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Telus BlackBerry Bold 9900 & 9860 Spotted in the Wild

BlackBerry Bold 9900 9860 Spotted Telus 

Not much to say here other than these devices are so close to launch they are starting to be spotted regularly. CrackBerry got a tip showing the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and BlackBerry 9860 (full touchscreen device) running on Telus caught on the streets of Toronto. I guess that means the boys in green will be getting these slick devices.

We have been hearing from many contacts that RIM and carriers are showing the devices around prolifically meaning device launches are coming soon. Expect to hear more as we learn more. G’night y’all! Ronenout…

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  1. That great I can’t wait to get my hand on one of these babies 🙂

  2. 1 of each, please.

  3. My god those buttons on the monza are horrible. Didn’t think they’d really do it. They should never put the 9900 next to the 9860 in/on any photo, demo, shelf, video, movie, tv commercial, thought or dream. Under no circumstances should that ever happen. A company wide interoffice memo should be sent out mandating this! The 9860 looks soooooo friggin bad next to the refined classy sharp 9900.

  4. I was considering purchasing the Monaco but the physical buttons on that phone are horrid. I know it’s just aesthetics but if that is how it is released I will not be getting it.

  5. I don’t want it to be spotted in the wild tho… I’d like it to be spotted in my Hands lol

  6. I know everyone has seen the “I have a friend of friend that works for RIM” posts.. but I actually went into an electronics store (I won’t divulge the name but they have a national presence), and asked an employee about the Bold 9900 for AT&T. She called her BlackBerry rep and they said it was projected to be release for AT&T in August/September. Yes, I realize this is something we kinda assumed already and it isn’t 100% official because isn’t coming from a RIM or AT&T exec.. but at least it is further confirmation that will be seeing this beauty within the next 90 days (HOPEFULLY)!

  7. Rumors… but good rumors, nonetheless! Thanks, Mnhockeycoach99 for that “light at the end of the tunnel”. An August release works great for me!

    I hope RIM is able to release all these devices at the same time since they’re all way, way overdue. If they get pushed back any further, they’ll get swallowed up by the upcoming QNX phones in May 2012. In other words, they’ll only have six months on the market before they’re obsoleted by the newer superphones.

    RIM should release all four of them in August or they won’t have sufficient time to recoup the development costs invested in them.

    I know a lot of work is going into the smooth transition between OS 6 and OS 7, and OS 7 and OS 8.

  8. bring me the 9900, please :))

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