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AT&T BlackBerry Torch 2 9810 Launching in August?

AT&T Launch BlackBerry Torch 9810 rumor

We have been hearing for awhile now that the BlackBerry 2011 lineup was pushed into late Q3 which could mean either August or September. RIM is obviously pushing for a earlier launch but a new leaked doc from AT&T shows the BlackBerry Torch 4G coming in August. The previously leaked spec sheet for the Torch 2 9810 shows:

  • 14.4Mbps download speeds with HSDPA though limited to 13.4mbps due to chipset
  • 5.76Mbps HSUPA uploads

That is still in the quasi 4G space that carriers are calling 4G now so it could be the name for the new Torch. What do you think of having a Torch 4G?

via Android Central via CrackBerry

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  1. It looks like they will be selling a whole line up of BB phones powered by OS 7 in one month.

  2. Which on is it July or August? Crackberry says its coming out in July.

  3. I’m really curious to know if it will be 4G or not. If it is, I think it may stand a much better chance at doing well.

  4. Now its getting interesting anytime the word blackberry & 4g combine makes you wonder if the cdma version will be LTE ready

  5. I may be wrong, but aren’t the 9900s/9930s delayed due to the carrier testing on the device/OS? If that is the case, won’t the Bold 9900/9930 be released either at the same time or sooner than the Torch 2 since they have the same specs and OS?

    • I don’t think it was testing it could be since its a beta version of qnx last I heard they delayed it cause a chipset upgrade but sprint says August 21 Verizon aint saying nothing

      • Yeah but don’t forget that QNX requires a dual core CPU. The chipset upgrade as I recall was the CPU (the 1.2 GHz we are seeing today that is associated with the liquid graphics).
        Possibly carriers’ networks/OS updates

        I’ll never forget how much I hated my 9000 for the first 3 months till January when they finally released a beta OS with a battery life time more than 8 hours.

        Did I mention that’s how I hopped on to the Beta OS wagon before and this website?? 🙂

        • AT&T is notorious for releasing OS updates a year later after launch lol

        • That’s the requirement a dual core and we still don’t know for sure if its going to be a regular snapdragon processor or a dual core I know for sure they not running after a hummingbird that thing is trash if you put a 1.2 ghz against a dual core its not so much of a difference in speed the only difference is in dual/quad core some one or more core can shut down temporary to conserve battery life if qnx run lighting fast on a single core its one or two things they either using a older Version of qnx or they optimized it to run on a single core knowing how AT&T us they gone break the os down & find 500 ways to charge you for they navigation app

        • QNX does NOT require dual core

          It just runs better on dual core

      • I didn’t think OS 7 was a beta version of QNX, but I could be wrong. My point was that I don’t think it is the hardware refresh (essentially, both are just upgrades to previous versions) is the problem, I think carriers are testing OS7 to death (it wouldn’t surprise me if it is AT&T that is holding up the process).

  6. Wow the time is getting near and still cant decide if i should upgrade my torch or get bold 🙁

  7. The 9900 is HSPA+ so likely they will all be HSPA+

    Remember with the current state of 4G… HSPA+ is 4G

    Aint nothing wrong with HSPA+ speeds….. still better than my 10 Mbps home internet

    • It don’t require dual core its compatible with all core processors there’s no doubt if you want to tap into the speed and power of qnx a dual core is the man a single core us something serious to except that hummingbird processor all I can do us wait & see rim has never been this quiet

  8. Just bring on the 9900


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