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AT&T to Finally Open Up BlackBerry Bridge Today

BlackBerry BridgeBlackBerry Bridge2

We told you yesterday that AT&T was going to make an announcement about the BlackBerry PlayBook. I theorized that the announcement would be about BlackBerry Bridge finally being opened up but I dreaded that AT&T try to screw customers by charging for it. According to AllThingsD that fear was unfounded. They heard from an AT&T spokesperson that:

“AT&T has thoroughly reviewed the application and at noon today it will be made available via BlackBerry App World,… Our customers’ wireless experience is always our number one priority.”

I am not sure what took AT&T so long or if they were simply being difficult but that means we should be seeing BlackBerry Bridge show up in App World shortly for AT&T customers. AT&T is not charging more for Bridge access but they are offering full tethering for $20. I am just hoping they aren’t pulling any tricks and trying to block the “Bridge Browser.”

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  1. ATT is always up to something…. Hmmmmm we shall see shortly what they do… Ick… Greedy….

  2. What I heard happen why at&t didn’t support the bridge was that RIM announced the bridge to all the carriers like a couple days or week before the playbook was out and all the carriers approved it except at&t.

    At&t think they announced too late and didn’t allow them much time to test it.

    So now it make sense for them to make it available since they will be selling the playbook.

  3. AT&T is full of it they need to be hit in the head with something that’s why the city of new orleans is sueing them

  4. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Torch and I’m planning to hold out for a QNX-powered ‘Berry, but as I see it there are fewer and fewer reasons to choose BlackBerry over Android. One of the biggest reasons I loved the BB platform was that carriers had virtually no say over it. This marks a dark turning point in the battle between carrier greed and consumer protection. I’ve never understood why tethering should cost anything anyway if you’re paying for actual data usage (as opposed to unlimited). If I use twice as much bandwidth because I’m on a PC, then I’m also paying twice as much. It’s plain, unadulterated, unmitigated greed.

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