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Rumor: 10” PlayBook Canceled to Focus on QNX Superphones (SuperBerrys)

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You should take this with a huge grain of salt but if true I am all for RIM making this decision. N4BB is reporting that one of their sources told them the vaguely rumored 10 inch BlackBerry PlayBook prototype project was scrapped for now. That same source said the reasoning for it was to focus on the upcoming BlackBerry QNX powered superphones which will include specs like:

  • Single-core 1.2GHz processor (same as Bold 9900), word has it that the same dual-core processor in PlayBook is a huge battery killer, but a dual-core processor is still a possibility
  • 900+ screen resolution
  • 4.3″ touchscreen

I think the single core processor for these super phones is a possibility but QNX truly shines with multiple cores due to its messaging subsystem for multitasking but who knows. We do know that the current TI 4430 processor in the PlayBook would never work on a phone which is why no other manufacturer has tried. Also the source said the LTE 4G PlayBook is scheduled for October 2011 which is about the same time we are hearing the WiMax Sprint version is scheduled for. While this is a rumor about a rumor I still think RIM should be doing all they can to get these next generation QNX powered phones out the door. They are making great strides with the PlayBook but they have tens of millions of customers waiting to be wowed by the next phone from Waterloo.

RIM’s strategy for the upcoming next generation SuperBerrys is starting to all come together with a Java Player to allow for all core BlackBerry Java apps to run on QNX. The native SDK is also coming and RIM is fleshing out the API’s for the AIR/Flash and WebWorks SDKs. I can’t say much more but obviously QNX has a limited time to spend and as such they should be focusing on getting these SuperBerrys out this year if possible. There was no huge demand for a 10” PlayBook especially since RIM has more critical areas to focus on. I don’t recommend they cancel the project but rather wait until the next generation to add more sizes.

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  1. I agree if it’s true I’m also 100% in favor after all RIM IS a PHONE manufacturer…… That is what they should focus on 1st and foremost.

  2. Phone maker, true enough, but there is BIS/BES also. We cannot forget that.

    The rise of superphones is a turnpoint for RIM. All their network-structure should change to accomodate the sheer horsepower the devices will be able to handle.

    Data (as in attachments and the sorts) limitations and other settings within the BIS solution need to change or we will have great hardware with crappy service.

  3. Absolutely, this is the right decision. A “7” inch PlayBook is fine for me. I hope they are able to get the dual core problem resolved – they need to match the competetion.

  4. I’m not leaving RIM/BB and want them to do the best, but i read this and say the problems continue. QNX on a single core, running java and droid virtual players? I hope it’s snappy but I fear the rotating clock or what ever its called. When you get caught flat footed and don’t react for a couple of years you really pay.

    • I have serious doubts that there is plan for any single core qnx phone. qnx is essentially built for multicore. I suspect if there’s any truth to it, it’s along the lines of “battery life only on par with iphone/droid” – and not the type of duration bb users have come to expect. It would seem more logical to revamp the power management subsystem than make the OS run on a single core. Especially when you consider that one of their two major competitors is already on dual core – and the press would love nothing more than to fjnd another excuse to rake them over the coals some more.

      On the other hand if it means I can later upgrade a bb7 phone to qnx, I won’t be sad either…

      • Who knows. The thing that really is confusing is that dual core on Android does not make much “Real World” difference currently. Put a dual core 1ghz Atrix or Samsung Galaxy S 2 up against a 1.2Ghz Infuse and in real world applications the Infuse will be faster. Especially with the quasi multitasking on Android.
        All in all I have found even the 1.2Ghz hummingbird is sluggish with android. Especially if you have multiple apps running.

  5. Thats the thing they are reacting and have been for the last 1.5 or so years but it takes years to bring a new OS to market and catch up. Should be interesting to see how it plays out.

    • What has ever gone on with that so called investigation that RIM was supposedly under about their aging portfolio? Haven’t heard much about that lately… Might be a good thing to push superphones!

  6. I’ve been in Switzerland the last few days and I have come to the conclusion that I have to change the way I think about RIM. They had a brief time in the consumer spotlight but that door has closed. I see tons of iPhones and droids (mostly the former it pains me to say) and when I see blackberry you can pretty much tell 9 times out of 10 its business phone.

    The fact that RIM is so tied in to the business phone is half the reason they can’t compete in the consumer phone market. BB have tiny screens compared to the competition and this is all driven by battery life and we see it again here in the chip set which will put them out of date, but regardless it sees that RIM will do anything but give up on battery life. This is all driven by the fact that the blackberry is a business phone first, last and always.

    RIM has to deliver a good enough experience so that employees don’t start breaking their phones, but they believe that battery life will trump all in the battle for business consumers.

  7. yeah…. Whatever. I’m done with BlackBerry. My next phone is either the Samsung Galaxy S II. Or the Motorola Bionic. BlackBerry has lost their edge and the WOW! factor for me. iOS and Android has moved so far out in front by leaps and bounds. Get it together RIM. I’m off this sinking ship.

    • Hmm did RIM ever have a wow factor? It’s more of a get stuff done phone and great hardware. I have to say I am not leaving since i played with some droid phone in the shop and found the form factors to be crap. 9900 is hard to beat IF there is no more lag and clock of death.

      • Yup precisely my thoughts.If only BB does away with lag and become responsive much of complaint would be eliminated.Android hardware is crap and that’s where only Apple and RIM excel.

  8. Don’ give up on RIMM’s consumer side yet. If RIMM builds QNX on smartphones right, they will come.

    • You got that right!

    • Well Moto was dead but came back so anything is possible. I just think it is harder for RIM because they view every phone they make as a business phone and battery life seems to trump all. Sometimes I they should build a consumer phone with wow and just say if you need to run this phone all day don’t buy it. Then show us the wow. As long as it matches droid or iPhone in battery life people won’t care, Nd for those that do make sure rhey should buy the 9900.

      • Absolutely right.This the shadow of their past success, they are not able to give up.I think Mike L is responsible for this battery life fixation.Serves him nice that his net worth has been cut to 800 million.But I like the guy.

  9. When did rim have wow factor? Hehe

    Go rim go!!!

    • BB Addict what is your take on this? You think a dual core QNX phone can be out may be by Feb 2012?

      • Feb no.. April/may yes.

        • BB Addict.Thanks a lot for replying.If I am not wrong April, May was already scheduled for a QNX phone.So I don’t understand why they had to cancel the 10 inch tablet program, if not to expedite QNX superphone launch?? What are your thoughts on that.

          • The 10 inch isn’t “cancelled.”. They are still developing and testing but have reduced resources to the program. They also might hold off production until after the phones get out.

            Going from 7 inch to 10 inch is so much easier than going 7 inch to 3.5 inch.

            They already have the 10 inch model in testing.

            Its more about the allocation of marketting resources.

            They likely want to invest all money into marketting and production of the superphone instead of splitting marketting and production costs with 10 inch.

            The 10 inch program is alive and weell but the timelkkine has lengthened allowing them to work on the os more

            Makes sense really.

            Release the 10 inch along with the 2nd gen 7 inch

            • Yes makes sense.They also promised to control opex at the earnings call, I guess this is one way to achieve that.To channel limited resources to high priority projects.QNX superphone by Q1 2012 will be awesome.

            • FIRED! Can’t believe I own stock in a bunch of nosepickers. If they can’t sell any new phones, they can’t fund development of the 10-inch PlayBook. Haha!


              • Wow…..

                Flame on joe….. Flame on…

                Clearly you have no understanding of development processes

                Don’t waste your time by posting here anymore.

                We won’t be reading.

                Thanks for comin out

  10. I really like the fact RIM cancel the 10″ playbook to make the “QNX powered superphones”.

    But to the fact that there are gonna use single core on the QNX phones is just not cutting it.

    Why is it RIM find it hard to catch up with the competition but the competition didn’t find it hard to catch up with them?

    I understand the fact they need to satisfy the needs and wants of consumers but they are already late for the party.

    I recently read a post that said: “Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and how his ability to come fashionably late to the party has definitely paid off, Why RIM cant be fashionably late for the party too and it actually pays off?

    What if RIM change up their form factor a little bit like to make the phones a little bigger so it can fit a bigger battery wouldn’t that fix the problem??

    • Absolutely, battery life shouldn’t take precedence over user experience.RIM has been stubborn about battery life while Androids have 50% market share in US and UK.I think Mike L needs to be less insistent on battery life aspect.

  11. i was/am excited to hear about 10 inch pb, but I think this is a wise decision. they can continue to develop the operating system while they develop the necessary hardware for phones. would love to see more of the 9900 styling on full screen and torch-like phones.

  12. 10” screen was overrated anyway, no matter what Steve Jobs says. My brother just got the Asus tablet, 10” was the only option, I have arthritis now from using it. I’ll take my 7” PB any day. At least give the people an option.

  13. I really hope this rumor is true. The 10″ PlayBook can definitely wait; especially considering how terrible RIM’s public image is right now. They need to throw everything they have into optimizing QNX for their smartphones. I feel like the PlayBook; as awesome as it is, still only taps into about 10% of the potential of QNX.

  14. This rumour about the 1.2 ghz single core is rooted in semi fact

    They are going to try both single and dual.

    If all goes well we will see qnx on the 9900. In some form

    By next year the dual core issue with battery will be sorted out

    Next years phones will be dual core

  15. No kidding!!! Are these guys serious?!? Is RIM trying to get out of the smartphone business? Are they bowing to pressure from Android and iOS? You’d think they’d be firing a few counter punches of their own, but they sit back on the ropes in the corner getting pummelled by the competition and critics! The media and investors are joining in too! What are we, consumers, supposed to think? Forget the match, will they even last the round???

    Who cares about a 10-inch PlayBook? How could RIM prioritize that over their phones — which was their bread & butter! Yes, they did finally wake up to reality, but these execs need to wake up from their dreamland. That kind of thinking and inability to act swiftly will continue to cost them dearly.

    That exec who prioritized the 10-inch PlayBook over the QNX phones should be fired! And if I can’t buy a new BlackBerry 7 smartphone on August 1st, I’ll say bye bye and join the stampede for other alternatives. I’ve lost all patience.

    • Yea RIM had its downfall and made some stupid decisions and ever one make mistakes but I wouldn’t cash in my chips just yet……

    • So long and farewell. You will be back.

      Gotta love the bandwagon jumpers

      • There’s a huge crisis here. Investors are pulling out, the stock is taking a beating, RIM is losing large amounts of market cap, and they’re even dismissing employees. Worse, their name is being soured in the media every where you turn — not one positive report to be found. The prized BlackBerry name now finds itself in mud.

        Why is RIM trying to expand the PlayBook line when they don’t have any smartphones to sell. Isn’t that their bread and butter? All of RIM’s devices have aged considerably compared to the competition. Is there anyone but Apple that has a 1 year old device on the market?

        • Take a deep breath. Relax. You’re posting left and right here as if it’s going to do some good — not to mention you’re insulting the company left and right at at what is essentially a BB fan site 😉

          You’re jumping at shadows and reacting to rumors of rumors. Seriously, this whole article is “there is a rumor that the the rumored 10″ playbook has been canceled”.

          They’re not in a crisis. Look at the actual financials instead of the doom-n-gloom media reports. They’re sitting on a mountain of cash, no debt, and they’re still growing quarter over quarter. The investors who are pulling out are the ones losing sight of the fact that this is a strong company – one who has made some missteps but has the resources to fix it.

          They’re dismissing employees because they’ve made a lot of acquisitions recently, and they’re cleaning up from that. Look at any company that makes multiple acquisitions, and within a year you’ll see the same pattern.

          There name is being soured? Well, that’s nothing new for whatever reason. The tech media has loved to hate RIM since Apple came on the scene.

          The question is how much control you’re going to give the media over your own reactions. Remember that the normal phone buying public isn’t even *aware* of these discussions. If you doubt that, just lurk in your local AT&T store and listen to the kinds of things people say when they make up their minds. I’ve done it – and can promise you it’s educational in the extreme.

          • Boom goes the dynamite marc….

            Truer words were never said…

            Flame on joe… Flame on…

            • I’m not looking to argue over this. Why do you want to just shut me up when I’m just looking for answers?

              What should I do? How much longer can I stick with my 3 year old overworked and underpowered Storm 1? What current BlackBerry should I consider instead? See, you won’t answer that question because you know what is coming around the corner and how much better it is than what is presently out there. You wouldn’t make a 2 year commitment to stick with any one of those current devices when the OS 7 devices are so much better.

              Marc, you give some decent facts, which I have also echoed in the past, but none of those facts have managed to put a Storm 3 (or BlackBerry Touch) in my hands. Not even the Bold Touch is available as an outside but possible option.

      • This is not a joke, BB Addict. This is my reality. I don’t think you get it when I say ‘I NEED a phone’.

        I’ve exhausted my patience many moons ago. I cut RIM some slack because of the PlayBook, but I am at my limit. I can’t wait for the next batch of BlackBerrys in two or three months, and I won’t pick up a one year old underperforming Bold or Torch and stick with it for another 2 years!!! That would be just plain dumb.

        If I do decide to “wagon jump” as you put it, (and I’m waiting till August 1st to make that decision), I won’t be back for at least another 2 years until that other contract is over. I’m sure I’m not the only one in this situation. Many other folks like me have been waiting for a long time for new phones from RIM.

        The bottom line is, do they want a buy from me today or a possibility in 2 years?

        Some of you guys can afford to buy a new phone every few months. Most of us cannot, and I refuse to do prepaid.

        • If u need a phone NOW NOW I sgree, it would be stupid to use an upgrade now… If u seriously are in need I have a Torch and a 9700 both unlocked and in perfect brand new shape I was gonna put them on CL, but if u wanna pay the shipping i’ll send one to u… I hate to see some1 w/out a phone… Box and manuals/disks included, unopened headset and case… SD card in BOTH (used, but cleared and clean) I can send u the details on it to so u can see not stolen lol or anything shady…. Both unlocked (torch was ATT, 9700 T-mobile branded) all u need is ur sim card and POW back in biz til late aug/early sept 🙂 up to u…. -and noooooo any1 else PM-ing me about this can dream on lol I know what my phones are worth- lol anyways I’m 100% serious If u are in need… 🙂 pm me or pull my pin off my profile

          • @Ashley: Omg, I just got an hour glass, I think my phone is going haywire! I think I’m in NEED of a new phone too…probably should be a Torch so this unfortunate event doesn’t happen to me again 🙂

          • Actually, Ashley, you present a great option to me. Thank you! I will have to consider this seriously.

            An unlocked device would be great since I don’t have to sign any contracts for any excessive periods of time, and this will also give me the freedom to wait! This way, I won’t have to suffer during those two months.

            • Lol I’ve responded to ur email, so check ur spam box if ya don’t see me… Yes unlocked and working like new, the Torch I only used for about 3months before I got sick of the damned keyboard… The 9700 also in great shape, runs like a champ and I used her for almost a year… Lol I also have an 8320 Curve but she’s my ‘just in case’ phone… That bitch is ridah…. Lol she just won’t die… I cannot part w/it… 2months is so far away for some1 who’s device is near death… Lol
              PS u are the 1st person I’ve met who has A) said they love their Storm and B) is actually excited about the Storm 3 lol that intrigues me … I hated EVERYTHING about the storm EXCEPT it’s look. (Very sexy unlike it’s ugly half sister the Torch lol) but ewwoooooo it sucked! Lol I don’t know if I can go Storm again

              • Yeah I still don’t get who in their right mind likes typing on a touchscreen keyboard. At least the PlayBook has a large screen. I finally figured out why iPhone and Android users rarely email or write from their devices. Even with solutions like Swype it is a total pain in the @$$.

                • Typing on my iphone is HORRIFIC! Lol I use it to Skype and to video lol I can’t give up the keypad… And i am sooo hoping RIM will add a Bold QNX to go along w/the planned release of the full touch QNX… That would def give them leverage… And I’m not talking Torch w/the pull out keyboardn I’m talking candybar! Lol buuut at this point I’ll work w/whatever RIM releases lol let’s get the Stock back up!

                • I agree about the touch screen keyboard. That is one thing that I always bring up when an Applebot tries to get into it with me. Apple has always made the decision for the user, I don’t care how great the OS is, fact is, they have only ever developed one device when it comes to phones and that is their touch screen version. Call me when they have a slider, QWERTY, hybrid, candy bar, flip, etc. They have 5 generations of the iPhone and that is it. RIM has offered multiple QWERTY devices, a flip style, a candybar (pearl), a full touch (Storm), and even a hybrid (Torch). Were all of them successful? No, but RIM did offer them to the user and gave us the choice. That is one of my biggest problems with Apple and yet, the world heaps every bit of praise, call them innovative, creative, yada yada yada…really, it should be “APPLE, were we choose your technology for you”

  16. Let’s rewind and look back at the past 12 months:

    1. Launch of BB Torch -okay-
    2. Launch of BB Style -so so-
    3. Launch of BB Pearl 3G -rubbish-
    4. Launch of BB Curve 3G -so so-
    5. Launch of BB Bold 9780 -okay-

    Still nothing *good* or *great*. Nothing worth buying for me. The OS 6 upgrade was okay, but no really exciting devices. I can’t believe RIM is still advertising a 2 year old BB Storm on their website? Do they recognize a gap??? Hello?? Anyone there? The new Storm is not even being discussed!

    At BlackBerry World, they only showed the new Bold. Sure it’s promising, but no mention of the other devices. If I wanted a large touchscreen device, I suppose I should move on to some other platform? What are you telling folks like me? How much longer should we wait while folks discuss other priorities like a 10-inch PlayBook? Of course, I’m glad that was killed, but there should not have been much of a discussion about it.

    • Joe,

      You are ruoining my buzz I have around the campfire. My passion for blackberries even extends to camping trips!!

      This isn’t a forum for haters. This isn’t crackberry or bgr.

      Only contructiveness here.

      No hating.

      If you feel like bailing on rim by august 1 then go ahead, but don’t write about it here

      • What, did I ruin your smore? Sorry. Really.

        Glad you’re listening, but you’re not hearing me well. I’m not a hater. I’m the forgotten spouse that feels cheated and ignored. I wanna love but I get no love back.

        Despite it all, I still love my BlackBerry, but I am at my limit here. I’ve been told to wait, and wait, and wait, and wait.

        I can be constructive: Give me a Storm 3 and I’ll buy it this instant! $600 and I’ll take it. Tell me that I have to wait for infinity then I’ll have to let go.

        I want to know what is taking RIM so long to act. They won’t even announce the new devices officially, which means, we’re still months away from getting anything in our hands.

        Maybe you are happy with your Bold 9780. I am not judging your motivation: you’re probably in a good place with your BlackBerry.

        On the other hand, I have a Storm 1 running OS 5. I can’t upgrade anymore apps, not even AppWorld, as I have no more RAM. I have at least 6 apps that are telling me that upgrades are available, but I can’t get them either. My phone is now even slower since I have very little memory left: 7 MB! I am deleting useful apps because of it. How much more patience do you expect from me?

        Sorry, need a new phone! Need one very, very soon!!!

        • They all but came out and said it in the call a couple weeks back: carrier acceptance testing is the delay at this point. ( Presumably due to the new radio stack but we don’t known for sure. ) I do find it odd tbat they haven’t even announced the new storm or torch2 yet, when it was leaked months ago.

          • Thanks, and yes, the lack of announcements or acknowledgements is very disturbing to me. We have seen the Bold Touch, and BR and others have reported on its responsiveness and capabilities. We know it does exist so we know it will be released.

            RIM has not officially acknowledged any of the other devices. This translates to a wait & see. Maybe we’ll get the Storm 3 or Torch 2, maybe it will be released as QNX phones in 2012. No one knows.

            I guess I must wait and let these spiders string more silk between my fingers.

  17. Yeah, I’d almost buy a Bold Touch, or a Torch 2. Almost, but probably no. Bottom line is I want a large touchscreen. I’d have to play with the new Bold and Torch a bit compared to the competition, but I won’t be happy if I have to settle for something I don’t really want.

    I’d like to have a BlackBerry Storm 3 not an Android or iPhone, but I can’t buy a Storm 3 right now. You know, an upgrade to the Storm 2 — one that has been much anticipated for almost 2 years??

    I need a new phone. I can’t wait much longer. It’s 1 minute to midnight. Stop sitting on these new phone. Get the darn things out there! Indeed, investors and consumers won’t have to get some butts kicked, the market will call for it in another month or so with a much larger set of layoffs.

    Pity! Great technology lost in the hands of amateurs.

  18. As nice as the 10″ tablet size can be for certain things, I’m glad I don’t have to take the extra step in developing applications for two different screen sizes.

  19. Amen to [email protected]!!!! I love RIM’s selection and they are very diverse vs apple w/their selection, ppl (apple/droid folks) critize RIM’s screen sizes and opt for the large screens over keyboard comfort… But I am content w/my screen size (I eat my carrots my ocular dev iis quite wow!) Tho it could stand to be just a tad bigger but when push comes to shove I am FAR more productive w/my lil screen and mighty keyboard than I am w/even my own tabs/lappys lol… I do EVERYTHING from my tiny lil device… And am VERY proud to take on all my lil friends w/their droids and iphones… Hands down I can always outperform them in any task EXCEPT the media fields… Youtube competition n my bb is down and out lol.. Buuuuut angry birds and some chubby dude singing ‘Put a Ring On It’ won’t get some1 promoted or update their FB pages any faster…. Lol… So yes.. They can keep their large screens and messy touch type..RIM’s keypad is where it’s at! 🙂

  20. Hiphip Horray to RIM 🙂

  21. RIM has made a benchmark for stubborness and bad business decision. Sure, if the tablet market is small these days and Apple dominates it, doesn’t mean it will always remain that way. The company is going to the gutters!

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