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Best Settings for BlackBerry Torch 9800 Touchscreen Sensitivity?

Touchscreen sensitivity options Touchscreen sensitivity options2

Luis asked me a bit ago what settings I had on my BlackBerry Torch 9800 for “Touchscreen Sensitivity.” He thought his settings were messed up so I told him mine was set for Tap Interval: 400 and Hover Period: 100 while his was set for 800 and 400 respectively. I had never really messed with these settings in the past so I decided to look up what RIM had to say about it. This is how RIM describes the two options:

  • Tap Interval: If you want the screen to respond faster when you tap it, change the Tap Interval field to a lower number.
  • Hover Period: If you want the screen to respond faster when you touch and hold it, for example, when you touch and hold the screen to open a pop-up menu, change the Hover Period field to a lower number.

See I could not think of any reason why I would want my BlackBerry Torch to be less responsive or respond slower so my first attempt was to lower these settings to the lowest possible of Tap:50 and Hover:0. This caused some erratic behavior with the hover action menu so I decided to bring the Hover up to 100 and then 200. I have been using this Tap:50 and Hover:200 setting for a little over a day and I AM IMPRESSED!

My Torch suddenly feels like a whole new device when I use the touchscreen. The action menu is now totally usable because I just hold the screen for a second to get options. You may want to play with the settings yourself until you get it right but please report back in the comments with your findings or experience!

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  1. How does this affect double-tap time? Do you have to do it faster for it to be effective?

    • Going <150 for sensitivity will make double taping noticeably more difficult, ask me how I know 🙂

      So if you do try lower setting and find you re having trouble double taping anymore, bump up the sensitivity to 150 or 200

      If you're wondering, my setting are 200 sens 400 hover

  2. Ok kool my settings was 600 and 300 I jus change it 🙂 I always think the OS had someting to do with the sensitivity and it never occur to me to even check that option. Thanks for that Ronen.

  3. With my screen protector, I’m limited to 200 for tap. 200 for hover works great. Double tap? Never even knew we needed to do that.

  4. What would double tap be for?

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