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RIM’s “Open Response” to Anonymous “Open Letter to RIM Management”

Chalkboard fight

The BoyGenius really knows how to rile RIM up with anonymous “Open Letters” and anonymous “statements from a Big Box Retailer.” RIM has responded to the “Open Letter to RIM Senior Management” that we told you about earlier today with their own “Open Response.” While there are things that make me doubt the authenticity and/or knowledge of the “high level RIM employee” open letter I find RIM’s response sufficient but I wish they would have come out with more guns blazing. Here is RIM’s response from the official BlackBerry blog:

An “Open Letter” to RIM’s senior management was published anonymously on the web today and it was attributed to an unnamed person described as a “high level employee”. It is obviously difficult to address anonymous commentary and it is particularly difficult to believe that a “high level employee” in good standing with the company would choose to anonymously publish a letter on the web rather than engage their fellow executives in a constructive manner, but regardless of whether the letter is real, fake, exaggerated or written with ulterior motivations, it is fair to say that the senior management team at RIM is nonetheless fully aware of and aggressively addressing both the company’s challenges and its opportunities.

RIM recently confirmed that it is nearing the end of a major business and technology transition. Although this transition has taken longer than anticipated, there is much excitement and optimism within the company about the new products that are lined up for the coming months. There is a fundamental business reality however that following an extended period of hyper growth (during which RIM nearly quadrupled in size over the past 5 years alone), it has become necessary for the company to streamline its operations in order to allow it to grow its business profitably while pursuing newer strategic opportunities. Again, RIM’s management team takes these challenges seriously and is actively addressing the situation. The company is thankfully in a solid business and financial position to tackle the opportunities ahead with a solid balance sheet (nearly $3 billion in cash and no debt), strong profitability (RIM’s net income last quarter was $695 million) and substantial international growth (international revenue in Q1 grew 67% over the same quarter last year). In fact, while growth has slowed in the US, RIM still shipped 13.2 million BlackBerry smartphones last quarter (which is about 100 smartphones per minute, 24 hours per day) and RIM is more committed than ever to serving its loyal customers and partners around the world.

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  1. I love the image!!! Lmao!!!!

  2. I guess I’m disappointed at the response. It doesn’t really address the letter, and it stays really general. Like I said in a previous comment, I wish they would have come out swinging with something more confidence building. Oh well. Awesome pic, by the way.

  3. Yup we would have preferred to use a “WWF Smackdown” picture but RIM didn’t give us much to work with. From what I know is going on at RIM they have a strong comeback coming VERY soon with a follow up on the PlayBook updates and then QNX phones. Its going to be a one two three punch knockout. Its just taking time and they are cutting some corners to get it done faster.

  4. Glad to hear RIMM’s still got that fighting spirit. I think they still have what is takes to come out on top. They still have the ace up their sleeve – QNX that no one can match.

  5. Who’s going to win on The chalkboard Battle? lol

  6. Here is the dilemma for me. I want the new QNX stuff to come out as soon as possible, but I don’t want them to cut any corners to get it out. But its good to hear they have some big things coming and that they are working as hard as possible to get it out as soon as possible.

  7. I just wish rim shut bgr down these dudes do anything for some shine

  8. Its too bad they had to respond at all. The letter was an obvious fake.

  9. A senior employee at rim wouldn’t write the way this letter was written.

    It reads like its written by a fanboy like us.

    The points are valid to a certain extent but they are also points we already know and seem to not acknowledge any of the internal changes we know about but much of the regular crowd don’t.

    Half the points are outdated by at least 2 months based on changes in rim in the last 2 months.

    It smells of bullshit

  10. The best part of this is probably the picture.

    I just wonder, how as blackberry fanatics do we keep positive among all the doom and gloom?

  11. Hmmm wonder who win that chalkboard battle haha

  12. I know one thing those new ui’s is one thing we won’t get a leak of and its no clue qnx was going to be running this show from what the future showed qnx is a fast working team rim has changed back in the day if bgr tried this fake letter rim wouldve buried them they had to reply to this if I’m not mistaken this the second big blow from bgr one more its over for bgr

  13. Oh Lord… More ‘anonymous letters’ from BGR…

    Seriously all the forums in the world one can post freely and we are to believe that RIM reps rely on that propaganda writing RIM-racist? Lol… Hmmm the word ‘magical’ comes to mind…

  14. I really hope does a no comment until we get real names and add that anyone can wfite a news report. The only thing that makes one have faith in annon reports is the credibility of the news org and RIM should then note the several inaccurate reports that have come from BGR.

    i.e., bgr you have no reputation for good reporting.

  15. I really wish some smart programers that like RIM will take down the BGR site, he may be stupid enough to believe the letters he may be getting, but doesn’t he know RIM just cut like hundreds of employees…

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