still that has not stopped people scurrying around worried that their favorite gadget is slowly killing them… faster than everything else that is already working on killing them. The latest entry to this circus of flip flop science comes from a committee of experts from the US, UK, and Sweden. They did a major review of the current published research on the cellphone cancer link and “concluded there was no convincing evidence of any cancer connection” according to Reuters.

The best quote from the report:

Although there remains some uncertainty, the trend in the accumulating evidence is increasingly against the hypothesis that mobile phone use can cause brain tumors in adults

While it is obviously hard to prove a positive connection between cellphones and cancer it still is extremely telling that even with tons of money and research we can’t even show any solid correlation. It could be cellphones are simply as bad as everything else we pit ourselves against like car exhaust and power lines. Still that won’t stop scientists from studying it… All they need is one extreme scientist and cellphones may become like the vaccine shots causing autism fears.

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  1. I’d have a huge tumor sticking out my head by now if this were true… Cell phone rockin since I was 15, pager since 14… Dual phones since 18… Yeah…. No tumor here…. AND I microwave my PopTarts!!!! 😉

  2. @Ashley THAT explains a lot! j/k 😀

    • What???? Say that to my tumor… 😉 lmmfao!!!!!!! It’s funny cuz u’ve said what every1 else was thinking!!!!!!! Haha n so were NOT JK-ing!!!!! Lol

  3. Well we all got to died from something. Smoking kills and don’t see that stopping ppl from smoking lol

  4. I was never worry but this is great news haha

  5. LOL, if I told you how long I have been using cell phones on a daily basis, many people would say “THAT” explains everything!! 😀

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